4 Reasons Why AliExpress Dropshipping and Long Shipping Times Won’t Hurt Sales

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The number one question/concern many new dropshippers have is “Will long shipping times from AliExpress affect conversions?” I’ve done a bit of research and the short answer is no.

However, I will go into detail with four reasons why AliExpress shipping times really don’t have much effect on many dropshipping businesses.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, your own worries will diminish and you will feel more confident to pursue your own dropshipping business.

1. Specify The Shipping Times On Product Pages and Shipping Page

The number one thing you can do to alleviate the worry of long shipping times is to be transparent about your shipping times on both your product pages, shipping page, and order confirmation email.

In most cases, the products that you sell will have ePacket shipping available. ePacket shipping is a faster shipping method between China and the U.S. It reduces shipping times from 45 days down to 12-20 business days.

Place your shipping times on your product pages, shipping page, and confirmation emails. Let customers know that your products ship from your warehouses in China. Another statement I’ve seen on another store is to say that items are “made to order” which is part of the order processing.

By being clear with shipping times, you can reduce customer complaints and product disputes with PayPal. When a customer reaches out to you or you are dealing with PayPal, you can show that shipping times were made clear on your product pages.

2. The Items You Sell Satisfy An Emotional Want In a Specific Niche

One thing to keep in mind is that the items that you sell in your store are products that satisfy a specific niche.

When you create ads for your store products, you must create an emotional response. Let’s take this item below for example:

camera lens mug

Photography fanatics both amateur and professional would have an emotional response to this item. In many cases, when your target audience sees your ads, they may not have known this item existed.

However, because they may use various types of camera lenses all the time, a camera lens mug is a cool item that they simply must have. Think about the things that you buy that relate to a niche that you are a fan of.

In most cases, someone that would buy this item will not mind a longer shipping time because it isn’t the type of item that they need immediately.

To better clarify this, think about the types of things that you buy on a website such as Amazon.com. 90% of the time, you know exactly what you want to buy.

For example, I order my cat’s food from Amazon. That is a product that I know exactly what I want and I need it fairly quickly so fast shipping time is important to me.

However, if I saw an ad from someone’s store that was advertising a cool cat mug that affected me emotionally because I love cats, I’d likely purchase it and not think twice about shipping times so long as the shipping time was made clear to me.

I don’t mind waiting for a cool and fun item that I didn’t know existed in the first place. A majority of the time, many people feel this way when it comes to cool items related to a niche they are a fan of.

3. False Scarcity and Free Shipping

Another way to alleviate the worry of longer shipping times is the use of false scarcity and free shipping.

We’ve covered the types of items to sell—ones that create an emotional response. Combine these items with ads that point out false scarcity and free shipping, and longer shipping times shouldn’t be much of an issue at all.

Let’s take our camera mug above. The ad for this item could say that the mug has free shipping while supplies last! Or the item is offered at 50% off plus free shipping but for a limited time only.

False scarcity is a tactic used by many businesses large and small. A photography enthusiast may be even more inclined to order the camera mug before the offer is no longer available.

Since they are getting such a great deal, the longer shipping time is not as much of a factor.

4. Customer Service

So you will get the occasional customer complaint email about shipping times. This is a given but if you provide excellent customer service, you will be able to ease your customer’s mind.

Most people simply want a reply and want to know that someone actually cares about the order that they’ve placed. Provide your customer’s with the same shipping information that you’ve placed on your store.

Be friendly and courteous. If you get a customer that still complains after, offer to refund them once they ship the item back to you. Sometimes offering a refund is worth it to avoid the hassle.

How To Get Your Own AliExpress Dropshipping Store

Now that you have a better understanding of AliExpress shipping times, you are likely feeling more confident about opening your own dropshipping business.

You have many options to choose from but I’ll point out the two most popular. You have the option of using a SaaS (software as a service) company such as Shopify in combination with the Oberlo app.

I have used both in the past and they are really easy to use. The reasons I didn’t continue on with them is due to the monthly fees and the fact that I didn’t have full ownership of my store.

I knew that by building my store on the WordPress platform, I could reduce my monthly software fees significantly and I would retain 100% ownership of my store. Meaning, I wouldn’t have to worry about another service closing my store for any reason.

The software I opted for was the AliDropship WordPress dropshipping plugin. AliDropship has all of the features that you need to manage your store. Best of all, it has these important benefits:

  • No monthly software fees
  • Unlimited product imports
  • Automated pricing and inventory updates
  • Automated order processing
  • Automated tracking information
  • Free lifelong updates and customer support
  • 100% ownership of my store

online store
Photo courtesy of AliDropship.com

Another cool option that you get with AliDropship is the option to have them build a custom dropshipping store for you.

They will handle everything to include niche selection, domain registration, hosting, and more. You get a personal manager as well whom you can communicate with through the entire process.

In Conclusion

To recap, longer shipping times from AliExpress does not place a significant impact on dropshipping stores.

As long as you are using ePacket shipping and are transparent about your shipping times by posting them in key locations, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Always provide excellent customer service and that too will alleviate any worry for your customers and for yourself.

Ready to open your own dropshipping store? Check out all of the features and options available with AliDropship.