Can You Make Money with an AliDropship Supreme Store?

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AliDropship is a powerful WordPress dropshipping plugin. You may or may not know that the company also offers a custom dropshipping store service.

They offer three custom store packages and one special AliDropship Supreme Package. I am going to highlight what is offered in the Supreme package that makes it stand out among the rest.

You may discover that the Supreme package offers everything that you are looking for in terms of starting a dropshipping business.

What is an AliDropship Supreme Custom Store?

All AliDropship custom store services involve building a custom dropshipping store using the AliDropship plugin.

The AliDropship plugin is a WordPress plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

That means all of the products in your store will be imported from

What makes the Supreme package special is all of the promotional add-ons such as email marketing and ready-ads for Facebook and Instagram.

The Main Custom Store Package Differences

When you compare the Supreme package against the Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate packages, you’ll find that you get many of the same services.

All packages include your own personal manager who will handle all of the details of your store’s buildout.

custom store packages

Where the Supreme package stands out is in the Promotions area. If you view the table below, it demonstrates the awesome marketing features that are included with the Supreme package:

PromotionAliDropship Supreme PackageOther AliDropship Packages
On-site SEOYesYes
Social PagesYesYes
Promo VideoYesUltimate Package only
Social Media Promo ToolYesUltimate Package only
Lead Generation SystemYesNo
Abandoned Cart RecoveryYesNo
Promo BannersYesNo
Custom Reviews PageYesNo
3-in-1 Sales BoosterYesNo
Social Media PostsYesNo
Ready ads for Facebook & InstagramYesNo
Promo Emails SetupYesNo
Top Quality SEO BacklinksYesNo

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As you can see, the extra promotional features in the table begin at Lead Generation System for the Supreme package.

I’ll highlight what each of these added promotional features is.

Lead Generation System

Includes lead generation forms that are set up throughout your webstore to guarantee seamless communication with your customers. These forms are used for your email marketing campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

A tool to recover clients and return almost lost orders by sending automatic emails.

Promo Banners

A tool that adds beautifully crafted banners to your store to notify customers of your current deals and latest news.

Customer Reviews Page

Creates a stylish dedicated page with all of your product reviews to boost the trust level of your store.

3-in-1 Sales Booster

All-in-one tool to motivate people to buy by forming a sense of urgency with a cart timer, social proof, and trust badges.

Social Media Posts

The AliDropship marketing team will create and publish catchy posts for your store on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make your accounts live, attractive, and ready to welcome guests.

Ready Ads for Facebook and Instagram

The AliDropship advertising team will spot your target audience, develop an individual strategy, provide texts and visuals for Facebook and Instagram. They will also advise on targeting settings and provide a step-by-step guide for what to do next.

Promo Emails Setup

The AliDropship team will create a chain of auto emails to reengage your customers and make your offers irresistible.

Top Quality SEO Backlinks

The AliDropship team will create quality backlinks from established external websites to your store. These backlinks are vital for adding weight and authority to your store and improving its position on Google.

A Dropshipping Store Ready for Sales

All of the custom packages will provide you with a store that is ready for sales. However, the Supreme Package also sets you up for immediate marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

What is great about this is that many people are inexperienced with paid advertising.

Not only will the AliDropship team create your Facebook and Instagram ads, but they also provide you with a step-by-step guide for how to set up your ads.

What You Need To Know About an AliDropship Supreme Store

men working on a laptop

Like all of AliDropship’s custom store packages, the building of your store is completely hands-off. The AliDropship team handles all the details.

For example, if you do not know what niche to choose for your store, they will do the market research for you to help you decide on a niche.

With the Supreme package, you will get 500 products imported into your store. These are not random bulk product importing either.

The products are manually selected based on their track record of sales. That means your store will contain high-converting products.

Another thing to keep in mind is your store’s delivery time. A Supreme package will be delivered between 18 and 25 business days.

The reason is that the AliDropship team is building your store from the ground up. It is not a cookie-cutter store that is cranked out within 24-hours.

Supreme package stores also include one year of AliDropship’s Platinum web hosting which includes free SSL.

Who Should Buy a Supreme Custom Store?

The Supreme package is definitely the most expensive of the other store packages.

Therefore, if it out of your budget, you may find the pricing on the other custom store packages more ideal.

Otherwise, what is offered with the Supreme package will have you well on your way to making sales.

I have yet to come across a custom dropshipping store service that also offers guidance on Facebook and Instagram advertising.

That help alone is worth hundreds of dollars by itself.

My Closing Thoughts On AliDropship Supreme Custom Stores

The AliDropship Supreme store package is an ideal option for anyone that not only wants to have their store built for them but also wants their marketing set up properly as well.

It can give any dropshipping store owner a head-start with their marketing campaigns. Another thing I like a lot about the Supreme package is that they include opt-in forms and promotional emails.

It is important to learn how to communicate regularly with your customers in order to generate repeat sales.

Overall, I feel any of AliDropship’s custom store packages are beneficial. It comes down to which options you require the most as well as your budget.

Also, remember that all custom store packages are a one-time fee and include free lifelong updates and customer support.

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