Can You Make Money With AliDropship?

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Answering the question, can you make money with AliDropship, is one that many people interested in dropshipping are seeking an answer to.

In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about this WordPress dropshipping plugin. I switched to using AliDropship after finishing a free trial on the Shopify platform.

I’ll explain why I made the switch, how this plugin works, and why a custom-built AliDropship store can save you a ton of time.

What is AliDropship?

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AliDropship is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

There is also a WooCommerce version of the plugin called AliDropship Woo which you also get when you purchase the standard plugin. You get two plugins for the same price.

The company founders are also dropshipping store owners. They created the AliDropship plugin in order to simplify their own dropshipping stores.

They released the plugin to the public and have since created a company that focuses on helping people to create successful dropshipping businesses of their own.

AliDropship System Requirements

Before you get started using the plugin, you should be aware of its system requirements and everything that you will need to get started.

You will need:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting
  • WordPress CMS
  • Google Chrome browser and the AliDropship Extension

You can register your domain name with any domain registrar of your choosing. I register all of my domain names with NameCheap.

For web hosting, you’ll want to make sure that the web hosting provider you choose has the following:

  • ionCube activated on your hosting
  • PHP 7.1 or 7.2+
  • File size upload limit: min. 16MB
  • Open incoming connection Hosting 32bit (64bit recommended)
  • cURL libraries ver 7.58.0 recommended (minimum required version is 7.29.0)

Most commercial web hosting providers will meet these requirements. However, I recommend bundling in AliDropship’s own web hosting during checkout.

They will install WordPress and the AliDropship plugin for free. It also includes free SSL:

The plugin works with the WordPress CMS (content management system). Therefore, you would need to download and install WordPress from

The plugin will not work with the platform. Yes, there is a difference between and

However, most commercial web hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation or you can save yourself time and bundle in AliDropship’s hosting as mentioned above. They will install WordPress for you.

In order to import products from AliExpress, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser and install the AliDropship Google Chrome extension.

AliDropship’s Add-Ons and Services

You may not be aware of it but the AliDropship company provides so much more than the plugin itself. They also offer various add-ons and web services.

Add-Ons Include:

  • Alishipping ($29) – automatically import of shipping methods from AliExpress to your AliDropship store.
  • Urgency ($29) – three tools combined – a cart timer, trust badges, and social proof.
  • Reviews Page ($29) – collect photo reviews, build strong trust and boost profit with social testimonials.
  • Promo Banner ($19) – a banner platform that mimics the highest converting designs on the Internet.
  • GA Enhanced Ecommerce (FREE) – estimate your future profits and improve your business functioning with reliable stats.
  • My Suppliers ($17) – collect and analyze data about your suppliers.
  • Upsell ($37) – creates catchy offers based on the individual taste and interests of every shopper.
  • Google Merchant ($27) – add your product catalog to Google to make your goods available on Google Shopping platform.
  • Social Rabbit ($69) – auto-runs and auto-promotes your websites on most popular social networks.
  • Facebook Business ($27) – these ads are based on items which your visitors viewed on your website, so they are more likely to return to your store.
  • Abandoned Cart (FREE) – send automatic email reminders to your website visitors who added items to their cart but did not complete their purchase.
  • Customers Gallery (FREE) – provide a better understanding of how items look like in real life by sharing images of your happy customers.
  • Countdown Timer ($19) – full-featured Countdown Timer plugin for WordPress.
  • Recent Sales Pop-up ($29) – pop-up notifications about recent sales.

Other Services Include:

  • Add-ons set-up – starts from $10
  • AliDropship plugin set-up – starts from $57
  • Product data entry – starts from $2 per product
  • Custom design – starts from $20 per hour
  • Social Rabbit plugin set-up – starts from $79
  • Theme switching – starts from $69
  • Website installation – starts from $37
  • Email subscription form integration – starts from $59
  • Custom development – starts from $30 per hour
  • Social media set-up – starts from $19
  • SEO starter pack – starts from $69
  • SEO copywriting – starts from $20
  • Banner Ads design – starts from $29
  • Promo video creation – starts from $69
  • Facebook and Instagram ads – starts from $29
  • Email marketing set-up – starts from $69
  • Dropshipping store review – starts from $49
  • Niche research – starts from $49

The AliDropship Plugin is a one-time fee of $89. There are no recurring monthly software fees to use it.

It includes free lifelong software updates and free lifelong customer support. You retain 100% ownership of your store as well.

Make Use of the AliDropship Blog

Another benefit of using AliDropship is all of the free and actionable marketing information that is provided on their blog.

They create new content on almost a daily basis. You can find articles on store promotion, niche selection, interviews with success stories, and so much more.

