Can You Dropship Bicycle Accessories and Make Money?

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The bicycle accessories market is booming. If you have an interest in bicycles and want to earn income from it, it makes sense to dropship bicycle accessories.

The value of the global bicycle accessories market was around US$ 13 Bn in 2018. The bicycle accessories market is projected to grow at a substantial CAGR of around 7.0% during the forecast period. [Source:]

What is great about this niche is that the products are always in demand. Bicyclists are always needing new parts to replace old parts. Or they want to add accessories to improve the functionality of their bicycles.

You can create a general dropshipping business or focus in on one aspect of the bicycle niche. For example, you could sell accessories that focus on bicycling safety such as lights, reflectors, safety vests, decals, and more.

In this post, I will cover some of the benefits of dropshipping, the types of products you can sell, how to set up your own store, and what is required for promoting your business.

Why Dropship Bicycle Accessories?

warehouse full of boxes

There is a wide variety of bicycle accessories that you can sell. In a typical eCommerce business, you would have to buy all of your inventory up front.

Often times, the buying of inventory is what keeps many would-be online store owners from getting started.

Although you can get good pricing buying items in bulk, you would need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to buy a large enough variety of items to sell.

The dropshipping model eliminates that issue. You don’t have to tie up your cash in items thay may or may not sell. You also don’t have to pay storage fees or spend money on the packaging for shipping.

The dropshipping suppliers handle all of the work of producing the products, storing them, and shipping them to your customers.

You only pay for a product when a customer orders from your store. The dropshipping supplier ships the product to your customer and you keep the profit (what you charged the customer minus what the supplier charged you.)

Dropshipping enables you to put way more items into your store without any additional cost.

It also gives you the opportunity to easily remove items that aren’t selling well. You don’t have to sell items at a loss that some store owners do when buying items in bulk that don’t do well.

Types of Bicycle Accessories to Sell

You will not be at a loss for deciding what to sell in your store. There is such a large variety of bicycle accessories available.

Here is a list of ideas to get you started:

  • bicycle alarms
  • bottle holders
  • brake pads
  • baskets
  • chains
  • decals
  • fenders
  • gear shifters
  • handlebar grips
  • inner tubes
  • kickstands
  • lamps/lights
  • odometers
  • pedals
  • reflectors
  • seats
  • valve caps

There are also a lot of other accessories that have cool features to add to a bike. Since there are so many accessories, you could sub-niche your store even further.

You don’t have to open a general bike accessories store. If you want to focus on certain parts of a bicycle you are free to do so.

As mentioned earlier, you could focus on safety gear only or equipment for tires such as tools, air valve caps, inner tubes, etc.

A lot of times, the more niche your store, the better. It is easier to brand your store as well as lower competition for paid advertising.

Many of the lower-cost accessories could be sold as upsells to help increase your store’s average orders.

Sourcing Your Inventory

There are a few ways in which you can source inventory for your store. You can search for dropshipping suppliers on your own.

Doing a Manual Search

Searching on your own is a time-consuming process. You may find some suppliers but you have no idea if they have quality products or if they are reliable.

Using a Wholesale Supplier Directory

Another option is to use a wholesale/dropshipping supplier directory like SaleHoo. This directory has already done all of the hard work or researching suppliers.

They have over 8,000 vetted suppliers to search from. All that you have to do is search for products and make connections with the suppliers of your choice.

The only downside (for now) is that there isn’t an easy way to automate the selling of the products that you find. Many people dropship these products on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Sourcing From

A popular option for sourcing products among dropshipping store owners is to use AliExpress is a large online retailer made up of merchants primarily based in China and other locations such as the U.S.

What makes this resource a hassle-free convenient resource include:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • ePacket shipping (faster shipping from China to the U.S.)
  • No monthly fees or dropshipping fees
  • There are no registration requirements
  • You are not limited on the number of items you can sell
  • They do not limit your profit margins
  • Order tracking available
  • Buyer protection system with a money-back guarantee
bicycle accessories for sale
Some items you can source from

Opening Your Own Bicycle Accessories Store

When I wanted to build my dropshipping store, I already knew that I wanted a WordPress dropshipping option.

WordPress is free to use and I wouldn’t have to pay monthly software fees to use it. I searched for WordPress dropshipping software and found the AliDropship Plugin.

avocado dropshipping store
My dropshipping store built with AliDropship

The AliDropship plugin is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

It enables you to build your own dropshipping store that sources products from AliExpress. Don’t worry if you are not technically savvy.

AliDropship also has a custom dropshipping store service. They offer three packages: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate, plus a special Supreme Package.

All of their custom store packages come with a personal manager that handles all of the details of your store’s buildout. Your personal manager will be your go-to person for questions, suggestions, and concerns.

A custom store is a great option for people that do not have much experience with WordPress or eCommerce in general. It is also a big time-saver no matter your experience level.

Promoting Your New Dropshipping Store

hand holding a cell phone

Promoting your new store will be your primary job as a dropshipping store owner. The good news is that you have a lot of ways to market your business.

Free methods include all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Instagram and Pinterest are really great options for highlighting products in your store.

Another free and effective option is to create a YoutTube channel dedicated to your store. You can then review some of the products that you carry.

People like to see demonstrations of products before they buy. You can then link to the product page of your store in your YouTube description.

Finally, you can utilize Facebook Ads. Many dropshipping store owners have great success with Facebook advertising.

The only caution I have is to learn what you can before jumping in. It is easy to blow your entire marketing budget on paid ads.

Check out free tutorials online or invest in a Facebook Ads course to make the most of your advertising budget.

My Closing Thoughts On How to Dropship Bicycle Accessories

I think bicycle accessories definitely falls under the category of an evergreen niche. People will always have a need for bicycle gear and accessories.

Dropshipping is a low-cost and low-risk way to begin selling bicycle accessories.

You can get started quickly and easily by sourcing products from AliExpress and automating your business with AliDropship.