How To Sell AliExpress Products On My Website

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The AliExpress website carries millions of products, a majority of which are sold at wholesale pricing. It isn’t difficult to figure out that reselling these items at double or even triple the markup price will result in good profits for you.

If you want to sell AliExpress products on your own website, you’ll need shopping cart software. In particular, dropshipping software. Dropshipping is one of the best ways to sell AliExpress products.

You won’t need to buy any inventory upfront, nor will you have to deal with any shipping or handling. Let’s jump into how to get started.

Why The Dropship Model?

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Unlike a typical eCommerce business, dropshipping does not require you to buy all of your inventory at one time. That means you save a ton of money up front.

You do not have to worry about storing inventory or paying any storage fees. All of the product is carried by dropshipping suppliers.

The suppliers will ship the items that are ordered from your online store directly to your customers. Here is how it works:

  • You place the items the dropshipping supplier is selling into your store.
  • A customer places an order on your store.
  • You buy that product from your dropshipping supplier.
  • You input the customer’s shipping address during checkout.
  • The dropshipping supplier ships the item to your customer.
  • You make a profit! (The difference in price between what you charged the customer and what the dropshipping supplier charged you.)

Of course, you can automate this entire process with the right dropshipping software. AliDropship is the ideal dropshipping software as it works directly with AliExpress.

AliDropship is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that transforms any WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

Why AliExpress Works Well as a Dropshipping Resource

There are many dropshipping suppliers available to choose from. Many of them may have their own requirements and possible fees.

Some dropshipping suppliers may charge monthly fees or charge a fee per item that is dropshipped. Some suppliers may not offer actual wholesale pricing. They may only offer a discount.

When sourcing from AliExpress, you do not have to worry about any requirements or fees. They do not have limits on the number of items that you can sell.

They also do not limit your profit margins. You can markup items for as much as you want. The merchants on AliExpress are accustomed to working with dropshipping store owners.

It is a rarity that they ship any marketing information in their packaging. You can always request that they don’t when placing orders.

What To Know About AliExpress

AliExpress is a part of the AliBaba group. They are a large online retailer made up of merchants primarily based in China.

There are merchants located in other areas of the world to include the United States. You can choose to search for merchants based in the U.S.

However, there is no need to worry about long shipping times from China. Thanks to ePacket shipping, items ship faster from China to the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Longer shipping times will not hurt sales.

Here are some other benefits of sourcing products from AliExpress:

  • 200,000 exporters
  • Some suppliers ship from the U.S.
  • Over 100 million items
  • No entry or participation fees
  • No limits on your profit margins
  • No limits on the amount of products you sell
  • Works with individuals and registered companies
  • Free shipping on most items
  • Ships to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Online shipping tracking
  • Wide range of shipping methods
  • Buyer protection system with full money back guarantee

How To Sell AliExpress Products – Open Your Own Dropshipping Business

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One of the best ways to sell AliExpress products on your own website is to build your dropshipping store using WordPress.

WordPress is free to use so you will not have any recurring software fees to use it. It also enables you to keep 100% ownership of your store because you are not hosting your store on a third-party shopping cart service.

Don’t confuse with The dot com version charges a monthly fee. The dot org version is the free software that you can download and install on your own web hosting account.

If all of that sounds completely foreign to you, don’t worry. You do not have to deal with any of it.

AliDropship offers a custom dropshipping store service. They will build your store for you from the ground up.

If you are already a WordPress user and prefer to build your store yourself, you can do so by using the AliDropship Plugin.

The AliDropship software will automate all of the necessary functions of your store such as automated order fulfillment and automated tracking ID.

Here are some other benefits of this dropshipping software:

  • Affordable price with no limitations
  • Fully compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Easy product search and instant upload
  • Live stats and auto updating
  • Built-in themes optimized for high conversions
  • Free lifelong support and updates

How To Make Sales With Your Store

No business will be profitable if no one knows about it. The same goes for a dropshipping store. The one benefit about promoting your store is that you can target your exact audience.

For example, if you opened a store selling baby clothes, you could target your paid advertising to parents.

Many dropshipping store owners have found great success using paid ads on Facebook and Google Shopping.

However, you can also advertise on Pinterest and Instagram as well. I recommend reading the marketing tips section of the AliDropship blog.

They provide tons of free and actionable content to make sales with your dropshipping business.

My Closing Thoughts On Selling AliExpress Products On Your Own Website

When it comes to starting an online business, dropshipping is one of the lowest-cost and lowest-risk online business models there is.

You can open your own store using the WordPress CMS. If you build your store yourself, you can do so for well under $150. Order a custom store and you can get started for $299.

What other eCommerce business lets you start for so little? When choosing dropshipping software, I use and recommend AliDropship.

It is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that has no recurring software fees and offers free lifelong updates and customer support.

If you want a store that has everything included (to include ready ads for Facebook and Instagram), check out the Supreme Custom Store Package.