How to Make an Extra Income While Working a Full-Time Job

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One of the things I wish I had done in all my years of working as a web developer was to start a side business online.

The side business I had but never developed was my niche websites. I’ve made many niche websites throughout the years and abandoned almost all of them.

If I had stuck with it, after being laid off from my previous job, I could have transitioned into my online business full-time.

Don’t make this mistake. I’ve worked for years for other people and never dedicated time to invest in myself.

In this post, I am going to explain what I should have done then (and thankfully I’m doing now) so that you can learn how to make an extra income.

Why You Should Start a Side Hustle Right Now

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When I think about all of the years I’ve worked for other people, the jobs I’ve quit, and being laid off with nothing to show for it, I could kick myself.

It is so easy to become comfortable with what you do for a living. Receiving that paycheck every two weeks feels like security but it is an illusion.

I was naive enough to think I’d be working at my previous job for many years. When the owner sold the company, I had no idea that the new owners would lay off the entire web team.

That layoff was devastating to the entire team. I hustled my butt off and all I could think was if I had worked on my niche websites all of those years, I wouldn’t have struggled the way I did.

No job is secure no matter what your title is. Whether you make six-figures or minimum wage, if you are not in control of your income, the person who is can take it away at a moments notice.

This is why it is so crucial that you start a side business while you are employed.

What I Should Have Done in the Past


In the past, I have created so many niche websites without ever realizing their potential.

I didn’t even understand how to go about maintaining a niche website so I abandoned them way too early in the process.

To be honest, I didn’t know how to develop them into long-term online businesses. After being laid off from my previous job, I decided to learn how.

That’s how I landed on Wealthy Affiliate. I had so many blogs and I let them widdle away.

Blogging is a business for many people and it was always my dream to be a full-time blogger.

Here are the things I should have done:

Focused on One Project at a Time

In my excitement of starting new projects, I would create one niche website after the other.

No real research was involved. I basically came up with ideas that I thought would work. The good thing is, one of the websites actually took off.

I was able to make income from that website and thanks to it, I am still making recurring income years later.

If I had kept focus, I could have built that website into something more. Instead, I let it fall to the wayside while I created new projects.

I Wouldn’t Have Become So Comfortable with my Job

Since I was so comfortable in my workplace and receiving that steady paycheck, I didn’t have the urgency needed to work on my online business.

Had I kept that fire lit, I may have sought out online business training much sooner.

It is easy to become complacent when you hold down a full-time job. It is very monotonous, you live for the weekends, you schedule your two-week vacations every year, and so on.

After awhile you are on a hamster wheel and believing in the illusion of job security. It is a smart move to create another stream of income.

Lack of time is not an excuse. Believe me, I’ve used that one before. I should have made the time, done my research, found some training, and built my online business.

What I’m Doing Now to Grow My Online Business

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Now that I have the training and support I need, I have created an online business I am proud of.

Yes, it takes a lot of consistent effort, but it is a business, not a hobby. In the past, that is how I treated my websites—like a hobby.

Now I have focus, drive, and I’m getting results. Niche websites take work but it isn’t dreadful work.

I create websites that I’m passionate about and it shows through the content in which I create.

You can do the same and I highly recommend that you do. Whether you have a full-time job or not.

It is important to invest time into yourself and create a business that can provide supplemental income and eventually full-time income.

Yes, people inside of Wealthy Affiliate live full-time from their websites. There are REAL success stories.

Check out the ones below:

The Steps You Can Take Today to Create an Extra Stream of Income

One of the biggest benefits of creating a niche website is that it is very low-cost and extremely convenient.

You do not have to leave home to create your online business. The knowledge and tools that you need to succeed are readily available.

In fact, it won’t even cost you anything out of pocket to get started.

Can you follow a recipe?

Then you can follow the step-by-step instructions inside of Wealthy Affiliate. That is all that I have done and what many of the successful members inside have done.

Start by learning what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

Test it out for yourself and see if a niche website is something that you are capable of creating. I know you can or else you wouldn’t have read this article this far.

You obviously have the desire to make extra income. All you have to do is take yourself seriously and take advantage of the information by putting it into action.

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