Can You Dropship Beard Products and Make Money?

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Beard grooming products are some of the top-selling products in terms of the overall men’s grooming segment. It makes sense to dropship beard products and cash in on this market.

A few years ago, beards were really trendy. However, I feel that it is an evergreen niche. Men always have the option to grow and maintain a beard and they will need specific products for grooming.

Whether they grow their beards long or keep a shorter style, beard grooming products will stay in demand.

Why Dropship Beard Products?

men using laptop

It is quite costly to buy a wide variety of inventory to carry in your online store. Most of the time, these start-up costs is what stops most people from going forward with opening an online business.

Fortunately, the dropship model has made opening and owning an eCommerce business extremely easy. There is no need to buy your inventory upfront which saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

You can carry a wider variety of items than you could if you had to buy inventory on your own.

Using the dropship model means that your dropshipping suppliers store the products and also ship them to your customers.

You don’t worry about packing and shipping anything. Your only job is to focus on the marketing of your store and providing great customer service.

Types of Beard Products You Can Dropship

There are some cool beard grooming products that you can carry in your store. Some of them include:

  • beard aprons
  • beard brushes
  • beard combs
  • beard clippers
  • beard electric shavers/trimmers
  • beard kits
  • beard moisturizer
  • beard oil
  • beard razors
  • beard straighteners
  • beard wash
  • beard wax

Sourcing Your Beard Products

Finding dropshipping suppliers for your beard products can take a bit of research. You can speed up the process and save time finding legitimate suppliers by using a wholesale / dropshipping directory like SaleHoo.

Another time-saver is AliExpress. They carry a ton of beard grooming products at wholesale pricing. Best of all, you don’t have to pay any fees and there are no requirements to begin selling.

Other cool benefits of sourcing products from AliExpress include:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Millions of products
  • Some merchants ship from the U.S.
  • ePacket shipping (a faster shipping method from China to the U.S.)
  • No limits on the number of items that you sell
  • No limitations on profit margins
beard products for sale
Beard products available on AliExpress

Although many of the products offered on AliExpress are sold by merchants based in China, shipping times are not a huge factor.

First, ePacket shipping is available for most products which speeds up shipping from China to the U.S. Another plus is that U.S. merchants are available.

All that you have to do is select United States from the “ship from ” drop-down menu:

ship from the united states

Setting Up Your Store

Before you set up your dropshipping store, you should decide on the type of store you want to open. You can open a general beard product store or you can focus on a one-product dropshipping store.

A general dropshipping store is easy to open since you are choosing to sell a wide variety of products.

You have different options in terms of shopping cart software. Many people start off using Shopify and the Oberlo app. It is one of the most popular shopping cart platforms online.

You can dropship products from AliExpress quickly and easily with Shopify and Oberlo. I tried out both pieces of software but I was still wanting a WordPress dropshipping solution

I wanted to save money on monthly software fees and I wanted to retain full ownership of my store.

I found a WordPress dropshipping plugin called AliDropship and opened my store using the plugin. AliDropship is a dropshipping plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

If you are familiar with installing WordPress and plugins, you will have no problem building your store yourself.

Importing Products with the AliDropship Plugin

There are two ways in which you can import products quickly and easily into your store. AliDropship has a built-in product importer that pulls from a database of over 50,000 manually selected products from AliExpress.

These products were chosen based on a high sales track record, great reviews, and reliable merchants. All of the products in the database are already edited for you.

Meaning, the titles, descriptions, and images have already been updated. All that you have to do is click the “import” button to add them to your store.

The first 50 product imports from this database are free. You can add more products by choosing an additional product package from the AliDropship website.

The second method of importing products is by using the AliDropship Chrome browser extension. This enables you to import products directly from the AliExpress website into your store.

Custom Dropshipping Store Options

If you have little web experience or you want to save time, I recommend ordering a custom-built dropshipping store from AliDropship.

With a custom-built store, you get your own personal manager who handles all of the details of your store’s buildout. Depending on the package that you choose, you will have your store in 10 to 23 business days.

What I like about the custom store feature is that they do not bulk import random products into your store. They actually do niche research and import the top-selling products with the best ratings and suppliers.

Either way, you will have an awesome dropshipping store with zero monthly software fees. They also offer free lifelong updates and customer support.

Opening a One-Product Dropshipping Store

Opening a one-product store is a bit different. You’ll have to choose a product that you want to focus on. Let’s say you choose to focus on a beard comb like what is pictured below:

a beard comb

What is nice about focusing on one product is that it stands out in comparison to a general store.

If you can highlight the benefits of this comb and offer it at a great price, when you promote it to a targeted audience, it is easier to make sales.

Using software that is made for carrying lots of products doesn’t make much sense. In the case of selling one-product, I’d recommend using a 1-page sales page software such as SamCart.

What is nice about SamCart is that you can build a 1-page sales page with the checkout form on the same page.

It also offers an upsell feature so you could offer an upsell such as beard oil or beard wax.

upsell option

If dropshipping one product interests you, you can test it out by using SamCart’s 14-day free trial.

Promoting Your Beard Product Store

Whether you choose to open a general dropshipping store or a one-product store, you will not make sales without promoting your store or the products in it.

There are multiple ways to promote your store. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook pages, Instagram, and Pinterest.

However, many dropshipping store owners find the most success by advertising on Facebook. Facebook ads are effective but you can spend a lot of money using them with no results if you are inexperienced.

I recommend learning all that you can about Facebook ads before investing your time and money into them. A good way to learn if by seeking out a good Facebook ads course.

The SamCart founders have their own Facebook Ads course that many people have had positive results with.

Dropship Beard Products – My Closing Thoughts

Beard grooming products is a great evergreen niche that you can tap into. What is great is that you can focus on specific products such as beard trimmers or you can even open a one-product dropshipping store.

A general store offering a wide variety of products is also ideal. You can then promote single products or an entire product category.

Dropshipping requires your consistent effort but it is made much easier when using reliable dropshipping software.

Click here to learn more about the AliDropship plugin.