WooCommerce VS AliDropship for Building a Dropshipping Store

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Both WooCommerce and AliDropship are excellent options for opening a dropshipping business using the WordPress platform. However, you may be surprised to know that while you can use them separately, they can work together just as well.

I’ll explain the benefits of using either of these options as well as the powerful combination they make together. You can have your dropshipping store up today for very little cost and with no recurring monthly software fees.

How to Dropship Using WooCommerce

The great thing about WooCommerce is that it is quite a popular and widely used WordPress eCommerce solution.

It is also free to use which saves you a ton of money. You can sell physical goods, digital items, and you can open a dropshipping business as well.

WooCommerce is not a dropshipping store by default. You will need to install a dropshipping plugin or use another type of paid software.

There are a few options available and they all differ in what they offer. I have written about some of these options for WooCommerce to include WooDropship, Ali2Woo, Ezusy, and Dropified.

However, AliDropship WOO (the WooCommerce compatible version of AliDropship) has been my recommended option in terms of a WordPress WooCommerce solution.

You can read each of my various reviews using the links above but for the most part, the reason why AliDropship is my ideal choice is that:

  • There are no limitations (unlimited product imports, unlimited automatic order fulfillment)
  • There are no recurring monthly fees to use it
  • You retain 100% ownership of your store
  • It comes with lifelong software updates and customer support
  • They offer a TON of free information for how to market your store on the AliDropship Blog

How to Create a Free Dropshipping Store with WooCommerce

Another great option for dropshipping with WooCommerce is by creating a free dropshipping store using a plugin called DropshipMe.

What is great about this option is that you do not need to spend any money on any software up front. Your only costs would be registering a domain name and ordering web hosting.

The DropshipMe plugin enables you to import the best products from AliExpress.com into your WooCommerce store.

Over 50,000 products were manually selected to make product sourcing fast, easy, and convenient. The plugin is extremely easy to use and works with both WooCommerce and AliDropship.

One Thing to Understand About Using WooCommerce and DropshipMe

You can import 50 products into your store for free. If you want to import more products, you have the option to upgrade the plugin for a one-time fee.

Also, DropshipMe does not automate any of the necessary functions of your store. For example, when you receive orders, you will have to process each of them yourself.

You’d also have to manually send tracking information to your customers yourself. That is when the AliDropship plugin comes into play.

You can install AliDropship WOO and it will automate order processing and tracking details for you.

How Does AliDropship Work for Dropshipping?

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The AliDropship plugin is powerful dropshipping software that works with WordPress alone and has a WooCommerce compatible version.

The plugin creates a full-featured dropshipping store for you that lets you import an unlimited number of products from AliExpress.

It has many automated features, customization, marketing, and management features to include:


  • Search and import an unlimited amount of products
  • Auto updates product information
  • Pricing automation
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • ePacket shipping filter
  • Auto order tracking


  • Built-in themes
  • Product customization
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Product variations
  • WooCommerce support
  • Built-In Image Editor


  • Discount coupons
  • Product reviews
  • SEO product tags
  • Abandoned cart
  • Email lists


  • Live statistics
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Inventory management
  • All-in-One dashboard
  • Cash-back system
  • Free lifelong updates and support

The benefits of using AliDropship is that you don’t incur any monthly software fees, you have no limitations, and you always retain complete ownership of your store.

Besides that, the company is super supportive. You get lifelong software updates and customer support.

Why Use the Original AliDropship Plugin VS AliDropship Woo?

If using WooCommerce isn’t mandatory for you, then the original AliDropship is perfectly fine to use with WordPress.

You still get all of the benefits and key features. However, if you prefer using WooCommerce, AliDropship WOO is the ideal option for automating your store.

Another plus of using the WooCommerce version is that the plugin works with any WooCommerce store theme.

WooCommerce VS AliDropship – Using WooCommerce and AliDropship Together

The nice thing about both of these plugins is that you can use them together to create a full-featured dropshipping business.

AliDropship automates your WooCommerce store so that you can run your business efficiently.

You won’t have to worry about updating your product inventory or pricing as the plugin automates that information.

Adding, editing, and removing products is extremely easy to do. You can also import real user reviews directly from AliExpress which gives your product pages a more professional look.

A Custom Store – Save Time and Start Selling Faster

Although these plugins make it really easy for you to build your dropshipping store yourself, you can outsource the building of your store to the AliDropship team.

AliDropship also has a turnkey custom dropshipping store creation service. They offer three packages and each package includes your own personal manager who will handle all of the details.

Each custom store package comes includes niche market research, keyword research, competition analysis, domain registration, product importing, on-site SEO, social media page creation, and more.

The ultimate custom store package also includes a promo video their social media promo tool.

In Conclusion

Dropshipping is definitely one of the online business models worth looking into. The benefits of dropshipping include:

  • Low expenses
  • High margins
  • No risks
  • No warehousing
  • No geographical limits

When it comes to opening your own dropshipping business, you really can’t lose with either of these plugins.

I do feel that using them together would help your store run efficiently and make managing it easier as many functions are automated.

To recap:

  • WooCommerce and AliDropship can be used separately or together
  • AliDropship has a WooCommerce compatible version
  • You can create a free dropshipping store with the DropShipMe plugin and WooCommerce
  • AliDropship automates the necessary functions of your store
  • You can outsource your store’s buildout with a turnkey custom dropshipping store built by the AliDropship team

Learn more about the AliDropship plugin and custom store service here or learn more about the DropshipMe plugin for sourcing the best products.


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