A Custom Dropshipping Business for Sale That’s Worth Checking Out

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You can buy an established dropshipping business from a number of places online. However, have you ever considered buying a custom dropshipping store? I’ve done a bit of research on what is offered online and have come across one service that offers a lot for a very reasonable price.

I’ll share why a custom dropshipping business is worth your consideration in comparison to an already established business. I’ll also highlight one of the best places to order a custom made dropshipping store from and why.

Where to Find a Dropshipping Business for Sale

There are several places in which you can buy an already established dropshipping business. One of them being Shopify’s exchange marketplace. They have stores that are brand new and some that are older and already profiting.

Keep in mind that they range greatly in price and the stores that are earning income can be quite expensive. Some prices reaching as high as 7-figures.

These stores also only work on the Shopify platform so you will incur a recurring monthly fee to use the Shopify platform as well as additional monthly app fees depending on what the previous owner installed.

Here is a screenshot of such possible fees:

possible store expenses

Another platform where you can buy an already established dropshipping business is Flippa.com. They sell a wide variety of websites so you’ll have to do a bit of research for actual dropshipping stores.

Again, the prices range quite a bit depending on what you’re looking for. The store platforms may vary as well.

One thing to take note of is that at least on Shopify’s exchange marketplace, the revenue and traffic data is pulled directly from Shopify which prevents anyone from tampering with the numbers.

Why Consider a Custom Dropshipping Store Versus an Already Established Store?

I will break down the various reasons why you would consider buying a custom made dropshipping store instead of an established store that is already earning.

An Established Store is More Expensive

In most cases, a dropshipping store that is already generating income is going to be quite expensive. I’ve seen stores with an average monthly profit of $1,000 that are on sale from $5,000 and up.

If that is within your budget, you have a lot of options in terms of finding those types of businesses. However, a custom made dropshipping store such as a turnkey custom store from AliDropship starts at $299.

Additional App Fees Add Up

If you refer back to the screen capture above, you’ll notice that the additional app fees on one established dropshipping store is $250 per month. It doesn’t mean that you have to use all of these apps once you take ownership.

However, chances are high that you will want to keep the store functioning as-is in order to have the best chance of maintaining and increasing monthly revenues.

You Don’t Retain Full Ownership of Your Store

Depending on the platform that an already established dropshipping store is built on, you may run the risk of account closure. Some eCommerce software is hosted on another company’s servers and is proprietary software for that company.

Therefore, when you sign up and create an account, you are agreeing that the service has the authority to close your account for any reason at any time. This may not happen often but it is something to consider.

A custom dropshipping store from AliDropship eliminates this worry. That is because their software is a WordPress plugin. When you take ownership of your store, it is 100% yours, including the plugin.

Therefore you can do whatever you want with your store—sell it, give it away, move it to another web host in the future—whatever you want.

You May Grow Tired of Selling Particular Products

When you buy an established dropshipping business, you are stuck selling the products in that store. I’ve read some of the reasons why store owners choose to sell their stores. More often than not, they have grown tired of the store and want to start or already started a new store.

At least with a custom store, you have say so in what you want your store to sell. You get to choose the niche. With an established store, the niche is already chosen and if you’re not enthusiastic about it, your interest may fizzle out on it as well.

Beware of Where You Order a Custom Dropshipping Store

The #1 reason why I use and recommend AliDropship for running a dropshipping business is that the software works extremely well and they are amazingly helpful and supportive.

I have done some research on what’s offered in terms of ordering a custom made store and so far, nothing I’ve come across compares to what AliDropship offers.

In fact, if you are now considering having a custom store built for you, consider these red flags I’ve found before buying from another service:

Low Pricing and Fast Turnaround Time Does Not Equal Quality

  • It’s hard not to be enticed by a good price and fast delivery but don’t be fooled. Some services will offer a so-called custom store for a really low price and fast delivery only to get you on their monthly software plan. Also, I’m not sure how custom your store will be if it is delivered in 24 to 48 hours. That is a red flag to me. What that says is that they did zero product research before importing products into your store.
FYI: A custom dropshipping store from AliDropship is delivered between 10 and 23 business days depending on the plan you choose. They do actual keyword and competitor analysis as well as product research before importing any products into your store.

Some Dropshipping Store Software is Lacking in Features

  • It is important to ask questions and read the fine print before you invest in a custom made dropshipping store. One service that I researched only offered one payment gateway service and lacked an easy way to add and edit new products. It required copying product pages and copy and pasting data into a spreadsheet. Not efficient use of anyone’s time. The AliDropship plugin automates all of the necessary functions of operating a dropshipping business.

Wrapping Up

Investing in already established dropshipping business isn’t for everyone. You have to do a lot of shopping around. Things you’ll have to consider include the type of products being sold, the price of the store, monthly expenses and more.

An AliDropship custom made store enables you to choose the niche or discuss what niche to go into. You get a personal manager assigned to you regardless of the package that you choose.

All of the details are handled for you no matter how small or large and you retain 100% ownership of your store from the start.

I hope this post has opened you up to another option when it comes to buying a dropshipping business. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I wish you much success in your online business!

You can learn more about the different AliDropship custom store packages here.

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