How to Get Free Leads for Network Marketing Using a Sales Funnel

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I am currently a part of a network marketing company but I was never active when it came to building my team. Let’s face it, for most people it is difficult to do any face-to-face networking.

If I had known about sales funnels and had the sales funnel software that exists today, I have no doubt that I could have used funnels to build my team without leaving home.

I use sales funnels in my online business now and in this post, I’m going to share how you can use the same strategy in your network marketing business to generate leads 24/7.

Why is Network Marketing So Hard?

how to get free leads for network marketing

When you got into network marketing company, you were probably pitched on an amazing business opportunity.

Then you were probably presented with a video that highlighted all of the cool things that people in the company are doing such as:

  • Working for themselves
  • Going on amazing family vacations
  • Going to live events and having fun
  • Winning prizes like new cars

What most network marketers don’t point out is that you have to sell. You have to sell the products as well as the business opportunity in order to earn income.

Sometimes those flashy videos gloss over the selling aspect. They may say that you’re simply “sharing” and not selling. False. It is sales and selling is a skill.

Soon, you realize that you are spending more to be a part of the company than what you are earning with it.

Running Out of People to Network With

Networking with people is easy in the beginning. It is easy to reach out to family members, friends, and acquaintances.

Soon those resources dry up. The next step? Talking to strangers. Nerve racking, right? Even if you get advice from your upline sponsors, it is not easy to implement what they recommend.

There has to be an easier way and there is. In fact, what I am going to explain below is a strategy that many network marketers are using to create unlimited amounts of leads.

How to Get Good Leads for Network Marketing

The strategy I’m referring to is to get network marketing leads online. The way I do this for my own online business is by using sales funnels.

A sales funnel is a type of website that leads visitors through a buying process. Here is a quick sketch of what a basic funnel website looks like:

basic sales funnel

This basic funnel consists of the landing page or “squeeze page” and a thank you page.

The purpose of a squeeze page is to “squeeze” the visitor into submitting their contact information such as their email address.

One of the most common ways to do this is by offering a freebie or “lead magnet” to entice your visitors into submitting their information.

Your lead magnet should be something of value. For example, if I wanted to generate leads for the network marketing company I am a part of, I would target a specific niche.

The company that I am an independent distributor of is in the health and fitness industry. If I wanted to build my team, I could target personal fitness trainers.

I could create a free video or free ebook which shares 10 ways for a personal trainer to land more clients.

I’d offer it on my squeeze page in exchange for their name, email address, and possibly their phone number.

Once they submit their information, they are now in my funnel and on my thank you page, I would then present them with the video or download button to get their ebook.

Do You See What Just Happened?

The visitor is now a part of my funnel and is now on my email list. That means I have been given permission by that subscriber to contact them via email, phone, etc.

The most important part of this marketing strategy is to at least ask for their email address. Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool.

You can send valuable content and promotional messages selling your subscribers on the benefits of your network marketing opportunity as well as the products.

Here is a Better Visual Representation of a Basic Sales Funnel

The screen capture below represents the landing page or squeeze page. As you can see, there is an attention-grabbing headline, a video, and to the right is the opt-in form to capture a visitor’s information.

real estate funnel

The lead magnet for this funnel page is a free homeowner’s guide as well as a free consultation.

You can create a similar squeeze page giving away something of value related to your niche.

If we refer back to my lead magnet example, I was giving away some helpful information for personal fitness trainers.

The below screen capture represents a thank you page. This is the page where you can provide your free video, download an ebook, etc.

thank you page

A sales funnel can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. I prefer to keep all of my sales funnels simple.

How I Build My Sales Funnel Pages

Years ago, building a sales funnel was a long and arduous task. It was very expensive as well. Many internet marketers would pay thousands of dollars for one funnel!

The reason being was that you would need to hire a graphic designer and a web developer to build your web pages, create your forms, connect your autoresponder, and more.

This isn’t the case anymore. Fortunately today we have funnel building software. The one that I use and like the best is, ClickFunnels™.

I can build a funnel with a few clicks and customize every element on the page. Watch the video I created that demonstrates how to use the software:

Russell Brunson is the creator of ClickFunnels™. He is a very well-known internet marketer and has created multi-million dollar businesses in various industries.

He’s built funnels for people like Tony Robbins and other established brands. If you want to get a more in-depth understanding of how sales funnels work, grab a free copy (just pay shipping) of his book, DotCom Secrets.

Reading that book is what convinced me to begin using funnels in my own business and I am so glad that I did. Now I can’t imagine running my business without them.

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Funnels

Your funnels won’t be able to do their jobs without visitors, right? Traffic is essential for all online marketing.

Paid traffic is always an option. However, free targeted web traffic is a great way to generate unlimited leads to your funnels.

I create free traffic in two ways:

Those are my two primary sources of free traffic. I can branch out into other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For now, I want to master these two traffic sources and then move on to another. I can tell you that blogging and YouTube are plenty and the traffic I receive from them can last for years.

If you are hesitant about creating YouTube videos, don’t be. I am very much an introvert. I don’t put myself in front of the camera often.

In fact, if you watched my video above, you will see that I’m not in the video at all. I still get likes (and sometimes dislikes, lol) on all of my videos as well as referrals to my funnels.

It can be done!

Wrapping Up

I hope that as a network marketer, you have seen the power of what a sales funnel can do.

Imagine receiving free leads on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for your business without stepping foot outside of your home.

Sales funnels act as your own personal sales machine 24 hours a day. Are you interested in getting started? The best time to start was yesterday, right?

Get a free 2-week trial of ClickFunnels™ here and build your first funnel quickly and easily.

There are tons of templates to choose from and modify as well as video training to teach you how.

Next, get yourself an autoresponder for building your email list and connect to your ClickFunnels™ account. I use ConvertKit but there are various autoresponder services available.

What do you think about this method of lead generation? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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