Ali2Woo VS AliDropship – A Dropshipping Software Comparison

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I received a question from a reader asking about the difference between Ali2Woo VS AliDropship. They both enable you to open an AliExpress dropshipping business using WordPress. Ali2Woo is built for WooCommerce. AliDropship works both on a default WordPress website and is WooCommerce compatible. Both options offer different things and have different pricing models. I explain how they differ below.

I will not go into detail about how the dropship model works or why so many dropshippers use AliExpress to source their products. Chances are, you are already familiar with both topics. I will try to be as in-depth as possible about each service in order to help you make the best decision for your dropshipping business.

Both Options Work on WordPress

Ali2Woo is a WooCommerce Plugin

Both of these plugins work exclusively on WordPress. What is important to take note of here is that Ali2Woo is WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that enables you to turn your WordPress website into an online store.

A plugin such as Ali2Woo gives you the ability to dropship from AliExpress from your WooCommerce store.

AliDropship Works On WordPress and WooCommerce

What that means is that AliDropship can turn a default WordPress installation into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

You also have the option to use WooCommerce with AliDropship’s WooCommerce compatible version of their plugin called, AliDropship WOO.

Ali2Woo VS AliDropship Feature Differences

Features Ali2Woo AliDropship
Product Importing Yes (Limited) Yes (Unlimited)
Product Variations Yes Yes
Product Customization Yes Yes
Inventory & Price Auto Sync Yes Yes
Product Automations Yes Yes
ePacket Product Filtering Yes Yes
Chrome Extension Yes Yes
Import Product Reviews Yes Yes
Product Importing (with translation) Yes Yes
Fulfill and Track Orders Automatically Yes Yes
AliExpress Affiliate Yes No
Cash Back System (12% commission on each purchase) Yes Yes
Multi-Currency Pricing Yes Yes
Discount Coupons No Yes
Abandoned Cart No Yes
Built-in Image Editor Yes Yes
Email List No Yes
Free Updates & Support 6 months (fee for an option to extend) Yes (Lifelong)

What About WordPress Store Themes?

Since Ali2Woo works on WooCommerce, you have options in terms of store themes. The same goes for using the WooCommerce version of AliDropship (AliDropship WOO).

If you choose to use the original AliDropship plugin that works on WordPress (without WooCommerce), it includes its own built-in themes.

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Ali2Woo has three packages:

  • Starter: $40 one-time (1,000 products)
  • Base: $25 per month (10,000 products)
  • Advanced: $70 per month (30,000 products)

AliDropship Plugin: $89 one-time (unlimited products & free lifelong support)

Another plus about AliDropship is that they do offer a turnkey custom dropshipping store service. Like the plugin, a custom store has a one-time fee with no ongoing monthly software fees.

An AliDropship custom store offers three packages: $299, $499, and $899. Regardless of which custom store package that you choose, you are assigned a personal manager.

Add-On Features

Since Ali2Woo works on WooCommerce, there are other store plugins that you can research and add on to your store. Some will have fees.

AliDropship also has several add-ons that you can choose from. Some are free and others have a fee. Here is a current list of AliDropship add-ons:

  • Upsell
  • Google Merchange
  • Facebook Business
  • Customers Gallery (Free)
  • Recent Sales Pop-up
  • Social Rabbit (social media marketing tool)
  • Abandoned Cart (Free)
  • Countdown Timer

The Verdict: AliDropship Wins

Both Ali2Woo and AliDropship have a robust set of features. However, AliDropship seems to be the better option for several reasons.

Unlimited Product Imports

  • Although Ali2Woo provides a large number of products to import, they still limit you based on the pricing plan that you choose. AliDropship has no limitations, therefore you can import an unlimited amount of products to your store.

No Recurring Monthly Software Fees

  • Regardless of whether you buy the AliDropship plugin or order an AliDropship turnkey custom store, you only ever pay a one-time fee. There are no recurring monthly fees to use the software.

Free Lifelong Updates and Support

  • Once you own the AliDropship plugin, you also receive any future plugin updates for free. Customer support is also free and lifelong. This is very important should you run into any issues whether large or small. Ali2Woo only offers 6 months of support with an option to extend for a fee.

WooCommerce Compatible

  • What is really great about AliDropship is that it is also WooCommerce compatible. You can use the default version of the plugin or the WooCommerce version which is called AliDropship WOO.

In Conclusion

I hope this comparison has helped you to narrow down the choice that you want to make. Either option can help you to open your own AliExpress dropshipping business.

I do feel that AliDropship is the ideal option for a dropshipping plugin. You can order Ali2Woo from the Code Canyon website.

Use the following links to order the AliDropship plugin or AliDropship turnkey custom store.

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6 thoughts on “Ali2Woo VS AliDropship – A Dropshipping Software Comparison

  1. Hello, I find some out-dated infromation in your aticle.
    1) Ali2Woo plugin has image-editor module and cash-back system.
    2) Also It has advanced module to track AliExpress orders using different shipping services like: 13Track, AfterShip and etc.
    3) Ali2Woo is compatible with most of WooCommerce modules like Coupons, Abandoned Cart
    4) The main think why Ali2Woo is better than Alidropship since Ali2Woo plugin us build on another API and your website IP will never be benned by AliExpress.

    If it’s possible please add this infrormation to your article.


    1. Hi Anant,

      I’m glad this post was able to help you. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you much success in your online business!

  2. Hi Eartha,

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. I’ve been researching a lot about dropshipping business and I found this Aliexpress Dropshipping. I am in a process of making a decision of which one I ‘ll choose to invest my time and money from Aliexpress Plugin Original or Aliexpress Plugin woocommerce. I have an existing WordPress woocommerce online store but not fully operational. Do you think it’s best if I get the Aliexpress Plugin Original since it offers a lot of feature at the same as beginners like me, I’d like to try first the one that has no monthly fees. I was just confused what would I do first. Do I need to uninstall first the Woocommerce on my WordPress store and then install the Aliexpress Plugin Original ? or do i just leave the woocommerce plugin on my WordPress store and just proceed installing the Aliexpress plugin original. Your input is highly apperciated. Thanks much!

    1. Hi Beth,

      The good news is that when you buy the AliDropship plugin, you will get both the original version as well as the WooCommerce version. If you use the original version, you will need a clean installation of WordPress (meaning, no WooCommerce plugin.)

      If you use the WooCommerce version, then you can have the WooCommerce plugin installed. Since you get both versions of the plugin, you could try one at a time and see which one works best for you. Hope that helps! Thank you for stopping by and posting your comment. 🙂

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