Create an Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel and Skyrocket Your Earnings

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As you learn more and more about affiliate marketing, you’ll begin to hear or read phrases such as “the money is in the list” or “you need a sales funnel”.

I have yet to come across an affiliate marketer that doesn’t promote the benefits of an email list. In fact, many of them wish they had started sooner.

So why is creating an affiliate marketing sales funnel so important? I’ve done a bit more research and discovered how a sales funnel can actually boost your affiliate earnings.

How Does an Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel Work?

affiliate marketing sales funnel

A sales funnel starts with a website or landing page. You use your website or landing page to collect the email addresses of your visitors.

In order to make it more enticing for someone to want to opt-in to your email list, it helps to provide an incentive.

An incentive is usually something free that you give away such as a 7-day course delivered via email or an ebook with helpful tips, etc.

When someone joins your email list it is also referred to as “opting-in” to your list. This essentially means that they have opted-in to receive messages from you.

Now comes the important part. Once you have a list of subscribers, you have to be a responsible list owner.

Meaning, you should continue to provide helpful information in your email messages and not spam your subscribers with tons of sales messages.

I have been on many email lists in which the list owners did nothing but send emails every day trying to sell something.

That is the fastest way to get people to unsubscribe as well as flag your messages as spam which is what you don’t want.

Tools You Need to Create an Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

As mentioned earlier, you will need a website or landing page to send web traffic to and collect visitor email addresses.

You can create your own website using WordPress or you can create your own landing pages using software such as ClickFunnels.

You will also need software to collect your visitor’s email addresses. This software is called an autoresponder.

The autoresponder I and many other affiliate marketers use is Aweber.

An autoresponder is software that enables you to create email messages in advance that send to your subscribers at the specified times you set.

You can actively market to your list using pre-made messages as well as sending new messages anytime you want.

Using ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing

building sales funnels

ClickFunnels has become the industry standard over the past few years in terms of helping affiliate marketers to boost their sales.

The reason being is that a bulk of your affiliate sales happens in the follow-up. That is why having a sales funnel and building your email list is so crucial.

Many people do not buy products the first time that you expose them to it. By building your email list and nurturing a relationship with your subscribers, you build trust.

When you have your subscriber’s best interest in mind, you will always provide value first.

As you recommend products and services that you know will help them, they will be more likely to take you up on your suggestion and make a purchase.

Software such as ClickFunnels really streamlines this process. For one thing, you don’t need to hire web designers or web programmers to build your sales pages.

Another thing is that ClickFunnels also has a boatload of training inside to help you skyrocket your business using their platform.

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How to Make Money Using ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing

selling affiliate products

As an affiliate marketer, your main job is to sell affiliate products. You can accomplish this a multitude of ways.

One of my favorite ways is by creating niche websites. However, sales funnels are quickly becoming my next favorite way to make affiliate sales.

I’ll go over a very simple sales funnel that you could create to begin earning commissions now and well into the future.

We’ll start off selecting an affiliate product to promote. Let’s choose the diet and weight loss niche.

I hop on over to Clickbank and find a popular product that is geared towards the ketogenic diet niche:

clickbank product

This particular product pays around $46 in commissions for each sale that you make. Now, you can create a niche blog around ketogenic diets.

SEO takes time so a niche blog will not begin earning you commissions for several months out.

However, you can supplement your sales faster by building a sales funnel. Here is a screen capture of one of my funnels that I created using ClickFunnels:

sales funnel

It is a very basic funnel consisting of a squeeze page and thank-you page. If I were promoting the ketogenic diet product, I would provide an incentive on my squeeze page.

I could offer a free video outlining some easy ketogenic recipes or a 7-day email course covering various ketogenic topics.

When someone signs up using my squeeze page, they are now inside of my funnel. They are redirected to a thank-you page with a video thanking them for joining and pre-selling the affiliate product.

I can have a button on my thank-you page that links to the product. If the subscriber doesn’t buy the product then, it is fine as they are in my sales funnel.

My autoresponder will then send out timed messages providing more helpful information about ketogenic diets and also promoting the affiliate product every few emails as well.

The key here is that your subscribers may not be ready to buy right away but in time, as you nurture the relationship via email, they may be ready to buy in the future.

Therefore, having a good sales funnel set up can produce a steady monthly income as you continue to send people to your squeeze page and they sign up.

The Power of an Affiliate Funnel

affiliate marketer

Many people do not often recognize the power of a sales funnel. Even I became enlightened about them after I took the time to learn about them.

I am obsessed with sales funnels because I know that email marketing works. I had a very novice sales funnel going and managed to make conversions.

Now that I have started using ClickFunnels, creating sales funnels is so much faster and easier. Plus, I am learning a ton with the training that they also provide.

I hope this post has also helped you to realize the power of sales funnels! What are your thoughts on the topic? Leave your feedback below.


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