How to Sell On Ebay Successfully

Learning how to sell on eBay successfully requires a lot of trial and error. When we started, there was a big learning curve.

Selling on eBay is fun, somewhat easy, but there are some factors to be aware of before jumping in.

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3 Home Based Web Business Ideas To Start Today

I think everyone should have a side hustle. Looking back, I wish I had developed a better side hustle while I was at my last place of employment. I think the 3 home based web business ideas I outline below can help if you are seeking a new side hustle.

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Ebay Shipping Tips for Sellers of Clothing

One of the biggest obstacles for any new eBay seller is shipping.

It was a big learning curve for us which is why I wanted to write about our eBay shipping tips for sellers who ship clothing.

I know when we started out, we stood in line at the post office every time we had an order to ship.

With the consistently long lines at the post office, the shipping process became time-consuming and costly.

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Coffee, Tea, Bourbon, and a Solar Backpack!

We headed back to the Fashion Valley Mall today to pick up one of the coolest bags we’ve come across so far (more on that below.) Our day started off with some coffee from the Coffee & Tea Rooster – a small coffee hut that serves up some delicious coffee beverages. Their prices are much better than Starbucks and the employees are awesome. The coffee is always on point and the customer service is always great.

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