AliDropship Plugin VS Buying a Custom Dropshipping Store

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I wanted to write a post that goes into detail about the AliDropship plugin versus buying an AliDropship custom created dropshipping store.

The custom dropshipping store service is not limited to those that are technically challenged. Even if you have experience with setting up WordPress, you may want the convenience of having your store built for you.

I’ll explain what you need to use the plugin and what you can expect when you order a custom store from AliDropship.

Who is the AliDropship Plugin For?

custom dropshipping store

It is obvious that this plugin is for dropshippers but not any dropshipper. It is particularly for those that want to create their store on the WordPress platform.

There are a variety of ways to open up your own dropshipping store. One of the most popular being Shopify and using their Oberlo app.

However, if you are seeking a WordPress option, then the AliDropship plugin is one of the best WordPress dropshipping plugins that you will find.

The plugin itself is awesome. It has a ton of features and there are no ongoing monthly fees to use it.

If you are an experienced WordPress user, you will have no problems installing it. However, before you get started with it, it is important to know what the plugin’s requirements are:

Web Hosting Server Requirements:

  • Open incoming connection
  • Hosting 32bit (64bit recommended)
  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • ionCube activated on your hosting (or Zend Guard Loader)
  • File size upload limit: min. 10MB

Web Browser Requirements

Now, keep in mind that the requirements are standard on a majority of web hosting providers.

The one thing that I want to point out is the ionCube loader requirement. ionCube helps developers to protect their software from being edited and ran on unlicensed computers.

Many hosting providers have ionCube installed but you should reach out to your hosting provider to make sure they offer it.

If you want to save even more hassle of figuring out which web host to use, AliDropship has their own hosting service as well. Their servers are configured especially for their plugin.

Who is the Custom Dropshipping Store For?

It would seem obvious that a custom dropshipping store would be ideal for those that are technically challenged and do not want to deal with installing WordPress, registering a domain name, web hosting, etc.

However, a custom dropshipping store is for everyone regardless of experience. What is important to consider is your time, budget, and needs.

  • Saving Time – Even if you are well-versed in setting up your own WordPress website, you may not have the time to set up an entire AliExpress dropshipping business. Having your store built for you is a wise investment of your time. Rather than devote hours that you can’t really spare, you can outsource the work to the AliDropship team and have your store professionally built and ready for you to make sales.
  • Budget – A custom store is more expensive than building your store yourself so it is important to consider what your budget is. A basic store starts at $299 and still includes your own personal manager. There are no ongoing monthly store fees either. If your budget allows, it is a great investment.
  • Needs – Are you ready to have your own dropshipping business but do not know the first thing about the web? Meaning, you have no idea how to install WordPress, register a domain, or get web hosting? A custom store can solve all of those issues and more.

AliDropship FAQs

Where Does the AliDropship Plugin Source Products?

As the name suggests, all products for your store are sourced from AliExpress is one of the top dropshipping store suppliers being used today.

So whether you build your store yourself or have your store custom created, the products that are imported will come from AliExpress.

Why is it the most popular supplier? I think it is super popular due to the ease at which you can begin dropshipping.

There are no entry or participation fees and you have immediate access to all of the millions of products being sold on the website.

Can the AliDropship Plugin Be Used On Multiple Websites?

Each AliDropship plugin comes with its own license number. Therefore, it can only be used once per each dropshipping store that you create.

Is There Documentation on How to Use the Plugin?

Yes, the AliDropship website has a well-documented knowledge base that has information on everything related to creating and maintaining your store.

How is the Support?

You can reach their customer support via phone, email, their contact form page, and Facebook messenger. I have used their support email for general questions and they have always replied in a timely manner. They are always friendly and knowledgeable.

Also, keep in mind that you get lifelong customer support and any future plugin updates so long as you own the plugin.

Do I Keep Full Ownership of My Store?

This is actually a very important question. If you were to use another service for your dropshipping store, chances are you would be paying monthly fees to use their software.

That means they would have the ability to close your account at any time for any reason. That isn’t the case with AliDropship. Since it works on WordPress, you always retain 100% ownership of your store.

Is AliDropship Safe?

I added this question because there are those that actually ask if AliDropship is safe for creating a dropshipping business.

They are a legit company, extremely professional, and they have a ton of users that have left positive reviews and shared success stories about using the plugin.

In Conclusion

So what it really comes down to is your level of comfortability with installing the plugin and the time it takes to build your store yourself.

The convenience and support that you get with an AliDropship custom dropshipping store are well worth it if you are ready to get started and want to speed up the process.

Always remember that any business (even online businesses) require hard work and consistent effort.

Now go and build something great!

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