9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dropshipping Store

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Do you know what is awesome about dropshipping besides not having to buy and stock inventory? It is the fact that you can build a store all by yourself using some cool software.

What many people don’t realize is that it can take a lot of time to build a store yourself. You have to import products, edit images and product descriptions, as well as other elements.

Ordering a custom dropshipping store can save a lot of time and enable you to begin marketing your store faster which means earning revenue faster.

There are a variety of custom dropshipping store services online. I’ve researched quite a few of them and discovered some important things to consider before buying one.

1. Store Ownership

This is one of my number one factors to consider as an online business owner. What I mean by store ownership is the process of retaining it.

If you were to use a SAAS (software as a service) platform such as Shopify, you will be paying a monthly fee to use their shopping cart software.

This also means that you agree to abide by their terms of service. That grants them the ability to close your account at any time for any reason.

While the risk is likely low, the point is that it can happen. Imagine earning profits with your store and then be notified that your account is closed.

Before you buy a custom dropshipping store, find out if the platform your store is on is a SAAS. There is a way to retain 100% ownership of your custom dropshipping store.

2. Store Fees / Software Fees

I have no issue with paying fees for software that enables me to run my business more efficiently.

However, if there is an alternative option that doesn’t require monthly fees to use software, it is worth looking into.

Saving money on expenses is important, especially when you’re starting out. Any money that you can save can be put towards your marketing efforts to promote your store.

Ask the service you are considering what their monthly fees are if any. Many dropshipping services will charge a one-time fee to build your store but then require monthly fees to use their software.

3. Who are Your Suppliers?

This is another thing to think carefully about before buying a dropshipping store. Many custom dropshipping suppliers may offer several options for your dropship suppliers.

However, that doesn’t mean that your store will make more money. What you have to consider is having to manage the various suppliers.

Will some suppliers charge fees of their own? Will the software running your store be able to update the pricing and inventory changes across all of the various suppliers?

Sometimes, it is much easier to deal with one or two primary suppliers versus fifty.

4. How Easy is it to Add / Remove Products?

This may seem unimportant when ordering a custom dropshipping store but after researching various services, you may want to think again.

Below is a screen capture from an FAQ page of a service in which the question asks, “Can you make changes to the site or add and remove products?”:


If you read what it says, it is as if the service is deterring customers from making any changes to there store.

Look at the process required to add a new product. It requires several steps in comparison to other software that lets you import products in one-click of a button.

Before you order a dropshipping store from any service, find out how easy it is to process the day-to-day tasks like adding and removing products.

At a glance, these tasks may seem unimportant, but imagine how annoying they become when you realize how often you have to do them.

5. Do They Offer More Than One Payment Gateway?

The type of payment gateway you use to process credit cards is important. One service I came across only offered one payment gateway option which was PayPal.

PayPal may suffice for some businesses but there are many people that may not want to use PayPal when they checkout.

It is important to have more than one payment gateway option for your store. Keep this in mind and ask what payment processing services are offered before buying a dropshipping store.

6. Is Order Processing Automated?

Again, another issue I came across with a custom dropshipping store service.

When there are other software options that automate order processing, why would you want a store in which you have to manually handle this task?

Be sure to find out if the store you want to order will handle this important task. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending a bulk of your day handling this task yourself.

7. Do They Analyze Your Competition?

It is easy to order a custom store from any service. What’s important to find out is if they will actually put in the work that a real custom store requires.

Before a store is even built, you need to know what niche you’ll be in as well as how competitive the niche is.

A good service will analyze these details for you and help you choose a niche that is in demand and has longevity.

Beware of custom dropshipping store services that boast of having your store built in 24-48 hours. That likely means they will not do a ton of research on your part.

8. Do They Do Keyword Research?

This is another important factor that you should find out about before buying your store. Will the service do keyword research when choosing your niche and building out your product pages?

You want the best chance possible in the search results. A service that offers to build your store in a matter of hours will likely not have implemented the proper SEO (search engine optimization.)

9. Do They Do Product Research?

Another factor to think about are the types of products the service will import into your store. Do these products have a proven track record of sales?

Most quick services will create your store and brag about how many products they’ll import but what does it matter if the products are not going to sell?

Ask what the service does in terms of product selection.

What to Look for in a True Custom Dropshipping Store Service

buying a dropshipping store

Now that you know some of the important things to look out for when buying a custom dropshipping store, I’ll share a service that eliminates all of the above concerns.

The service I’m referring to is the AliDropship Custom Dropshipping Store Service.

The company was founded by dropshippers and their software runs their own dropshipping stores. The software is a WordPress plugin that sources products from AliExpress.com.

What makes their service so awesome? First, since it is a WordPress plugin, you retain 100% ownership of your store.

There will be no worry of another service shutting down your store. Another great reason is that there are no ongoing monthly fees to use the software.

Here are more great features that an AliDropship custom store offers:

  • Niche research – They select a trendy, high-demand niche for you after analyzing it for stable long-term positions and a great potential in future.
  • Domain name(.com) – Search engine-friendly domain name relevant to your business
  • Custom design – You get a unique design including a custom logo, header images, icons, favicon, banners, etc.
  • Mobile devices ready – A perfect responsive design fitting the screen size of any device, whether desktop or mobile.
  • Google Analytics integration – GA stats integrated – to keep you informed about the website’s traffic, its sources, visitors’ behavior, conversions, etc.
  • Up to 12% AliExpress cashback – Get up to 12% cashback for your every purchase on AliExpress.
  • WP dropship plugin – The plugin allows searching, importing and updating products on your site directly from AliExpress quickly and easily.
  • Payment gateways – AliDropship Plugin supports the most popular payment processors like PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, PayU.
  • Delivery time – You’ll have a full-fledge dropshipping business: 5 to 15 days depending on your package.
  • On-site SEO – Increase visibility within the organic search results and to deliver targeted traffic to your site.
  • Social pages – Accounts of your business on the top social networks and integrate social buttons and widgets on your website.
  • Promo video (Ultimate Package) – Video will help you to promote your webstore and tell your customers about all the advantages of your products and services.
  • Social media promo tool (Ultimate Package) – A special plugin will automatically post your products and promote your business on 4 top social networks.

Wrapping Up

I hope that these nine items have helped you in terms of deciding which custom dropshipping store service to choose.

It is important to know what you are paying for. Dropshipping is a popular online business model so there are many services that are cashing in on it.

Do a bit of research and ask questions in order to know if the service you choose is the best bang for your buck.

Learn more about AliDropship’s turnkey custom dropshipping store service

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