10 Trending Dropshipping Niche Ideas for 2019

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Dropshipping is a low-cost and low-risk online business model. Anyone can begin dropshipping without any previous experience.

One of the most challenging aspects of getting started is figuring out what to sell.

Picking a good niche can have you well on your way to creating a successful online business.

I hope that these niches listed here will help you generate ideas of your own or simply choose one of these niches to get started with.

These niches are not listed in any particular order.

1. Mini Cameras

Mini cameras are used in all types of ways. They can be used to monitor your pets when you are away from home. They are small enough to attach almost anywhere for recording outdoor adventures. Even better, they have low wholesale pricing which can mean higher profit margins for you.

These mini-cameras come in waterproof models and some can even detect motion and have night vision.

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2. No Tie Shoelaces

These shoelaces are great for both kids and adults. They are great for seniors or anyone that finds it difficult to tie there shoes. No tie shoelaces can turn your favorite shoes into slip-ons that are ready to go.

You can sell these as a stand alone niche or add them on as accessories in a shoe related niche. Either way, they have great wholesale pricing and they are the type of item in which you can sell multiples per customer.

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3. Gamer Glasses

These are quite a popular item for gamers as well as anyone that spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Gamer glasses are designed to block blue light and to reduce eye strain.

They are also helpful for getting better sleep as many people fall asleep reading or watching their tablet. They are also helpful with anti-fatigue and reducing headaches which may be brought on with long hours of using a computer or playing video games.

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4. Dash Camera (Dash Cam)

Dash cams remain to have an interest over time as more and more drivers are finding them useful to have. They are used for insurance purposes to help with claims. These cameras are also useful to prevent disputes during a fender bender.

They also provide a driver’s point of view which is useful for YouTubers that want to provide a different perspective when out on the road.

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5. Posture Corrector

Posture correctors are gaining in popularity among men and women. As millions of people suffer from some form of back pain, it is important to be cognizant of our posture.

This is important for those of us that sit for hours a day at a desk. Improving your posture can help relieve discomfort and soreness in your shoulders and back. It can also help with strengthening the shoulders, neck, and back.

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6. Tactical Gear

The tactical gear trend remains study and likely will for years to come. Professionals and hobbyists all have a need for all types of tactical gear such as vests, gloves, backpacks, belts, and more.

From military, law enforcement, to outdoor adventurers—all are in need a variety of gear that is used on a regular basis and must be replaced often.

This niche provides you with a lot of options for your store which can help you become one of the go-to places for tactical gear.

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7. Phone Tripods

This is another niche that stays steady. There is also such a wide variety of tripods for the smartphone. Some of them bend and can be attached almost anywhere.

Others come with a wireless remote control for selfie or group photos. There are even some that can be extended and can be adjusted 360 degrees.

Due to the large variety, you can offer your customers a much larger selection.

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8. Reading Lights

Not everyone reads their books on a book reader like the Amazon Kindle. There are many people that like to read books in bed or on the go.

Therefore, there is a steady need for reading lights. They come in a wide variety of styles. Most are easily portable and have USB charges. They make a great add-on item or as a standalone store.

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9. Memory Foam Pillows

I know I can’t sleep without my memory phone pillow and millions of others will probably agree. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial and the right pillow can make all the difference.

You’ll be glad to know that there is a large variety of memory foam pillows. Some are designed for side sleepers, some are made for travel, and some are made to support the legs.

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10. Arch Supports

There are millions of people that deal with sore feet, primarily in their arches. Think about the number of people that have jobs that involve hours of standing and walking.

Nurses, retail workers, and other service industries have people that are constantly on their feet. Arch supports will remain a steady in-demand trend.

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In Conclusion

I hope that these niches have provided you with some inspiration for your next dropshipping store.

You can choose one of the niches above and brand your store as the go-to place to buy those products.

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to start. Ordering a custom made dropshipping store from AliDropship can get you started off on the right foot.

You’ll have everything you need to begin selling immediately. Wishing you much success in your online business!

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  1. Hi Eartha,

    Just read this fantastic blog, i just wanted to ask under each of the niche ideas you have links to both getting a custom store from alidropship and then locating a wholesale supplier which links to salehoo. My question is does salehoo integrate with the custom store from alidropship ? i cant seem to find out, it appears that the custom store only works with aliexpress but if you could clarify this i would be most grateful.


    • Hi Adam,

      AliDropship and Salehoo are to separate services. I should have made it more clear and will do so after posting this reply. Thanks for pointing it out! I appreciate your comment. 🙂

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