Can You Dropship Survival Supplies and Make Money?

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The survivalist and preppers niche is a lucrative niche to get into. There is a wide variety of products that you can sell. It makes sense to dropship survival supplies to meet the demand of this market.

The products in this niche are not only for survivalists and preppers but for campers, RV owners, even homeowners.

There are many people that have an interest in preparing for disaster situations. Therefore, the products that you sell will be of interest to many people outside of your niche.

I will explain the benefits of dropshipping, an easy way to source your products, and a fast and cost-efficient way to open your own store.

Why Dropship Survival Supplies?

There are so many survival products that you can sell, it would cost thousands of dollars to invest in your inventory upfront.

That is how it works in a typical eCommerce business. You would need to locate wholesale suppliers and buy products in bulk.

The costs of starting up a typical eCommerce store are often the biggest stumbling block for those that want to start an online business.

You invest money into products that may or may not sell. It ties up your cash. Not to mention the cost of having to store these products, buying shipping supplies, and the time it takes to ship items.

Thanks to the dropshipping model, there is no need to buy any inventory until the customer orders it from your store.

Unlike having to buy products in bulk, storing, and shipping them, you locate dropshipping suppliers that carry the items that you want to sell.

You can then sell the same items in your own store. When a customer orders an item from your store, that is when you buy the item from your dropshipping supplier.

During the checkout process, you input your customer’s shipping information. The dropshipping supplier then ships the item directly to your customer for you.

Whatever is left over after paying for the item and what you the customer paid you is your profit.

dropshipping model

The flowchart above demonstrates how the dropshipping model works. Of course, you will need shopping cart software to automate the process.

I will explain how to open your own store below using the same software that I use in my own store.

Next, we’ll dive into how to source the products for your survival supplies store.

Sourcing Your Survival Supplies

There are various ways to find dropshipping suppliers for your store. You could do a manual search. However, it is a time-consuming process.

One option is to use a wholesale/dropshipping supplier directory. You’ll want to keep in mind that it isn’t as easy to automate your store when finding suppliers this way.

Another option is to source your products using This is a popular sourcing option for dropshippers because it is hassle-free to start.

They do not have any requirements or fees. AliExpress is made up of merchants primarily based in China as well as other locations to include the United States.

They carry millions of products at wholesale pricing. Although many of the merchants are based in China, ePacket shipping speeds up the shipping time from China to the U.S.

Other nice benefits of sourcing products from AliExpress include:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Start selling right away
  • No limits on the number of items you can sell
  • They do not limit your profit margins
  • Millions of products
  • Wholesale pricing
  • No monthly fees or dropshipping fees
  • Product tracking IDs
  • Buyer protection guarantee

Types of Products You Can Sell From AliExpress

There are all types of survival gear that you can carry in your store. Here are some to get you started.

Emergency Tourniquet Strap

This is a great first-aid type item to carry in your store. This emergency tourniquet blocks blood flow in both the upper limbs and lower extremities.

Fire Starter

This is a waterproof and windproof fire starter. A definite must-have for a survivalist or campers.

Mini Water Purifier

Having a way to filter water is so important in a survival situation. This mini water purifier filters up to 2000 liters of natural freshwater without using any chemicals. A high converting item for sure.

Other items that you can carry include:

  • emergency glass breakers
  • first-aid kits
  • emergency blankets
  • flashlights
  • hand-crank radios
  • tents
  • wire saws
  • compasses
  • tools (screwdrivers, shovels, etc.)

Getting Your Survival Supply Store Up and Running

If you want to source your products from AliExpress, opening your own dropshipping store with all of the key features automated is easy.

I chose to use the AliDropship software to open my store. AliDropship is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

I wanted a WordPress dropshipping solution so that I wouldn’t have to pay any monthly software fees. I also wanted to keep full ownership of my store.

That is not the case when using another eCommerce platform that has the authority to close accounts.

I bought and installed the AliDropship plugin myself. However, if you want to save time and don’t want to fuss with any of the technical set-up, I recommend ordering a custom dropshipping store from AliDropship.

andy warhol theme
Example AliDropship store

Ordering a custom store not only saves time, but you will also have the peace of mind that your store will be built by professionals.

No matter which custom store package that you choose, you will be assigned a personal manager who will handle every detail of your store’s buildout.

custom store packages
Each package includes your own personal manager.

They will be in touch with you through the entire process and you have the ability to reach out with questions or suggestions as well.

What is great about the AliDropship plugin is all of the features that are included.

All of the key features are automated such as automated order processing, auto pricing and inventory updates, as well as auto-tracking IDs sent to your customers.

You also get free lifelong updates and customer support.

There is also a special Supreme Store Package that includes more promotional features. They even include ready-ads for Facebook and Instagram as well as guidance for setting up your paid ads.

Promoting Your Survival Supply Business

A big part of being a dropshipping store owner is marketing your business. Without regular promotion, no business will make any sales.

You should take advantage of both free and paid methods of advertising. Free methods include social media platforms.

You’ll want to create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for your store. If you order a custom store, those pages can be created for you depending on the package that you choose.

I also recommend installing the Social Rabbit plugin as it automates all of your social media posting for you. It is a huge time-saver.

You can watch my video review below on how it works:

Many online business owners have great success using Facebook ads. There is a learning curve to using paid ads, particularly Facebook ads.

I recommend learning all that you can before jumping into it. It is quite easy to spend a lot of money without a return on your investment.

The more knowledge you have about setting up your ads properly, the greater your success. Here is a free webinar that you can view that highlights how to achieve success using Facebook advertising.

My Closing Thoughts On How to Dropship Survival Supplies

The survival niche is a great niche to consider for a dropshipping business. If you have a genuine interest in this niche, even better.

You can boost sales by creating a YouTube channel and highlighting the products that you carry. Demonstrating how the products work in this niche is a sure way to increase conversions.

Running a dropshipping business requires hard work but it is made easier when using awesome dropshipping software.

Remember that the bulk of your job will be promoting your store and providing excellent customer service.

You can get started off on the right foot with a custom-built dropshipping store.