Can You Dropship Golf Products and Make Money?

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I probably don’t need to tell you that the golf industry is a billion-dollar industry. That makes it a great opportunity to dropship golf products.

“In 2017, total golf equipment wholesale sales in the U.S. including golf clubs and balls amounted to more than two billion U.S. dollars…In 2017, worldwide revenue of Callaway Golf amounted to over one billion U.S. dollars.” [Source:]

What is great about the golf niche is that there are so many products within this niche. You could focus on one or two types of golf products and still generate a good amount of sales.

I’ll share the types of golf products that you can have dropshipped, where to source products, as well as how to open your own store. You can dropship golf products within no time at all.

Why Dropship Golf Products?

If you were to open a typical eCommerce business selling golf products, you would be required to purchase all of your inventory in bulk.

Buying inventory for an online store would mean getting your resale license and ordering products wholesale.

While that is completely fine, most people do not have thousands of dollars to invest upfront for inventory.

Many times, the cost of goods is what prevents would-be online store owners to get into eCommerce.

This is what makes the dropshipping model an ideal option for anyone that wants to own their own online store.

Focusing In On a Sub-Niche

You can open a general golf products store. However, you could also choose to focus on a sub-niche within the golf market.

For example, you could focus on selling products that help improve people’s golf swing. Therefore, your store could sell various types of golf swing trainers.

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Or you could focus on a golf gift store for anyone that is in search of cool gifts for golfers.

Focusing on a sub-niche means less competition and also makes it easy to brand yourself as the go-to store for those specific items.

How Dropshipping Works

I will briefly cover how the droshipping model works. Essentially, when you use the dropship model of selling goods online, you are not required to buy any inventory upfront.

You don’t even have to package or ship products to your customers. All of that is handled by the dropshipping supplier.

A dropshipping supplier is a merchant who sells the products that you want to also sell in your online store.

Once you find dropshipping suppliers that you want to work with, you can then place the same items that they are selling into your own store.

You can use the same images and descriptions or you can update the name of the products and descriptions to suit your needs.

When a customer orders an item from your store, you then buy that product from your dropshipping supplier.

During the checkout process, you input your customer’s shipping details. The dropshipping supplier then ships the item to your customer for you.

Your profit is the difference in price between what you’ve charged the customer and what the dropshipping supplier charged you.

Of course, this entire process can be automated with the dropshipping software that you choose to manage your store.

Where To Find Golf Dropshipping Suppliers

Golf is a very popular sport and there are plenty of dropshipping suppliers that you can find on your own.

There are some things you should be aware of before choosing a supplier. All dropshippers do not work the same. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do they offer wholesale pricing?
  • Do they have a monthly fee?
  • Do they charge a dropshipping fee per item sold?
  • Will they work with the dropshipping software you use in your store?
  • Do they carry most of the items you want to sell?
  • Do they offer worldwide shipping?
  • Do they have any specific requirements to source from them?

You’ll want to be particularly mindful of any fees and if they offer wholesale pricing.

Fees and high prices will eat into your profit margins. There is an easier way to source products without any of the worries listed above.

Sourcing Products From AliExpress

AliExpress is a popular product sourcing option for dropshippers. They are a large online retailer that is part of the AliBaba group.

AliExpress carries millions of products from merchants based all over the globe to include the United States. Most of their merchants are based out of China.

A majority of the items sold are offered at wholesale pricing. They do not have any registration fees or signup requirements.

There are no monthly fees or dropshipping fees to worry about. They ship all over the world and most items have ePacket shipping (a faster shipping method from China to the U.S., U.K., and Canada).

Basically, you can begin selling any item on AliExpress immediately without any limitations.

How To Open Your Golf Dropshipping Store

Some benefits of dropshipping are that you do not need to have any technical experience or prior eCommerce experience to get started.

There are many software services available that can manage your dropshipping business.

However, I prefer to only recommend products and services that I have personal experience with.

In this case, I am going to explain how you can open a dropshipping store using the same software that I use in my own store.

The software is called AliDropship. AliDropship is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

You do not need to have experience with WordPress to use it. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that is free to download and install on your own web hosting account.

Don’t let any of the technical stuff worry you. The AliDropship team can install everything for you for free when you bundle in a year of their web hosting during checkout.

If you are a WooCommerce user, you also get the WooCommerce version of the plugin when you order. It is called AliDropship Woo.

When you buy the AliDropship plugin, it includes free lifelong updates and customer support.

Order a Custom Built Dropshipping Store

Another option to getting your own dropshipping store is to have it custom-built for you.

AliDropship offers a custom-built dropshipping store service in which they take care of everything for you.

They offer three different packages: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. Regardless of which package you choose, you will be assigned your own personal manager.

This personal manager handles every detail of your store’s buildout. They will do your niche market research, register your domain name, set up your payment gateways, customize your design, import best-selling products, and more.

I built my store myself using the AliDropship plugin and I couldn’t be more happy about the software and customer support.

My own dropshipping store built with AliDropship

My store uses the Andy Warhol AliDropship store theme and I love it. The theme is built for conversions.

It is a fee-based theme but it is one of the best themes they have available. It is built for conversions.

If you order a custom store, let them know if you want to use that theme as well.

Making Your First Sales as a Dropshipping Store Owner

It is exciting to have your own dropshipping store but it is important to understand what your job is after your store is built.

Like any business, you want to make as many sales as possible. In order to do this, you must promote your store on a regular basis.

Online promotion can be accomplished through both free and paid methods. Free options can include creating social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Creating a Facebook page for your store will enable you to gain likes and new followers. Instagram is an awesome platform for eCommerce store owners.

You can post images of your store’s products and link to the product page in your bio. One way to make this even easier is to automate it using AliDropship’s Social Rabbit Plugin.

Paid advertising works extremely well as you can choose exactly who you want your ads to display to. In our case, since it is the golf niche, you can create Facebook ads that target people only interested in golf.

You can get free actionable marketing advice on the AliDropship blog under their marketing tips section.

The AliDropship team runs their own set of dropshipping stores so they share their best advice that you can use right away.

My Closing Thoughts On How To Dropship Golf Products

The golf niche is a lucrative niche to explore. There are so many items that you can sell and you can also focus on a sub-niche such as products that improve your golf swing.

If you want to dropship golf products, it is easier than ever to start. If you choose to source your products from AliExpress, I use and recommend the AliDropship dropshipping software.

AliDropship makes it super easy to run and manage an AliExpress dropshipping business.

Save yourself time and have your store professionally built using AliDropship’s custom dropshipping store service.


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