How to Quit a Retail Job and Work for Yourself in 24 Months or Less

I worked a retail job after being laid off as a web designer. I purposely chose retail with a goal to quit after a year to work for myself and I did.

Working retail sucks. It will suck the life out of you and make you question your life choices. I’ll show you exactly what I did to leave retail behind for good and work for myself.

I did it without having my own product, without needing clients, and without resorting to MLM/Network marketing.

Why I Purposely Chose a Retail Job

how to quit a retail job

I worked for web agencies for a total of eight years combined. The last web job I had involved building WordPress websites for attorneys.

That was the job that laid off the entire web team after being sold to a huge corporation.

It was a stressful period of my life but it is what I needed to happen to push me to do what I really loved.

I did land another web job right after being laid off but I was already burned out and was beyond tired of working in a cubicle.

That job involved building WordPress websites for plastic surgeons. It was a less than pleasant experience and deep in my soul, I knew I had to leave.

After an unprofessional move on their part, I quit. From that point on, I decided that I no longer wanted another web job or anything else that involved a cubicle.

At this point, I knew it was time for me to take what I truly wanted to do seriously. What I always wanted to do was to have my own online business.

Since I no longer wanted to work in a cubicle and I wanted to work on my online business, I wanted a low-stress job.

I figured retail would be the type of job that offered flexible hours and little stress. It did for the most part but it was also annoying and physically demanding.

Putting My Plan Into Place – Escaping My 9-to-5

planning my escape

After I got my retail job, it was time to set my plan into motion. I quit my new retail job before I even started it. What? How?

I told myself that my new job was temporary and also a transitional job. Rather than transitioning to another job, I would transition to working in my online business full-time.

It was a stressful year full of personal issues, financial issues, and the pure exhaustion of working day and night.

The one year mark was approaching and my online business was not making much of anything. I then made the mental adjustment that I’d have to keep going at least another year.

However, a few months after my one-year anniversary at my job, my business began earning income.

Right around this time I also developed tendinitis in my hands which forced me to quit anyway. Thankfully, my business began earning enough for me to transition into working for myself.

I was able to quit my retail job after one year and five months of starting it.

My Steps for How to Quit a Retail Job

lifestyle freedom

Before I outline my steps, I want to give you some brief background on why I chose the online business I have.

Years ago while working for a web agency, I went on a job interview for a web developer position.

I did my research on the company beforehand the way I did for all of my job interviews.

I discovered that the founder made his income from selling an ebook which taught people how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

While I didn’t get the job, I did become curious as to what affiliate marketing was. When I learned more about it, I knew I wanted to become an affiliate marketer!

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting another company’s products using a trackable link. When someone clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale (a commission).

Here is a flowchart of how affiliate marketing works:

affiliate marketing flowchart

Are you still wondering why I chose this online business model? Here are some of my favorite reasons why I am an affiliate:

  • You don’t need your own product
  • No clients
  • No customer service
  • No shipping and handling
  • No team building (not an MLM/Network Marketing company)
  • Work from anywhere (location freedom)
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Low start-up costs (start for $100 or much less)

Best of all, you are still helping people and having fun in the process. So now that you know why I enjoy affiliate marketing, I’ll explain how I do it.

To start off, you’ll need three things:

  1. A topic (your niche)
  2. A WordPress website
  3. Training

I’ll teach you how to get these things as well as we go along. One thing you will need before anything else is the right mindset.

You have to go into this knowing that it will take time—at least 12 months, possibly 24 months.

If you are already feeling as if that is too long, ask yourself how many years you have devoted to your employers?

12 to 24 months is nothing in comparison to how many years we have spent working for other people.

When I decided to take affiliate marketing seriously, I knew I needed a blueprint to follow. I needed some education on how to do it properly so I wouldn’t waste more years doing it wrong.

Step 1: Choose a Niche

This involves figuring out what you enjoy most. A niche can be anything that you have a genuine interest in.

The reason why it helps to have a genuine interest in your niche is that you will be creating content for your website on a regular basis.

Your content should be helpful to your readers. The move value that you can provide, the higher your articles may rank in the search engines.

As you articles rank highly, the more free web traffic you’ll receive which means more money you can make online.

Step 2: A WordPress Website

You can get your WordPress website auto-installed for you and a free domain name with any optimized WordPress hosting plan from

Your Turn

internet marketing

There were absolutely times that I became frustrated and felt like it was hopeless. I was impatient which didn’t make the process easier.

However, I wasn’t going to give up. With each piece of content that I wrote, I knew it was bringing me closer to my dream.

I knew that it would take at least 12 months but I was prepared for the long haul. You have to be prepared as well.

Let having to go to your retail job every day be the fuel you need to pursue your goal. I used it as fire to work twice as hard on my business and it paid off.

There is no guarantee that you will earn enough online to quit your job. That is because it is based on you applying what you’ve learned on a consistent basis.

You only get out of your online business what you put into it. Treat it like a hobby and you’ll make hobby money.

However, with determination, the right training, and consistent effort, your chances of succeeding increase greatly.

Are you ready to make a change? Leave your feedback in the comments below. I wish you much success in your future endeavors!

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