Can The Andy Warhol Theme Increase Dropshipping Sales?

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The AliDropship team has recently released a new AliDropship plugin store theme called Andy Warhol. It is their first paid them for the default version of the plugin.

While I have always liked their free store theme options, they have really knocked it out of the park with this paid theme. The Andy theme has a ton of cool features that I will go over below.

Whether you are already an AliDropship store user or are deciding to become one, you’ll want to consider upgrading to this new theme. I think you’ll like its features as much as I do.

My AliDropship Andy Warhol Theme Review

One thing that I absolutely love and appreciate about the AliDropship company is that they live and breathe dropshipping.

The creators of the AliDropship plugin started out as dropshippers themselves. They currently own and operate several of their own stores that earn anywhere from four-figures to five-figures per month.

They are constantly adding new features to the plugin itself as well as their add-ons and store themes.

You can also find a ton of free marketing tips and advice over on their blog. Their blog is updated on a regular basis.

It is no wonder that this new Andy Warhol store theme has so many cool features which are designed to increase conversions. Let’s dive into what they are below.

Product Display On The Homepage

individual product display

The entire home page of the Andy Warhol theme is made up of product images in their own individual boxes.

I like this layout as it places all of the focus on what is really important and that is the products themselves. I have placed arrows and numbers on the screenshot for the descriptions below.

1. Product Discount
Who doesn’t like a good sale? The discount display in the top left corner of each product box helps to draw attention to sale items. It is a great incentive for customers to want to buy items while they are available at a discount.

2. Selling Fast Alert
The “selling fast” alert box provides a sense of urgency. This is particularly helpful in pointing out fast selling items as well as items that may sell out.

3. User Ratings
User ratings are pulled directly from the item’s product page on AliExpress. High user ratings demonstrate quality products and may urge potential customers to click over to the product page to read user review.

4. Number or Ordres
This data is pulled from the product page of AliExpress. This total can help with conversions as the higher the number, the better the impression it has on potential customers.

Social Proof and Trust Banners

The Andy Warhol theme is built with social proof and trust banners to help with converting browsers into buyers. Take a look at the screen capture below.

When visitors click on a product and land on a product page, a banner pops up over the image for a few seconds which states: Super hot! Several others have checked this out in the last few hours.

However, you can change what this social proof banner says within your customization settings in your WordPress admin.

trust banner

A trust banner is located directly below the product image in blue:

verified trust banner

This particular banner states that the item is verified by shoppers. You can change this banner to say anything you like. You can increase trust by importing user reviews which is a free feature of the AliDropship plugin.

Sense of Urgency Banners

Another feature of the Andy theme is the sense of urgency banners. You can see two in the screen capture below:

sense of urgency banners

The first one is located in red below the price. It says: “Selling fast! Get yours before it’s gone!” You can change the text for this banner under the customization tab in the WordPress admin.

The second banner is below the product image thumbnails and state: “In high demand – only 14 items left!” The number of items left changes with each product.

Both of these banners create a sense of urgency which can help greatly with someone’s decision to buy. Amazon uses this same tactic on their own product pages.

Add To Cart Button Wobble

Another cool feature is the add to cart button which has a wobble effect to help draw attention to it. You can turn this on or off under the single product page settings in your customizations.

Recommended Products and Recently Viewed

The Andy Warhol theme also has a recommended products and recently viewed products section at the bottom of each product page.

This helps visitors to stick around longer and the longer they are browsing your store, the more likely they may make a purchase.

recommended products

Live Search Feature

Another great conversion feature is the live search feature. For example, I typed in the word “gym” and it automatically returned gym bags which are available in the store.

instant search results

The live search feature is great for those that may be looking for a specific product. If they do not want to spend the time browsing, they can get instant results and then hopefully buy an item that meets their requirements.

Other Andy Warhol Theme Features

Besides all of the awesome conversion features built into this theme, there are some other great benefits that are included:

  • The fastest AliDropship theme
  • Free lifelong updates and support
  • Infinite scroll
  • Sticky add to cart button
  • Sticky header navigation
  • Side shopping cart page
  • Beautiful blog layout

Things To Keep In Mind

You’ll want to keep in mind that the Andy Warhol theme only works with the default version of the AliDropship plugin. Meaning, it will not work with the WooCommerce version.

It is also a paid theme which costs a one-time payment of $67. It does include free lifelong updates as well as free lifelong customer support.

If you order a custom store based on this theme, be sure to let your project manager know that this is the theme you want to use for your store.

Ordering a custom built store from AliDropship is ideal for those that do not want to spend the time of building their store themselves.

You will be assigned your own project manager regardless of the store package that you choose.

They will handle every aspect of your store’s built out to include domain registration, niche selection, product importing, social media account pages, and so much more.

My Final Opinion of the AliDropship Andy Warhol Theme

I feel that the AliDropship team has done an outstanding job with this new theme. The call-to-action banners, social proof, trust, and sense of urgency banners are sure to increase conversions.

I definitely like the home page layout in which all of the products are the primary display. The infinite scroll feature is a nice touch and helps to keep visitors browsing.

Overall, the features of this theme were well thought out. I don’t doubt that this theme will increase a store’s conversion rate.

Whether you plan on building your store yourself using the AliDropship plugin or have your store custom built by the AliDropship team, you can include the Andy Warhol theme for your store’s theme.

What are your thoughts about the new Andy Warhol theme? Leave your comments below.