I Don’t Want to Work in Retail Anymore – How I Escaped

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Retail work is some of the most soul-sucking work anyone can do. After a job layoff, I got a full-time retail job to make ends meet. I was ready to call it quits after 6 months.

However, I also started up my online business at the same time and rather than jump from one lousy job to another, I stuck it out until I could transition into working for myself.

If you are sick of working retail jobs or want to get out of retail management and want to transition into a career that provides both time and location freedom, then keep reading. I’ll share what I did to leave a retail job and work for myself.

I Want to Quit My Retail Job – I Don’t Blame You!

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The retail job that I took after my job layoff was in clothing. Not just any clothing, but thrift store clothing and other second-hand items.

I was a regular customer of this place before I got the job so I figured it would mellow and that I’d actually have fun. Little did I know what it took to run that store.

It was one of the most physically demanding jobs I have ever had. I went from sitting in a cubicle all day to being on my feet for 8 hours with two 10 minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break.

My feet would throb in the mornings stepping out of bed and I eventually developed tendinitis in my hands.

Not to mention the a-hole customers that would come in. Not all customers were jerks but the ones that were made me realize that retail brings out the very worst in people.

I’ve had customers mouth off at me, steal, complain, act crazy, ignore me, and the list goes on. I’m sure you can relate.

Fortunately, I was determined to be my own boss. I started my online business at the same time I took that job.

With hard work and consistent effort, I quit that retail job fifteen months after starting it.

That being said, YOU CAN get out of retail and YOU CAN work for yourself. It’s not impossible and people do it every day.

This blog that you’re reading is about starting a business online and leaving the rat race behind. Therefore, I’m going to share two options with you that are both low-cost and easy to start.

I do want to point out that no business is guaranteed to have success. It is dependant on various factors which primarily includes your own hard work and effort.

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Option 1: I Don’t Want to Work in Retail Anymore – Start a Niche Blog Like This One

This is the strategy that I took to transition out of retail and to work for myself. It is something I wanted to do for years but I didn’t pursue it seriously until I was laid off.

What is a Niche Blog?

Believe it or not, there are many people that earn enough income with their blogs to work for themselves full-time.

Mommy bloggers, personal finance bloggers, health & fitness bloggers—almost any niche you can think of, there is a blogger that earns income with their blog.

A niche blog is a blog that focuses on one specific topic. Here are some niches I’ve come across while browsing niche blogs:

  • Personal finance (saving money, investing)
  • Mommy blogs (raising a family)
  • Dieting (weight loss)
  • Men’s grooming
  • Podcasting (how-to)
  • Building muscle

Choosing a niche isn’t difficult. I recommend filling in the blank below:

I want to help people _______________.

This is a simple but effective method for choosing a niche. Serving your niche with genuinely helpful blog content is how you will earn income.

Serve your niche well and it will result in income from product sales, display ads, or whatever you are promoting.

What Do You Need to Start a Blog?

Starting a niche blog is one of the lowest-cost online businesses you can start.

It doesn’t require anything besides deciding on your niche, registering a domain name, and obtaining web hosting.

I use and recommend a self-hosted WordPress website for your blog. Avoid free website services as they are limiting and charge a monthly fee to upgrade for certain features.

One of the easiest ways to get your own WordPress blog is through a hosting provider that automatically installs WordPress for you such as HostPapa.

When you choose an Optimized WordPress Hosting Plan from HostPapa, you also get a free domain and WordPress auto-installed for you. It is a great option for beginners.

How Do You Make Money with a Blog?

There are many ways to earn income with a blog. Some of the most popular include:

  • Selling affiliate products
  • Display ads
  • CPA offers
  • Selling your own products

Out of all the ways to earn income with a blog, I prefer promoting affiliate products.

This is referred to as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the promotion of another company’s products and/or services in exchange for a commission when a sale is made.

I was able to create profitable niche blogs from the lessons I learned here.

How to Create a Profitable Blog

I can’t sum it all up in a few paragraphs but once you have your own niche blog, your primary job is to serve your niche.

The way you accomplish that is by creating helpful content that addresses the questions and concerns of your niche.

I have written tons of blog posts on how to earn a consistent income with a blog. You can check them out here. I also recommend following the same course I used. It is free to become a starter member.

As you create helpful content, your blog posts will begin to rank in the search engine results.

Your target niche audience will then click over to your posts. You can recommend affiliate products and when visitors click on your affiliate links and make a purchase, you earn a commission.

In the span of a month, those commissions can really add up! That is just one example of earning income with a blog.

Affiliate marketing is my chosen method of earning an income online. It has so many benefits to include:

  • You don’t need products of your own
  • No shipping and handling involved
  • No customer service
  • Time freedom
  • Location freedom
  • Unlimited earning potential

Don’t worry if a lot of this seems over your head. Blogging is really not complicated. The best thing to do is to start and to be consistent. Click here to get a free domain name and auto-installed WordPress.

Option 2: Quit Working Retail as an Employee and Start Your Own Retail Business Online [Dropship Model]

Although I enjoy blogging and like earning income with blogs, I understand that its not the ideal option for everyone.

Some people would do well with their own retail store online. The good news is, it is no longer necessary to invest thousands of dollars to have an eCommerce business.

Thanks to the dropshipping model, you don’t have to buy any inventory to keep in stock and you don’t have to ship any products yourself.

dropship model

Dropshipping is the process of selling products in an online store. These products are provided by dropshipping suppliers.

You charge one price for the products and when a customer buys a product, you pass along payment and shipping details to the supplier.

The supplier then ships the product directly to your customer for you. This model saves you money as you don’t tie up all of your cash into products that may or may not sell.

Your profit is the difference between what you charged for the product and what the dropshipping supplier charged you.

How to Get Your Own Dropshipping Store

There are multiple eCommerce services and software that enable you to open a dropshipping store.

For the most part, many of these services charge a recurring monthly fee to use and you do not retain full ownership of your store.

To avoid all of that, I opened my own dropshipping store using WordPress and a dropshipping plugin called AliDropship. If you are familiar at all with using WordPress, installing the plugin is easy.

However, you can get set up faster by ordering an AliDropship custom dropshipping store.

Like starting a niche blog, opening a dropshipping business is low-cost. You can get started with your own store for under $200.

Wrapping Up

I hope this post has opened you up to some options for escaping retail work.

Regardless of whether you are a cashier or work in retail management, you can transition your way out of retail work by creating an online business of your own.

Do you have a retail escape story you want to share? Do so in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Work in Retail Anymore – How I Escaped

  1. Nice, you figured out in 6 months what it took me 3 years to get the courage to begin doing. I’ve been a freelance writer for a while before getting a full-time job at whole foods market, but I had to make a choice between doing work I enjoyed and would take time to build a liveable income or something that would pay a somewhat nice income consistently.

    Then I hit my 2 year mark at the company and saw not only was I not moving up, I was actually being held back. I could make all kinds of accusations, discrimination, anti blackness ( there were literally no black team leaders at my store 🤔); etc, etc.

    Nothing I could prove, so rather than stay stuck and left to complain I’m working on my own business as well. I’ll still be at my current job for a little while longer, but when it’s time to go I won’t be looking back except to see them as a client rather than an employer 😁

    1. Hi Ahmad,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! As long as you are determined and focused, you can reach your goal. The key is to not give up. I wish you much success in your own business!

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