8 Reasons I Don’t Want to Work in an Office Anymore

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The last interview I went on was for another office job. When I was laid off from my last office job, I knew that I didn’t want another one.

In fact, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get another one.

But, there I was, waiting inside of another industrial building waiting to be interviewed by a project manager and a director of something-or-other.

It turned out to be one of the worst interviews I had ever been on. Clearly, another sign from the universe that another office job wasn’t for me.

8 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Work in an Office Anymore and Why You Shouldn’t Either

There are countless stories and experiences online of people who have left office jobs for one reason or another.

I worked in an office environment for a grand total of 8 years between two different web marketing agencies.

Although I really enjoyed the atmosphere of my last office job, there are still several things about office jobs that make me no longer want to have another one.

I used several images from the film Office Space to add a bit of humor.

1. Zero Job Security

office space meme

I was naive enough to think that I’d have my last job for many more years than I did. However, after three years, the company was sold and the web department was laid off.

Almost all jobs are at-will and there is no telling when you could lose your job. Whether you are laid off, the company goes bankrupt, or for whatever reason, your employer can let you go at a moment’s notice.

I highly recommend you start a side-hustle now with whatever your current job is but especially if it is an office job.

2. Case of the Mondays Every Day

office space case of the mondays

Every morning on my drive into work I dreaded having to sit in my cubicle for 8 hours doing the same boring work. By the time 3 pm came, it felt as if it stayed 3 o’clock for five more hours.

Every day felt exactly the same and all I did was live for the weekends. The weekends came and went.

I had a case of the Mondays every day. Let’s not mention the “Sunday night blues” when your weekend has come to an end and you are preparing for Monday morning. Ugh.

3. Wanting to Be Anywhere But at Your Desk

office space get out of here

I’ve worked in office spaces where there were no windows. The only way to experience daylight was to walk outside during lunch.

When I did have a window, I stared out of it thinking about all of the places I could be rather than where I was.

It’s a miserable feeling. I even wished I had a job where I could work outdoors and not under fluorescent lights. The monotony of an office job is mind-numbing.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way if you are willing to change up what you do for a living.

4. Zero Motivation to Do More Than Necessary

There were plenty of times that I finished my work ahead of schedule or I tried to drag it out as long as I could so I’d have something to do.

In between time, I’d browse more interesting stuff on my phone while listening to music or podcasts in my earphones. I was bored and unmotivated, wasting away at my cubicle wondering if there was more to life than this.

When I was laid off, it was devastating but it was one of the best things to happen to me. I was finally free of working in an office space and it was my chance to pursue my dreams.

5. Artificial Team Bonding Tactics

hawaiian shirt day

Ice cream socials, pizza parties, and so on are some of the things you have to deal with in an office environment.

Most of the time, no real social interacting ever went on. People would grab their lunch, eat, and make small talk.

To say the least, it was uncomfortable and most people were ready to go back to their cubicle and finish out the day. No bonding occurred and when it was quitting time, the place emptied out fast.

6. Micromanaging and Useless Meetings


Micromanaging only makes working in an office environment that much worse. There wasn’t much of it at all in my previous job.

However, I experienced a lot at the one before it and at the short stint I got after my layoff.

There was one point in which I had to write everyone’s task on a white board every.single.morning.

At another place, we had stand-up meetings EVERY MORNING detailing what each person was doing for the day.

Both instances drove me nuts. It only added on to why I eventually resigned from both jobs.

7. You Stop Caring or Never Cared to Begin With

hating job

This became true for all of the office jobs I had. There came a point when I no longer cared about what I was doing.

Difficult clients made it hard to care about anything. There was nothing to look forward to in terms of work.

No pay raises to work towards, no upward mobility to strive for, and nothing new to learn or apply to your current position.

I felt stuck and in a rut. The sad thing is, if you stick it out long enough you feel like it’s all you have and that you can’t do anything else.

It makes you feel like there are no other options out there. This is why I am adamant about creating something for yourself outside of work.

8. Cubicle Life is Not Normal

cubicle life is killing me

Sitting in a cubicle all day is probably one of the unhealthiest and most unnatural things we could do for a living.

I put on a lot of weight working at a desk all day. My breaks used to consist of walking to Starbucks in order to get away.

I’d make poor food choices and exercise was non-existent because I was always mentally drained and miserable from my job.

Not only is it physically unhealthy, I think it affects you psychologically as well. As humans, we crave the natural world.

I’ll take a job on my feet walking around or being outside any day before an office job.

Alternatives to Working in an Office Space

working outdoors

If you feel as though an office job is all you have or all that you can do, don’t despair. There is more out there than sitting in an 8×8 cube.

When I lost my previous job, I purposely chose NOT to get another office job because I didn’t want to go back to that misery.

I wanted to do something completely different and most of all, I wanted to begin my journey to quit working for anyone else ever again.

I have a job that I truly enjoy and serves as the perfect transition job out of working for someone else to working for myself.

Update: I have since quit that job and now work full-time on my own online business. I create niche websites on topics that interest me. Follow the same step-by-step training I used to create a consistent income online.

I’ve created an online business that is progressing very well and is creating a lifestyle that works around me and my family versus the other way around.

You Have Options!

Getting out of your office job isn’t as difficult as you may think. It all begins with searching for jobs completely opposite of what you do now.

Some people make it work by downsizing their life. This means not having a bunch of debt. The upside is that you can create more time freedom.

You could even go back to school and gain skills in a field that offers you more time to work away from a desk.

Create an Online Business that Works Around You

When I was laid off I made it a priority to take my making money online skills to a new level.

I wanted to create a legitimate online business so that I could create time freedom for myself and my family.

In order to do this, I decided to create niche affiliate blogs. It was a lot of work up front but it paid off and will pay off for years to come.

If you want to make a difference in your own life and break free from an office job, I highly recommend creating a niche blog of your own. Sign up for the same free online training I used to create a consistent income online.

Creating an online business is not only one of the smartest alternatives, but it can also very well turn into a full-time income and provide the freedom to pursue things that are meaningful to you.

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  1. Eartha, i just got finished reading your article and couldnt stop laughing at the office space references, perfect movie to describe how it feels at an office job. Im also at that point to were im sick of working for other people and thats why i joined wealthy affiliate in September 2017. getting closer and closer to being done with this whole 9-5 ish

    • Hey Bryan,

      I hear you. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The film resonates with so many people that are looking to escape office life. It wasn’t for me and I’m so glad I found another way out. What I learned at Wealthy Affiliate played a huge part in my being able to leave my retail job and the 9-to-5 for good.

      Glad you are on the road to reaching your goals. I wish you much success in your online business!


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