Create a Lead Generation Website Using WordPress for Extra Income

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If there is one thing that small businesses and solopreneurs need more of, it’s leads. You can provide those leads to these business owners with a lead generation website.

By creating such a website, you can earn extra income by charging business owners per lead or by leasing out your website for an agreed upon monthly fee.

You can create a lead generating website by yourself using WordPress. Your expenses will be minimal or you can do all of the work yourself and save.

I’ll explain how I go about creating such a website myself and how you can earn a consistent income with one.

Brainstorm The Local Businesses in Your Area That Need Leads

men using a laptop
This shouldn’t be difficult at all. I can name several small businesses in my area that are within 10 minutes of me right now.

Some of these include:

  • Dentists
  • Insurance agents
  • Real estate agents
  • Contractors (house painters, electricians, etc.)
  • Pool cleaners
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Accountants
  • Music schools
  • Small gyms

If you get stuck, search on yelp for various businesses. Almost all of them need leads on an ongoing basis to stay in business.

Do Some Keyword Research and Buy an EMD

Once you have settled on what niche you want to build your website around, you will need to do some keyword research and buy an exact match domain (EMD).

Buying an EMD is not required. It is something that I am doing to help with being found in the search results.

There is no guarantee that an EMD is still as effective today. Years ago, EMDs worked extremely well for ranking highly in the search results.

According to Search Engine Journal, an exact match domain can still work well, especially if your website is satisfying user intent:

Getting an exact match domain can satisfy user intent and help your brand because people know what your site should be about before they go to it.

Once they land on your site you should provide them with great content and good user experience, so they purchase your products or services.

Let’s say for example that you decided to build a lead generation website for carpet cleaners.

I would use the Keywords Everywhere Chrome browser extension to give me a good idea about search volume for the keywords I type in.

Then you can simply use Google’s autocomplete feature and the website to figure out a good EMD.

Remember that you are wanting to target people locally to generate leads. Therefore you can type in keyword phrases such as “carpet cleaners in [your city]”.

search results

The Keywords Everywhere tool gives you an idea of how many searches a particular keyword phrase gets per month.

You could then plug in that phrase on the Instant Domain Search website to see if it is available. This particular one is:

domain name search

Remember, getting an exact match domain name is completely optional. This is just something that I am testing out and also a strategy that I’ve come across from my own research.

Get Some Cheap Reliable Web Hosting and WordPress

After you’ve got your domain name picked out, it is time to register it, get web hosting, and WordPress.

You can do all three with HostPapa. When you choose any of their optimized WordPress plans, they will provide you with a free domain name and will auto-install WordPress on your domain for you.

Choose a WordPress Template

Your WordPress website will have a default theme installed. However, you may want to change your theme to one that reflects your niche.

Possibly a service based type of theme. You can find them for free using WordPress’ theme directory or you can buy a premium theme.

Necessary WordPress Plugins

I try not to install too many plugins on my WordPress websites. The main ones that I install include:

Place Contact Forms in Ideal Locations

It helps to place your contact forms in prominent areas of your website. You can place one in your sidebar, contact page, and below the content on your homepage.

You’re collecting leads so you want to make it easy for visitors to get in touch.

Create Keyword Related Content

The next phase of your website is to create some keyword related content. This involves doing keyword research and writing articles.

If you want to save yourself some time and you have the budget, you can definitely outsource the writing.

There are various freelance websites that you can check with to include UpWork and Freelancer.

The content that you create (or have created) is to help with ranking in the search engines as well as providing your readers with information related to your niche.

In this case, we are talking about carpet cleaners so you can create content related to what homeowners ask about cleaning carpets.

Optional Step – Getting Backlinks

I am not as experienced with obtaining backlinks so I can only share what I’ve read about and researched myself.

I have read and watched YouTubers say positive and negative things about backlinking. All I can say is to proceed with caution.

Many years ago, I followed the trends of some blogs that I read and chose to get backlinks using link farms and creating fake forum profiles.

When Google did their algorithm updates, the website that I had at the time took a nose dive in the search results.

It was devastating so if you want to get backlinks, I recommend finding someone reputable to learn from.

There are all types of ways to obtain backlinks. I am approached on a regular basis via email to provide a backlink to someone’s website.

For example, someone will email me about an article that they’ve written that relates to a blog post of mine in the hopes that I will share their article with a link back.

Earning Income with Your Website

After a few months, if you continue to add content and possibly obtain backlinks, your website should begin to rank highly in the search results.

When this happens, you’ll likely begin to get leads on a regular basis. You can then begin offering your opportunity to local businesses.

In our example, we used carpet cleaners. You can contact carpet cleaners in your area and explain that you have a related website that generates leads.

You can sell the leads to them for a fee (let’s say $50 per lead) or they can rent your website for a monthly fee and keep all of the leads that come in.

In Conclusion

The great thing about these lead generation websites is that you can repeat the process and create as many of them as you want.

They do require a bit of work up front but after a few months (or a little longer), you’ll have a lead generating website.

Another nice thing is that building them this way means the web traffic that is generated is free. You don’t have to spend money on paid advertising.

Have you created a lead generating website before or are thinking about it? What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.


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