SellerBot Automated Dropship Website vs AliDropship Plugin

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Dropshipping is a great online business to start because it is low-cost and low-risk compared to many other types of internet businesses.

I own and use the AliDropship plugin. When I came across SellerBot, I wanted to know more about it.

In this post, I will make a comparison between the SellerBot automated dropship website vs the AliDropship Plugin.

A Quick Overview of Dropshipping

I will provide a brief overview of how dropshipping works for anyone that is still doing a bit of research about it.

When you become a dropshipper, you place products from your dropshipping suppliers into your eCommerce store.

Each time a customer buys a product, you then buy the product from your supplier and pass along your customer’s shipping information.

Your supplier then ships the item directly to your customer. The difference in price between what you charged your customer and what your supplier charged you is your profit.

Here is a graphic representation of how it works:

the dropshipping model

What is the Difference Between SellerBot and AliDropship?

automated dropship website

SellerBot and AliDropship are both pieces of software that help to automate much of the functionality of a dropshipping store.

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that sources its products from It transforms your WordPress installation into a fully functioning dropshipping store.

If you are familiar with using WordPress, installing AliDropship is extremely easy.

If you are not familiar with WordPress or you rather not deal with store set-up you can order a turnkey custom dropshipping store built by the AliDropship Team.

When you order a SellerBot dropshipping store, they will create your store for you—similar to AliDropship’s custom store creation.

Both SellerBot and AliDropship automate many of the tasks of your store such as inventory and pricing updates.

In terms of features, I think AliDropship’s features outweigh SellerBot’s.

For example, AliDropship also automates order fulfillment and shipment tracking. Those are features that were not listed on SellerBot’s website.

Who are Their Suppliers?

As mentioned above, AliDropship sources products exclusively from AliExpress. SellerBot on the other hand sources from multiple vendors such as:

SellerBot Marketplace Sites


SellerBot Single Supplier Sites


SellerBot may have the advantage in terms of product sourcing if you want more options other than just AliExpress.

However, if all of the products that you want to sell are available on AliExpress and you don’t mind having one source for products, then AliDropship is still a great option.

Many dropshippers prefer AliExpress because of these benefits:

  • 200,000 exporters
  • Free shipping on most items
  • Ships to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Online shipping tracking
  • Wide range of shipping methods
  • Buyer protection system with full money back guarantee

The free shipping available on many items is a huge plus because you can pass that on to your customers. Who doesn’t love free shipping?

Admin Area, Themes, and More

It seems that both services make it extremely easy for anyone to manage their stores. However, I feel that AliDropship’s admin interface is more aesthetically pleasing.

Sellerbot’s Dashboard

sellerbot dashboard

AliDropship’s Dashboard

alidropship's dashboard

Another thing to take note of is store themes. SellerBot has more store themes than AliDropshp.

I think both have nice themes so it is a matter of preference as to which you feel looks better.

SellerBot Product Page

sellerbot product page

AliDropship Product Page

alidropship product page

Another feature thing I like about AliDropship’s store is that you can import product reviews from AliExpress which adds more credibility.

Which Option Saves the Most Money?


This is an important question for any dropshipping store owner. What sets SellerBot apart from AliDropship the most is cost.

SellerBot has a one-time set-up fee ($30) plus a recurring monthly fee ($69 per month) = $828 per year.

AliDropship has a one-time fee of $89 + (optional $48 web hosting) = $137.

That is a HUGE price difference. One of the reasons I bought AliDropship is because it has no recurring monthly fees to use it.

Even if you order a custom store from AliDropship, it is still a one-time fee. No ongoing monthly payments are required.

What About Store Ownership?

This is another very important factor to consider. When you buy an AliDropship store, you retain 100% ownership of your store.

That means you can modify it any way that you want, you can sell it, give it away, whatever you want, it is yours.

However, when you use a third-party service such as SellerBot, there is no gaurantee that you keep 100% ownership of your store since you are essentially leasing their software each month.

There is nowhere on the website that I found anything stating that you can keep your store. If you are leaning towards SellerBot, that is a question you may want to ask before buying.

My Final Opinion of Both Dropshipping Platforms


From a pricing standpoint, AliDropship is the clear winner for me. Not having any recurring monthly payments means that you can put that savings towards marketing your store.

SellerBot’s advantage over AliDropship seems to be the amount of suppliers that you can add to your store.

Many people prefer to have a larger selection of dropshipping suppliers. Although AliDropship sources exclusively from AliExpress, I feel that there are enough products in that marketplace to do the job.

I also feel that retaining 100% ownership of your store is essential. You always retain complete ownership of your AliDropship store.

I’m not sure if that is the case with SellerBot as they likely use their own software to build their stores.

Either eCommerce platform that you choose should be easy to use. I think it will come down to price and store ownership for many people.

Which dropshipping store are you considering using? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

Click here to visit the AliDropship website

Click here to visit the SellerBot website