A ClickFunnels™ Drop Shipping Strategy – Free Plus Shipping

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The ClickFunnels™ software can be used in all types of businesses in a variety of ways. Some people use the software to create simple funnels to build an email list, while others create more complex sales funnels to sell thousands of products per month.

One question you may have is how ClickFunnels™ can be used with dropshipping? I wondered the same so I started doing a bit of research and learned about a strategy that seems to work well with low-ticket products.

The ClickFunnels™ drop shipping strategy I’m referring to is called: free plus shipping. I’ll explain how it works below.

What is ClickFunnels™?

First, I’ll quickly go over how the software works. ClickFunnels™ is easy to use click-and-drag software that enables anyone to easily create a sales funnel website.

A sales funnel leads your visitors through a buying process with various marketing materials such as a landing page (funnel website) and email marketing.

Here is a Video I Created Providing an Inside Look Into ClickFunnels™

You likely already have a general idea of what this software is and how it works. The main question is how can it work with dropshipping?

From my research, I discovered a strategy in which dropshippers were selling low-ticket products by giving them away and only charging for shipping. Yet, they were earning much more as the customer proceeded through the sales funnel.

What is The Free Plus Shipping Sales Funnel?

You may be wondering why you can’t simply use the product page from your dropshipping store rather than build a whole new page on ClickFunnels™?

That is because a sales funnel is different than a static product page. You wouldn’t make much money at all if you offered a free product and only charge shipping on a regular store product page.

In the case of a sales funnel, you can offer a product for free, charge for shipping, and then continue to lead your customer to an upsell page offering a bonus product at a discount, then possibly lead them to another upsell page with another bonus product for a special price.

The free + shipping model works to attract new customers to your funnel. Once they are in the funnel, you can then upsell and downsell additional products which increase your overall sales totals.

A ClickFunnels™ AliExpress Product Example

There are tons of low-ticket products available on AliExpress.com. For example, I sell this heart-shaped bracelet in my own store:

heart shaped bracelet

I could then create a sales funnel with the first page offering this bracelet for free + shipping & handling.

When a customer clicks to order, they are led to an upsell page in the funnel offering three bracelets at a 50% discount. If a customer likes that offer and orders it, I could then lead them to another upsell page that offers a heart-shaped jewelry box at a discount as well.

What started out as giving away a free bracelet can end up being a $40 or more sale.

Are you starting to understand the power of a sales funnel? They can be used in any industry and works well in addition to running your own dropshipping store.

You can try out ClickFunnels™ using their 2-week free trial.

Is a Sales Funnel for Dropshipping Better Than a Dropshipping Store?

I don’t think that a sales funnel is necessarily better than having a dropshipping store. I think it makes a great addition to a store.

A sales funnel enables you to test particular products as well as boost your overall sales in the process.

A dropshipping store also does upselling for you as well. Your store may recommend related products which can lead to additional sales.

Can ClickFunnels™ Be Integrated with AliExpress?

I don’t think there is an app or tool that can connect the two directly to process orders. However, you can integrate ClickFunnels™ with Shopify if that is the eCommerce platform that you are using.

When you integrate the two, your customer’s shipping information will be sent directly to Shopify for you. Keep in mind that only the shipping information is sent. It will not process payments.

In most cases, you can connect your ClickFunnels™ account to Google spreadsheets using Zapier. Doing this sends all of your customer’s information to a spreadsheet. You can then process orders manually from there or outsource that step to a virtual assistant.

A ClickFunnels™ Drop Shipping Strategy for Getting Orders

The first step would be product selection. You would want to locate a low-ticket product which is easily found on AliExpress.com.

A good idea is to target a specific market. One way to do this is to figure out what is currently trending or think about a specific niche that has a large enough fan base. Maybe even consider upcoming holidays.

Here are some niches to help generate some ideas:

  • Tactical gear
  • Animal lovers (cats, dogs)
  • Car enthusiasts
  • Sci-Fi fans
  • Foodies
  • Health & fitness enthusiasts

Finding Your Audience Using Influencer Marketing

A marketing strategy that many dropshippers implement is promoting their sales funnels with influencers on Instagram. An influencer is someone that has a large following.

You can do a search for these types of accounts and then contact the account owners to find out if they do sponsored ads.

Finding Low-Ticket Products

The types of products that you can sell to these niches can range from accessories (enamel pins, keyrings, etc.) to gadgets, stickers, and anything fun.

You can find tons of these low-ticket type of products easily on AliExpress. Once you find a product that fits your market, you can create your sales funnel using the ClickFunnels™ software.

In Conclusion

Using a sales funnel for dropshipping can be a great addition to your eCommerce business. It can even be used on its own if you do not already have a dropshipping store.

It doesn’t matter which dropshipping platform your store operates on as ClickFunnels™ is a separate piece of software. Direct integration with AliExpress isn’t currently possible (as of this writing.)

However, you can integrate Google spreadsheets using Zapier to collect customer shipping details. From there, you can manually process your sales funnel orders with AliExpress or outsource that step to a virtual assistant.

If you are interested in testing out the ClickFunnels™ you can do so using their 2-week free trial.


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