A Dropshipping Business Plan for WordPress Users

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Starting a dropshipping business using WordPress is a great alternative to the many web-based software options that are available.

WordPress saves you a ton of money and you will retain full ownership of your business. There are no worries about another service closing your account for any reason.

In this post, I share a dropshipping business plan that anyone can use to get up and running quickly. If you want to build a dropshipping store with zero limitations and zero recurring software fees, keep reading below.

Dropshipping Business Plan: What Do You Want To Sell? Choosing a Niche


The first part of this plan is deciding what it is that you want to sell. This is also referred to as your store’s niche. It helps to focus on a niche versus a general store that sells any and everything.

Niches are easier to market versus a general store. Let’s say you wanted to sell watches. Rather than sell any and all types of watches, you could target a specific market by selecting a sub-niche such as wooden watches.

Now you can target your ads and social media accounts to people specifically searching for wooden watches. You can test out your niche ideas by clicking here.

Focusing on a niche can also help to brand your store as the go-to resource for such items. Therefore, it also makes it easier to brand your store.

Get Your Web Hosting and WordPress Website

Next, you will need to get your self-hosted WordPress website. This requires obtaining web hosting. There are tons of web hosting services to choose from.

A couple of options that I can recommend include SiteGround and HostPapa. I use both services to host my websites.

Once you have your web hosting, you can install WordPress yourself using one-click WordPress installation software that can be found in your CPanel.

The video tutorial below explains how to install WordPress using one-click install software on HostPapa. It works similarly on most commercial web hosting providers:

=> Check out all HostPapa hosting plans

Establish Your Business With The AliDropship Plugin

Your next step is to install the software that will transform your WordPress website into a dropshipping store. There are various WordPress dropshipping software available but the one I use, like, and recommend is the AliDropship plugin.

It is easy to use and has a ton of features that automate many of the key functions of a dropshipping store. You can order the plugin and install it yourself or you can bundle in AliDropship’s hosting and they will install both WordPress and the plugin for you.

Installing a Store Theme

After you have the plugin installed, your next step is to install a store theme. The plugin only works with AliDropship store themes. My favorites are the DaVinci and Dali themes.

You can download the theme you like and install it inside of your WordPress admin under “Appearance” and “Themes”. Activate the theme and you can continue on with the rest of your settings.

All of your settings can be found under the “AliDropship” menu in your WordPress admin area. You can customize the look of your store under the main WordPress dashboard and clicking on the “Customization” menu link.

Setting Up Your Payment Gateway

One important step you don’t want to overlook is setting up your payment gateway. AliDropship supports many popular payment gateways to include PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and more.

You will find the payment settings under the “AliDropship” menu, “Settings”, and then “Payments”.

Importing Products

One of the cool features about using AliDropship is that you can import an unlimited number of products from the AliExpress website.

Importing products is extremely easy. It requires using the Google Chrome browser and installing the AliDropship Chrome extension.

I demonstrate how to do so in the video below:

Start Selling!

After you have imported all of the products that you want into your store, your next step is to begin selling. You can promote your store in a number of ways—both free and paid methods.

Free methods of promotion can include:

  • Content marketing with a blog (included with your store)
  • Sharing product pages on Pinterest
  • Posting product photos on Instagram
  • Creating a Facebook page for your store
  • Posting and sharing in Facebook groups
  • Creating product reviews on YouTube

Paid methods of promotion can include:

  • Facebook ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Instagram ads

The Benefits of Creating a Dropshipping Store with WordPress

You’ll be glad to know that there are some important benefits to creating your dropshipping store on the WordPress platform. They include:

No Monthly Software Fees

  • Many dropshipping software options have recurring monthly software fees. WordPress is free to use and the AliDropship plugin has a one-time fee. That can save you hundreds per month in software expenses.

Your Store is 100% Yours

  • This is extremely important as a business owner. When you use third-party eCommerce software (such as Shopify for example) you are also agreeing to their terms of service. If you read the fine print, most terms state that a company has the authority to close accounts at any time and for any reason. By using WordPress, you always retain full ownership of your store.

Consider These Time-Saving Options

man using laptop

While building your store yourself gives you a lot of flexibility and can save you money, it is also time-consuming. It takes time to edit product titles, descriptions, and images before importing them into your store.

You can cut this time in half by using another WordPress dropshipping plugin called DropshipMe (from the creators of AliDropship.)

DropshipMe has made it easy to import only the best selling products from AliExpress into your store. The products have been manually selected and edited for you.

All of the titles, descriptions, and images are already edited so all that you have to do is search for and choose the products that you want to import.

Consider Ordering a Custom Built Dropshipping Store

Another helpful option is to order a custom made dropshipping store from AliDropship. They offer three different packages.

However, regardless of which package you choose, you’ll be assigned your own personal manager who will handle all of the details of your store’s buildout.

All of the benefits still apply:

  • You retain full ownership of your store
  • No recurring monthly software fees
  • Lifeling updates and customer support

Wrapping Up

WordPress is an awesome option for building a dropshipping store. It is easy to learn how to use WordPress if you’re not familiar with it. AliDropship is also very easy to use and there is plenty of documentation and help available on their website.

Be sure to check out all of your options in terms of building your store yourself or ordering a custom store by visiting the AliDropship home page.


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