The Best Way to Become an Affiliate Marketer When You Have More Time Than Money

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There are all sorts of ways to promote affiliate products and services. What it usually comes down to is whether you have the budget to use paid advertising or not.

In my case, I had more time than money and that is often the case for many that are new to affiliate marketing. If you find yourself in the same boat, the good news is that you can become an affiliate marketer and earn a consistent income using a blog.

I will explain my own experience with starting a blog and transitioning from working a retail job to working for myself.

Why Blogging is Worth It for Affiliate Marketers

When I decided to become an affiliate marketer, it was due to a job layoff. I knew that I didn’t want to continue being a web developer and I didn’t want to work for anyone else for that matter.

Since I was low on funds, blogging seemed to be the ideal solution for pursuing my dream of being a full-time affiliate marketer.

I was able to maintain a full-time retail job (the job I got after my layoff) and work hard on my blog in my free time.

In order to stay on track and as well as learn anything else I needed to know to make my new online business work, I followed a training course which helped a lot.

In fact, I encourage anyone that wants to pursue affiliate marketing to consider a good online training course.

Here are my reasons why blogging to become an affiliate marketer is a good option:

  • It is extremely low-cost
  • It is convenient
  • Easy to learn and easy to do
  • Earning potential is unlimited
  • It can be rewarding (helping people in your niche)
  • It is low maintenance
  • It is fun

How to Start a Blog of Your Own

Getting a blog of your own is really easy and no technical experience is required. All that you need is a domain name, WordPress, and web hosting.

You can get all three in one place. I recommend finding a web hosting provider that will register your domain and has one-click WordPress installation.

Most commercial web hosts do. Dreamhost is one such hosting provider that has all that you need to start a blog. They even give you a year free domain registration on their yearly plan. They are also one of the hosting providers recommended by WordPress.

Here is a video demonstration I created showing how to install WordPress using one-click installation on Dreamhost:

The Best Way to Become an Affiliate Marketer – Promote Affiliate Products with Your Blog

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to get people to click on your affiliate links. Below are the steps I took to become an affiliate marketer with a blog.

Decide What You Want Your Blog to Be About

  • This is also referred to as choosing a niche. You can choose a niche based on a personal interest, on the type of products you want to promote, or both. It helps to choose a niche that has earning potential. If you’re stuck, think about sub-niches within the top three evergreen niches: health, wealth, and relationships.

Find an Affiliate Product or Products That You Want to Promote

  • There are tons of affiliate programs that you can choose from and you are sure to find products or services related to your niche. You can search for affiliate programs online or join an affiliate network such as ShareASale or Clickbank.

Promote Your Affiliate Links in Your Content

  • One of the best ways to get sales is by placing your affiliate links within your content. You can do this by writing product reviews or recommending the products within your regular blog posts.

How to Choose Which Affiliate Products to Promote

It helps to choose affiliate products or services that are directly related to your niche. I’ve found that it is helpful to choose products that you have used or are currently using.

Since you are referring products to people, you can increase conversions and get more sales when recommending products that you are familiar with.

If you are not familiar with the products that you want to promote, at least be sure that the products are beneficial to your readers.

However, when you are familiar with what you are promoting, it comes through in your writing and readers will be more likely to trust what it is that you are recommending.

How to Create Blog Content

The thought of writing blog posts is daunting for many people. Keep in mind that blog content is easy to create. Primarily because you can write in a casual manner.

I like to write my content from the viewpoint of helping a friend. Your goal should always be to create helpful and informative content for the people interested in your niche.

Here are my tips for creating content that converts:

Do Keyword Research Before Creating Content

  • Before I begin writing any blog post, I always do keyword research. I’ll type relevant keywords into Google search to find out what people are querying. I also use a free keyword tool called Answer the Public and I use a paid tool that I really like called Jaaxy. Doing keyword research first ensures that you are creating content that the people in your niche are needing help with.

Write Blog Posts for Your Readers First

  • It is easy to want to write content that is attractive for the search engines. However, I recommend always writing to help your readers first. The search engines are smart and will rank your content based on relevancy. Besides that, when you write for your readers, your content will naturally be longer. Longer content ranks well. My goal is to write 1,000+ words per post.

Use Call-to-Actions

  • A call-to-action is what tells readers what to do next. You can place call-to-actions throughout your blog posts. For example, if I am recommending an affiliate product, I often type something like: “Click here to learn more about increasing your affiliate sales.” There are different ways to use call-to-actions. Some people use buttons or images.

Can You Really Make Money with a Blog?

The answer to this question is: absolutely! There are many bloggers that are earning anywhere from 4 to 6-figures per month in all types of niches.

Blogging is not the fastest way to earn income online but again when you don’t have a budget for advertising, blogging is a great alternative.

What you should keep in mind is that blogging is a long-term online business. Your content can rank in the search engines for many years which means years of making affiliate sales.

What many people lack when it comes to doing affiliate marketing using a blog is patience. If you don’t give up, you can achieve success.

I invite you to read a post that I previously wrote which talks about realistic blogging income.

In Conclusion

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, having a niche affiliate website should be part of your online portfolio.

I’m glad that I chose to create niche affiliate blogs as part of my way to become an affiliate marketer.

Get a jump start on your own affiliate blog by following a step-by-step affiliate marketing course that is proven to work.

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