I Don’t Want to Teach Anymore – What Else Can I Do?

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I understand that teaching can be a rewarding experience. I taught web developing for a short time at a technical college. However, there are some teachers that think, “I don’t want to teach anymore what else can I do?”

Many people do not understand what some teachers go through. There is the low pay, the stress of students, the stress of parents, and overall work issues.

If you don’t want to teach anymore, I can offer one solution in the form of an online business. This online business will take time to grow so it is not recommended to up and quit your job.

The good news is that you can run your online business in your spare time. You can grow it to create part-time income or you can invest more time and effort to create a full-time income.

The Challenges of Teaching

When I taught web developing it had its rewarding times as well as its unrewarding times.

The rewarding times, of course, were when I could help students one-on-one. Actually witnessing a student understand the new things they are learning is an awesome experience.

The tough times were dealing with the challenging students. What I mean by challenging is being a challenge to teach.

For example, I had one student that didn’t want to be there. She came to class sporadically only because her parents were forcing her to attend.

After a while, I did quit that teaching position. I seemed to spend the bulk of my time preparing lessons on my off time.

It got to the point where I seemed to put in many more hours than I was being compensated for.

I’m sure that teaching in other environments is a bit different than what I experienced.

However, no matter what your reasoning for not wanting to teach anymore, I have an alternative solution that you may consider.

Affiliate Marketing – The Ideal Online Business

I fell into affiliate marketing many years ago on a job interview. The place I interviewed for was founded by someone who made his money selling an eBook teaching people about affiliate marketing.

The owner was a multi-millionaire and while I didn’t get the job, I got something so much better.

I was exposed to the affiliate marketing industry. I did tons of research but I didn’t take it seriously until a job layoff.

It was then that I found an online training course, started my website, and worked my way out of a physically demanding retail job.

First, let’s define what affiliate marketing is:

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of another company’s products and/or services in exchange for a commission when a sale is made.

To put it in simpler terms, you recommend products that may help people solve their issues.

For example, below is a screen capture of a niche affiliate website called Canine Journal.

canine journal home page

The niche is obviously in the dog niche. The website owner does an excellent job of creating helpful content for dog owners.

One of the affiliate programs the owner is a part of is the Amazon.com affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

Within the content, the author adds in various affiliate links. These affiliate links track user clicks.

When a visitor clicks on the affiliate links and buy the product on Amazon’s website, the owner of the website makes a commission:

example affiliate links

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Now that you understand how affiliate marketing works, I want to point out some awesome benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer.

You Don’t Need Your Own Products

Unlike a typical eCommerce business, you do not need your own product to begin selling. There are millions of products that have affiliate programs.

You can promote physical products, digital products, and services. Many major companies run affiliate programs such as Nike, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Vitamix, Tony Robbins, and many more.

There is No Shipping & Handling

Since you are referring customers directly to the merchant’s websites, they handle all of the payments and shipping.

Your job is done after a visitor clicks on your affiliate links. Some visitors to your website will become buyers and others will not.

Regardless, those affiliate commissions can add up quickly!

You Do Not Deal with Customer Service

One of my favorite benefits of affiliate marketing is that I don’t have to deal with any customer service.

You do not have to worry about customer refunds, complaints, or anything else. The merchants handle all customer service issues.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Your earnings are based on how hard you are willing to work. The more time you dedicate to your own business, the more potential you have of making more sales.

Time-Freedom and Lifestyle Freedom

Since affiliate marketing is an online business, you can grow it into a full-time business. This will provide you with time-freedom and lifestyle freedom.

That means you can create your own schedule and work from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

What Affiliate Marketing is NOT

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not a fast way to make money.

You have to put in the work just like any other business. Therefore, I do not recommend quitting a job to start affiliate marketing.

It may take several months before you make your first sale. Everyone is different and everyone earns at a different pace.

What I can say is that if you implement what you learn and stay consistent, there is no reason why you cannot achieve success.

When I got started, I changed my mindset. I told myself that I wouldn’t quit no matter how long it would take.

I worked a retail job and fifteen months after starting it, I was able to transition into working for myself.

Keep in mind that I worked on my niche website in every free moment that I had.

How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

You can get started in affiliate marketing for under $30 in most cases. The only things you need to get started is a niche, a domain name, web hosting, and a WordPress website.

A domain name is about $13 per year, web hosting is around $9.95 per month (sometimes less) and WordPress is free.

Choosing a Niche

A niche is a group of people talking about the same thing. There are millions of niches to choose from.

I recommend choosing a niche that you have a genuine interest in. When you like your niche, you’ll have more fun creating content for your website.

An easy way to choose a niche is to fill in the blank: “I want to help people _________”. Whatever you place in that blank is likely the niche for you.

Otherwise, you can choose a subniche under the big three niches: health, wealth, and relationships.

Here are some examples:

  • Health – Losing weight using the keto diet
  • Wealth – Learning how to save money and invest in stocks
  • Relationships – Dating advice for people over 40 years old

Registering a Domain Name

Next, you will need to buy a domain for your website. I try to choose a domain name with my niche in the name.

I also choose the .com extension and if it isn’t available, I choose another name or use .org, .net, or sometimes even the new extensions like .fun.

A dot com name is my first choice. I buy my domain names from NameCheap but you can use any domain registrar you like.

Get Web Hosting and WordPress

You can get web hosting and WordPress together. Most commercial web hosting providers offer 1-click WordPress installation.

A2Hosting will install WordPress for you when you choose any of their WordPress hosting plans.

My Closing Thoughts On I Don’t Want to Teach Anymore

Whether you want to get out of teaching to change careers or are seeking a way to earn extra money, starting an affiliate website is an ideal option.

It will take time to learn some new skills and time to grow your website, but once you begin earning income online, you will be motivated to keep going.

I followed a step-by-step affiliate training program which helped me to create a consistent income online.

I use the same training platform to help others one-on-one to start and grow their own affiliate websites.

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