Buying a Dropshipping Business On a Budget

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Starting a dropshipping business of your own doesn’t have to cost a fortune. One of the fastest ways to get started is by buying a turnkey dropshipping business.

However, prices for such stores can range greatly in price as well as features. I’ve done a bit of research myself and discovered a dropshipping business that offers everything that you need without any recurring monthly software fees.

Buying a dropshipping business on a budget is possible without having to sacrifice any features in the process. I’ll explain what the differences are between some services as well as my top recommendation for ordering a turnkey custom dropshipping business.

Custom Dropshipping Store Pricing

Pricing varies greatly between services. Some offer ready-made dropshipping businesses for as low as $99. What you need to be aware of with such low pricing is that they are probably cookie cutter websites.

Meaning, that they sell the same store over and over with no real customization offered. Another sign that a website is being duplicated repeatedly is if the service offers a fast turnaround time such as 24 hours for completion.

A truly customized dropshipping store will take much longer to build and will include a variety of features.

There are also custom stores that cost well over the $1,000 price range. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting a higher quality store. You really do need to read what’s offered and ask questions if you aren’t sure about something.

Other Fees You Can Expect While Operating a Dropshipping Business

No online business is free to run. You will incur various business expenses. In terms of running a dropshipping business, here are some common fees that you will incur:

  • Web hosting fee
  • Additional apps or add-on fees
  • Payment gateway fees (credit card processing)

The Big Differences When Buying a Dropshipping Business

Besides being a possible cookie cutter website, there are some other things to consider before investing in a custom dropshipping business. These include:

What Platform is Your Store Built On?

  • Depending on the software platform that your store is built on, you could end up spending a lot on monthly fees which can eat into your budget. For example, if your store is built using WordPress which is a free website platform and uses the AliDropship plugin (a one-time fee), you will not pay monthly software fees. However, if your store is built on a proprietary platform, you will incur monthly service fees to use it.

Here is a screen capture of the monthly fees on a Shopify dropshipping business that was for sale:

store expenses

For this above example, the basic Shopify plan is $30 per month. However, when you add in the other apps that the store owner installed, your monthly store fees then increase to $150 per month.

Will You Retain Full Ownership of Your Store?

  • This factor doesn’t really have much to do with your budget but it is still important to consider. When your store is built on an open source platform such as WordPress, you always retain full ownership of your business. When your store is built on a proprietary platform, that particular service has the authority to close your account at any time for any reason. Now you understand why retaining 100% ownership of your business is so important.

Now that you have a better idea of what the major differences are between custom dropshipping store services, where is an ideal place to buy a custom store?

How an AliDropship Turnkey Dropshipping Business Can Save You Money

While there are various places online where you can buy a custom dropshipping store, AliDropship’s custom dropshipping store service is worth looking into.

Custom store packages are priced at $299, $499, and $899. For all of the work that is put into your store, these prices are reasonable compared to many other services that may charge the same or more.

Regardless of which package that you choose, you will only ever pay a one-time fee. That saves you a ton of money on recurring store software fees.

The money that you save can be put towards your advertising budget.

Here are some more benefits to choosing a turnkey custom dropshipping store from AliDropship:

You Are Assigned a Personal Manager

  • Regardless of which custom store plan that you choose (plans start at $299), you are assigned a personal manager. Your personal manager will handle everything for you and inform you of all the details as your store is being created.

There Are No Recurring Software Fees

  • Since your store is built using their AliDropship plugin, you only have the one-time fee for building your store. There are no recurring software fees to use the plugin.

Products are Imported From AliExpress

  • Your store’s products are sourced from AliExpress has millions of products at low prices which increases your profit margins. They have no requirements or registration fees and most products have free shipping. It is a popular resource for many dropshippers.

Your Store is Truly Customized

  • Unlike some other services with low pricing and quick turnaround times, the AliDropship team takes the necessary time to customize your store. They will create your supporting graphics such as a logo, banners, etc., import products that have a proven track record of sales, register your domain name, install your payment gateways, and more.

Your Store Will Have a Wide Range of Features

  • The AliDropship plugin has all of the necessary features needed to maintain and operate an AliExpress dropshipping business.

Wrapping Up

Investing in a turnkey dropshipping business is ideal for anyone regardless of experience. A turnkey store saves you a lot of time and is helpful for anyone that is technically challenged.

Part of investing in a custom dropshipping business is to get as much as you can from your money as well as saving some money in the process.

One way to save on monthly store software fees is to have your store built on the WordPress platform using the AliDropship plugin.

That being said, I recommend AliDropship’s turnkey custom dropshipping store service. Your personal manager as well as the AliDropship team is ready to customize your store.


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