I Don’t Want to Work in Customer Service Anymore

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I was a web developer for many years. After a job layoff, I decided to take on a retail job as I was tired of working in a cubicle. It wasn’t long before I said I don’t want to work in customer service anymore.

Customer service is a challenging job to be in. Whether you are cashiering, talking on the phone all day, or some other form of dealing with customers, it is draining.

I was able to escape a retail job by creating an online business. The business model I chose is affiliate marketing. I will share with you how affiliate marketing works.

It is something that anyone can do. If you are willing to pick up some new skills and devote the time required to grow your business, you can work your way out of customer service for good.

What Makes Customer Service Difficult?

There are several things that convinced me that customer service jobs are some of the worst jobs to have.

Not all customers are difficult to deal with but you will have those that feel entitled and will have major attitude when they don’t get their way.

It is unfortunate that some people look down on people in customer service jobs or simply have very little regard for them.

Besides the sometimes challenging customers, you also have to be available seven days a week and holidays. Customer service jobs don’t often have set schedules.

You almost always have to work the weekend or at least one day on the weekend. Sometimes you have to work in various shifts and your schedule is often all over the place.

When I worked in retail, my schedule was all over the place. Some days I opened, others I closed, and then I worked mid-shift on others.

My days off weren’t back-to-back and I always worked on the weekends. Not only that, most customer service jobs have no advancement opportunities.

Chances are your hourly pay is not enough either so there really isn’t anything to look forward to and no incentives to work towards.

My Affiliate Marketing Escape Plan

Fortunately, I started an online business at the same time that I started the retail job. I knew that affiliate marketing was the path I wanted to take.

I wanted to create a niche website (blog) and earn income by promoting affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of another company’s products and/or services in exchange for a commission when a sale is made.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

There are several benefits to affiliate marketing and the ones listed here are what attracted me to it.

  • Low-cost business
  • Millions of products to promote
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • There are no products to buy or store
  • No shipping & handling
  • You don’t deal with customer service issues
  • Work from anywhere with a WiFi connection

There are millions of products that have affiliate programs that you can promote. Affiliate programs are free to join.

Some affiliate programs have an approval process but most will approve you without any issue.

The easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing is by creating a niche blog.

A niche blog is a website that focuses on one topic (niche). You can choose any niche that you want.

Tired of customer service? Learn how I make a living online.

Types of Niches

There are all types of niches to choose from. I always recommend choosing a niche that you have a strong interest in.

The reason is that you’ll be creating a lot of content on your blog for this niche. The big three popular niches are health, wealth, and relationships.

If you can find a subniche under these three niches that you like, you are well on your way.

No matter what niche you choose, there will be affiliate products that you can promote that are related to it.

Some niches to help you brainstorm can include:

  • Personal finance (improving credit score, life after bankruptcy, etc.)
  • Health & wellness (losing weight after 40, holistic health)
  • Relationships (dating advice, maintaining a healthy marriage)

There are TONS more! The website NerdFitness combines being a nerd and getting fit:

nerd fitness home page

Maintaining a niche blog is not only a business but it is fun as well. This is especially true if you choose a niche that you enjoy.

You don’t have to be an expert in the niche that you choose. As long as you have a desire to learn all that you can about the niche, you can create helpful content for your readers.

How to Get Started

You don’t need much at all to get started with affiliate marketing. It is one of the lowest-cost online business models you can do.

All that you need are:

  • Your niche (what you want your blog to be about)
  • A domain name ($13 a year)
  • Web hosting ($2.95 a month and up)
  • WordPress CMS (Free!)

You can register a domain name and get WordPress with most commercial web hosting providers. A2Hosting will install WordPress on your account with any of their WordPress hosting plans.

Content Creation

The content that you create is the key to obtaining regular web traffic. It is also the way that you are able to promote affiliate products.

Think of each piece of content that you create as individual salespeople. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, attracting visitors and selling products.

Your content should focus on helping the people in your niche. What are some of their concerns? Create awesome content that addresses the issues and concerns of your niche.

google instant results

You can utilize keyword tools to help you figure out what content your audience is looking for. I use Google’s instant search (as pictured above) and the Jaaxy keyword tool.

I recommend creating at least 1 to 2 new blog posts per week. The key is being consistent. You shouldn’t post one day and not again for three weeks.

You can’t grow an online business by being inconsistent. The biggest mistake I see people make is starting and then giving up before their website has a chance.

If I had given up, I wouldn’t have been able to quit my retail job and work full-time for myself.

I Don’t Want To Work in Customer Service Anymore – My Closing Thoughts

Can you imagine yourself transitioning out of customer service for good? It is possible if you are willing to learn another method of generating income.

By pursuing affiliate marketing, you can create a part-time income and work fewer hours in customer service or you can work hard on your business and develop a full-time income.

The sky really is the limit with your own online business. Creating and maintaining a niche blog isn’t easy for beginners. However, it is made easy when following a step-by-step training course like I did.