Why a Fanatical Niche is the Best Niche for Dropshipping

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Searching around for the best niche for dropshipping is something that both new and experienced dropshippers do often.

It is not unheard of for new dropshippers to open one store in a particular niche only to realize it wasn’t a trendy enough niche to make enough sales.

In a lot of cases, dropshippers open another store and then finally land upon a niche that works well for them.

I’ve been doing a bit of niche research myself and I’ve realized that there are a lot of niches in which people are quite fanatical. The great news is that there are TONS of items that you can dropship and target these audiences.

Get Fanatical – Don’t Overthink The Best Niche for Dropshipping

People get fanatical about many things large and small. There are obvious things such as car enthusiasts, healthy eating, bodybuilding and such.

However, did you know that there are those that are fanatic about pineapples? How about avocado toast? Yes, avocado toast! The list can go on and on.

Make a List and Browse Instagram

If you want to find fanatical niches, one of the best ways to start is by making a list off the top of your head and then researching those niches on Instagram.

Really quickly, here are some fanatical niches that come to my mind:

  • Tacos
  • Cats
  • Succulents
  • Meal prepping
  • Keto dieting
  • RV living
  • Cocktails
  • Doodling
  • CBD oil
  • Law of attraction
  • Fast food

Now, if you were to browse any of those niches on Instagram, you would be amazed at the number of followers some of the accounts have.

Here are some examples of accounts with huge followings in some of these fanatical niches:

This is an extremely short list. You can find plenty of fanatical niches this way. Simply brainstorm and do some browsing on Instagram.

Selling To These Niches

So how do you sell to some of these niches? For example, how would you sell to people that are fanatical about pineapples?

If you head over to AliExpress.com and do a search for various pineapple related items, you would have tons of items that you could add to your store.

For example, the pineapple lights below are a great item that pineapple fanatics would snap up.

pineapple desk lights

You can find plenty of these types of items that could be added to a store that focuses on this type of fanatical niche. Think of the items that could be sold:

  • Socks
  • Jewelry
  • Bedding
  • Hats
  • Clothing
  • Home decor

Promoting These Items To Your Target Audience

The advantage of finding these fanatical niches using Instagram is that you now have influencers that you can contact to help promote your items.

Take a look at the popular Instagram account below:

instagram account

You can see that this account has their email address listed for promotional purposes. If your store niche was related, you could contact this person and ask what the rates are for a shout out.

Instagram account owners will charge different rates. Someone with an up and coming account may be more cost-effective than someone with hundreds of thousands of followers.

All you can do is ask and find out if they are willing to promote your item and for how much.

You can also place ads on Instagram through the app or by using Facebook. You will need to turn your Instagram account into a business account and you will also need to create a Facebook page as well.

How to Get Instagram Shout Outs as a Beginner

Credit to AliDropship for the video.

The Easiest Way To Get Your Niche Store Up

As you can tell from above, I referenced using AliExpress. Sourcing products from AliExpress has many benefits. For one, there are no requirements to begin dropshipping with them.

You don’t have to pay any fees and there are no limitations on the number of items that you sell. You can also set your profit margins without any restrictions.

They offer free shipping on a majority of items and ePacket shipping is a low-cost and faster shipping method from China to the U.S. You can also search for suppliers that ship from the U.S. as well.

AliExpress also has a buyer protection system with full money back guarantee.

Opening Your Dropshipping Store

When using most eCommerce/dropshipping software, you have to import the products of your choice. This involves editing product titles, descriptions, and sometimes the images.

It is the most time-consuming part of creating a dropshipping store. The easiest way to have your store built is to have the work done for you by outsourcing it to professionals.

Outsourcing your store’s creation to AliDropship has a variety of benefits. The first one is that they custom build your dropshipping store from scratch.

They will also handle a lot of the things that some new dropshippers have no idea on how to do such as niche market research, software installation, store customization, and more.

Here is what you can expect when ordering a custom dropshipping store from AliDropship:

  • A personal manager is assigned to you
  • They help you choose a trendy in-demand niche
  • They will choose and register a domain name related to your niche
  • They do keyword research
  • They perform a competitor analysis
  • They will custom design your store (logo and supporting graphics)
  • They ensure your store is mobile device ready
  • They import products with a proven track record of sales
  • They install Google analytics
  • They will install your payment gateways
  • They do your initial on-site SEO
  • They create your social media accounts
  • They will create a custom video (ultimate package only)
  • Includes their social media promo tool (ultimate package only)

Building Your Dropshipping Store Yourself

If you want to build your dropshipping store yourself, you have plenty of software options. Shopify and the Oberlo app are a combination that a lot of dropshippers use.

However, the Shopify and Oberlo option can cost over $700 per year to operate a store. Building your dropship store using WordPress can save you money while still providing a quality store.

WordPress is free to use and if you combine it with WooCommerce (eCommerce software) which is also free, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars per year.

You will need some type of dropshipping software to turn your WordPress into a dropship store.

AliDropship is a great option as it turns your WordPress store into a full-featured dropshipping business. It doesn’t have a monthly fee to use it so that saves even more money.

If you have no idea how to get or install WordPress, no worries. When you bundle in web hosting with AliDropship, they will install WordPress and the plugin for you.

Even better, you get two versions of AliDropship when you buy it: the default version and the WooCommerce version.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a fanatical niche is a great option for opening a dropshipping store. Like any store that you open, it is all about branding.

Make your store the go-to place for [fill in the blank] fans. That means promoting your store on social media platforms as well as some paid advertising.

Do you have an idea for a fanatical niche with great products that you can sell? If so, get your store custom built and start selling! I wish you much success in your online business.