Remember, they own and operate several of their own dropshipping stores. Therefore, they are experts on how to make money with a dropshipping store.

Can You Make Money Dropshipping From AliExpress?

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The AliDropship plugin imports products from There are many advantages to sourcing products from AliExpress.

AliExpress is part of the AliBaba group. It is a large online retailer made up of merchants primarily based in China. Some merchants are located in other locations to include the U.S.

Many dropshipping store owners source products from AliExpress for several reasons. They do not have any registration fees or monthly fees.

They do not have any requirements to begin dropshipping their products. A majority of their products have wholesale pricing as well as ePacket shipping (a faster shipping method from China to the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.)

AliExpress carries millions of products. They do not limit you on the number of products you sell, nor do they limit you on your profit margins. They also offer a buyer protection system with a full money-back guarantee.

Since a majority of AliExpress’ products are sold at wholesale pricing, you have control of your profit margins:

It enables you to price products at double or even triple while still providing a great deal for your customers. You can help increase your sales by offering free shipping.

Is an AliDropship Custom Store Worth It?

You have the option of building your dropshipping store yourself by using the plugin on its own. Or you can outsource the buildout of your store to the AliDropship team.

They offer three different custom store packages, plus one bonus Supreme custom store. Regardless of which package you choose, you will be assigned your own personal manager.

Your personal manager will handle all of the details of building your store. You will receive a questionnaire to fill out to help your personal manager understand any needs or preferences you may have.

You’ll then be assigned a Basecamp (project management tool) account which enables you to meet the developers who will build your store. You can also submit any input, questions, or concerns that you have along the way.

The team will build your store and import the top-selling products within your niche. They will prepare your store for marketing and promotion.

Once you receive your store, you can begin making sales. Going this route can save you a lot of time.

Importing products is a time-consuming process. You will have to edit product titles, descriptions, and sometimes the images.

You can leave all the work to the AliDropship team and have your store professionally built and ready for business.

My Personal AliDropship Review

When I decided to give dropshipping a go, I did what many people do when first learning about it. I signed up for a free trial over at Shopify. I used the Oberlo app to set up my store.

Although I really like Shopify and Oberlo, I was still wanting a WordPress dropshipping solution. The main reason why is that I wanted to keep full ownership of my store.

When you use a software-as-a-service option like Shopify, you must abide by their terms of service. In their TOS it states that they have the authority to close accounts at any time for any reason:

Even if it is a rarity for them to close stores, I didn’t want that hanging over my head. I knew that by building my store using WordPress, I would keep complete ownership with no worries of anyone closing my business.

The next step was to find a dropshipping plugin that could get the job done. As I did my search, I wasn’t coming up with many options that had all of the features I wanted.

Fortunately, I came across the AliDropship plugin and I knew right away that it was the best option for me.

I ordered the plugin and use it for my own dropshipping store as pictured below:

My personal dropshipping store

What I like most about the plugin is that it has all of the features you need to manage a dropshipping store.

It has automated order fulfillment, automated order tracking, and auto-updates pricing and inventory changes.

I also like AliDropship’s customer support. I have reached out on a number of occasions and they always respond in a timely manner. They are super knowledgeable about the plugin and dropshipping as a whole.

Another important factor for me is not having any monthly software fees. You only pay a one-time fee for the plugin versus ongoing monthly payments that you would have using a service such as Shopify.

Things To Keep In Mind With Owning a Dropshipping Business

It is important to understand that owning your store doesn’t end with having it up and running. You will need to promote your store on a consistent basis.

That means utilizing both free and paid methods of marketing. You can promote your store for free using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The Social Rabbit plugin has made a world of difference in terms of automating my social media accounts. It does the job of a social media marketing team.

It is an add-on plugin created by AliDropship. It will promote the products in your store automatically as well as follow other accounts and growing your own following.

You can read my Social Rabbit review and learn more about its features.

Paid advertising is another way to generate consistent sales. Many dropshippers find success with Facebook Ads, Instagram shout-outs (influencer advertising), and Google Shopping Ads.

My Closing Thoughts On Can You Make Money with AliDropship

There is money to be made with dropshipping and the AliDropship plugin makes it easier to do so.

Select a niche that you like or outsource the work to the AliDropship team and they can choose a niche for you.

You can build your store yourself or save yourself time and order a custom-built dropshipping store. Either way, you get free lifelong updates and customer support.

Once you have your store, you can begin making sales by staying consistent with your marketing and promotion.

Get a Copy of This $12,000 Per Month Dropshipping Store!
Everything Provided for You Including Necessary Guides and Lifetime Support!
Click Here to Choose Your Store


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