5 Preloaded Dropship Websites You Can Earn Sales with Today

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One of my favorite things about dropshipping is its low barrier to entry. Anyone can get a side business of their own with a dropship website.

They are a low-cost eCommerce business with huge earning potential. It isn’t uncommon to read dropshipping success stories of people creating full-time incomes with a store.

I’ll share five niches that can be transformed into preloaded dropship websites that anyone can own.

What are Preloaded Dropship Websites?

preloaded dropship websites

Before I get into the five different preloaded dropship websites that you can use, I want to give a brief explanation about what a preloaded dropship site is.

You likely already understand how dropshipping works.

Dropshipping is the process of adding various products from different dropshipping suppliers into your own eCommerce store.

When a customer orders a product from your store, you then pay your dropship supplier for that item and pass along your customer’s shipping information.

Your supplier then ships that item directly to your customer. The difference in price between what you charged your customer and what your supplier charged you is your profit.

dropshipping model

Many dropshippers source their products from AliExpress. It is one of the largest online retailers in the world.

They offer a wide variety of products and many of their merchants are based in China. Their pricing is low and they offer free shipping on a majority of products.

Why Use a Preloaded Dropship Website?

In a majority of cases regardless of which eCommerce platform you use, you have to import products yourself.

This isn’t an issue so long as you don’t mind doing the work yourself and if you have the time to do it.

One way to save a ton of time is to order a preloaded custom dropshipping website. AliDropship is an ideal choice for such websites.

Their dropshipping plugin works on WordPress which has two advantages over other eCommerce platforms:

  • You retain 100% ownership of your store
  • WordPress is free to use

You have two options with AliDropship. You can buy only the plugin and customize your store yourself (importing products, adding banner images, etc.) or you can order a custom store.

The custom store option means that the AliDropship team handles all of the details for you to include:

  • Niche research – They select a trendy, high-demand niche for you after analyzing it for stable long-term positions and a great potential in future.
  • Domain name(.com) – Search engine-friendly domain name relevant to your business
  • Custom design – You get a unique design including a custom logo, header images, icons, favicon, banners, etc.
  • Mobile devices ready – A perfect responsive design fitting the screen size of any device, whether desktop or mobile.
  • Google Analytics integration – GA stats integrated – to keep you informed about the website’s traffic, its sources, visitors’ behavior, conversions, etc.
  • Up to 12% AliExpress cashback – Get up to 12% cashback for your every purchase on AliExpress.
  • WP dropship plugin – The plugin allows searching, importing and updating products on your site directly from AliExpress quickly and easily.
  • Payment gateways – AliDropship Plugin supports the most popular payment processors like PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, PayU.
  • Delivery time – You’ll have a full-fledge dropshipping business: 5 to 15 days depending on your package.
  • On-site SEO – Increase visibility within the organic search results and to deliver targeted traffic to your site.
  • Social pages – Accounts of your business on the top social networks and integrate social buttons and widgets on your website.
  • Promo video (Ultimate Package) – Video will help you to promote your webstore and tell your customers about all the advantages of your products and services.
  • Social media promo tool (Ultimate Package) – A special plugin will automatically post your products and promote your business on 4 top social networks.

Now I’ve covered what all is included in a preloaded dropshipping store, I’ll get into five niches that you can have customized for your store (or you can let the AliDropship team do the market research for you.)

1. Security Camera System Dropship Store

security cameras

Security camera systems are definitely an evergreen niche as people from all industries as well as homeowners seek out ways to secure their property.

Installing security cameras in your workplace or home provides peace of mind. It is no wonder that it remains one of the top trending niches as demonstrated below:

security camera trends

One of the biggest benefits about dropshipping is that you wouldn’t have to buy not one security camera system up front.

All you would have to do is add a variety of them to your own custom dropshipping store.

2. Podcasting Equipment

podcasting microphones

People are creating new podcasts every single day. Podcasting has become one of the most popular forms of distributing information.

Check out these podcasting statistics from a 2017 study conducted by Edison Research:

Podcasting continues to be a growth medium, as 40% of Americans 12+ say they have ever listened to a podcast, while 24% say they have listened to one in the past month, up from 21% one year ago. In addition, six in ten Americans are now familiar with the term “podcasting,” a number that has risen 22% in two years.

podcasting trends

The Google trends above show that the interest for podcast equipment has been on a steady increase over time.

You could have a similar store customized and delivered in a matter of days.

3. Vlogging Equipment

vlogging gear

Similar to podcasting, vlogging is blowing up. Anyone can create their own YouTube channel and build an audience.

The great thing is, you don’t need any fancy equipment to start out. Most people begin vlogging using their smartphone.

However, there are pieces of equipment that can help improve the way vlogs are created. These include things such as tripods, lighting, and lavalier microphones.

vlogging trends

According to these trends, having a custom dropshipping store in this niche could be lucrative with a good marketing plan.

4. Compression Sportswear

compression shirts

Atheletes have made compression sportswear quite popular. Whether or not there is any scientific proof that they aid in athletic performance, they are trendy none the less.

Compression wear is being worn to gyms, yoga studios, and even as casual wear by many people. They come in a variety of styles for men and women.

Best of all, they are the type of clothing that is constantly being replaced.

compression shirts trends

This sportswear is trending and probably will for years to come. You can cash in on the sportswear industry with a custom compression sportswear dropshipping store.

5. Tea Strainers

tea strainers

Tea is an evergreen niche just like coffee and tea drinkers are always in need of all types of teaware.

Tea strainers are always in demand whether replacing a teapot strainer or needing an individual strainer for work or home.

There are all types of tea strainers in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

tea strainer trends

The tea strainer trend is strong and would make for an awesome custom dropshipping store in this particular niche.

Wrapping it Up

I hope the five niches I highlighted in this post have helped you to begin brainstorming about some other niches to create a custom dropship store in.

The good news is that you can have your store preloaded with products from AliExpress as well as customized to your specifications without recurring monthly fees.

Check out AliDropship’s various custom dropship store packages.

Each package is only a one-time fee and you retain 100% ownership of your store.

It is a huge time-saver for anyone that doesn’t want to spend a lot of time setting up their store on their own.

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