Your Best Tools for Building a Network Marketing Business Online

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Some of the most successful network marketers have two things in common when it comes to building a network marketing business online.

These two things are 1. a blog, and 2. a YouTube channel.

I have both and while I am not currently building a network marketing business myself, I am generating both new email subscribers and sales by maintaining both a blog and a YouTube channel.

I have also been a part of a network marketing company for many years and still earn commissions today from product sales I was able to make through a blog.

I’m going to share with you how I utilize both platforms to run my own online business and how as a network marketer, you can as well.

Why You Need a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog for Building a Network Marketing Business Online

Almost all network marketing companies provide their independent distributors with a website. I like to refer to these websites as “cookie cutter” sites because everyone receives the same exact copy.

There is nothing unique about these types of websites. They certainly won’t rank in the search engine results. The most you can do with them is tell someone to visit it.

These websites provided by your network marketing company are for promotional purposes. They are not designed to provide any ongoing value for people that click over to them.

When I began to have success selling one of the products of the network company I am a part of, it was all due to having my own self-hosted WordPress blog.

A self-hosted WordPress blog is a website that you own and have full control of. Your blog is hosted by a web hosting company.

Avoid Free Blogging Services

I highly recommend avoiding free website services. These type of services include Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Squarespace, etc. These services have their place, but for blogs, it is far too easy and inexpensive to host your own.

Free services are limiting on what they offer. You are often limited on storage space as well on the ability to advertise as you like. In order to remove such limitations, you’ll need to upgrade your service and pay a monthly fee.

When you go the self-hosted route, you only pay for web hosting which you can get for as low as $3.95 per month in many cases. I recommend two web hosting providers, one of which is HostPapa and the other being SiteGround.

I recommend HostPapa more often because they provide the most features for new bloggers. You can get a free domain registration and they will install WordPress for you when you choose an Optimized WordPress Hosting Plan.

web hosting plans

I use both HostPapa and SiteGround. They both have awesome 24/7 customer support. I can’t say enough about SiteGround’s customer support. Either way, you will be in good hands with either option.

How to Use Your Blog to Generate Leads and Sales

What makes blogging such a great marketing tool is that you can laser in on long-tail keyword phrases related to your business.

Long-tail keywords are keywords that are made up of usually three or more words. These keywords are also referred to as “low hanging fruit” because they are often easy to rank for in the search engine results.

For example, I wrote a blog post titled “I Don’t Want to Work in an Office Anymore – What Can I Do?“. The long-tail keyword I was going after was “I don’t want to work in an office anymore.”

As of this writing, I am currently ranking #1 in Google’s search results:

search results ranking

You may be surprised to know that I receive visits from that article almost every day, and several times on Mondays which I can imagine is due to burned out office workers searching for ways to escape their job.

Now imagine focusing on many more long-tail keyword phrases each time you write a new blog post. Over time, you will have more than enough visitors to your blog in which you can introduce to your network marketing opportunity.

That is the power of blogging and why, if you haven’t started your own blog yet, you should start one today.

How to Overcome Your YouTube Fears

There is a multitude of social media platforms that you can use to promote your business. However, I am a big fan of YouTube for many reasons.

Some incredible YouTube stats you may not be aware of:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is the third most visited website after Google and Facebook.
  • Over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched per day.
  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Source: []

Many people are hesitant to start a YouTube channel. I used to be one of those people. I was nervous about being on camera and I was worried that what I had to share wouldn’t be interesting enough.

I was wrong. First, you don’t have to put yourself on camera unless you want to. Justin Bryant’s channel has over 196,000 subscribers and he isn’t in any of his videos.

Second, if you have something that you want to share, especially if it is helpful information, there are people that will watch and appreciate it.

I once made a short video explaining why the lights on the back of a FitBit Blaze watch were always on and how to turn them off.

As of this writing, the video has received over 2,000 views:

Most of the videos on my own channel are screencast videos. Meaning, I only record what is happening on my screen. Once in a while, I will place myself in front of the camera as well but it is rare.

I’ve been able to generate free traffic to my blog, add new email subscribers, and make product sales from my simple videos. There is no better time to start a YouTube channel than right now.

Using Your Blog and YouTube Together for Content Promotion

As a network marketer, you’ll want to create blog posts in which you can help people resolve an issue related to the products that you are promoting.

For example, the products in the company I am a part of are in the health and fitness niche. I would share on my blog how I used the products to help myself lose weight and get into shape.

Let’s say the network marketing business you are in is in the makeup industry or promotes essential oils. The marketing method is the same.

Create content demonstrating how you use the products or how to resolve certain issues and recommend those products as a solution.

You can then create an accompanying YouTube video that highlights what you’ve said in your blog post.

Utilize Your YouTube Description Area

The key to getting traffic and sales from your YouTube channel is to fill out your description area. In the description, I briefly state what the video is about.

I also add links to my blog post as well as to any products or services that I am promoting.

In Conclusion

The key to having both blogging and a YouTube channel work for you is to get started today. Both platforms take time to build.

However, once you have some momentum going, you can generate more than enough new leads that you won’t have to rely on old-school tactics to build your business.

Long gone are the days of hosting parties or approaching strangers at gas stations or shopping malls. The internet is the best place to advertise your network marketing business.

Today, it is about getting your own self-hosted WordPress blog and starting a YouTube channel.

Get your own self-hosted WordPress blog, free domain name, and have WordPress auto-installed for you by choosing any optimized WordPress hosting plan from HostPapa.

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