The Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing and Make Your First Sale Online

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I learned of affiliate marketing by chance. It all started with a job interview.

Like any potential employee, I did my research on the company before I went to the interview.

I discovered that the owner made millions from selling an ebook he created about how to make money online using affiliate marketing.

I didn’t get the job but I did walk away with something even better. I had learned of the potential of making money online.

It led me on my journey to learn all I could about affiliate marketing. I will share with you the best way to learn affiliate marketing when you’re first starting out.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to understand is what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting a company’s products or services in exchange for a percentage of the sale (commission) when someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

That being said, here is a graphic representation of how it works:

affiliate marketing flowchart

As you can see, the very first thing you will need is a website. It is hard to promote an affiliate product without someplace to place your affiliate links.

There are a variety of websites you can make to promote products. Some people choose to create landing pages.

Some people create review websites, authority sites, and more. However, the most basic and easiest way to get started is by creating a niche website.

What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is simply a website that focuses on one particular topic. Think about some of the websites you visit on a regular basis.

Niche websites can be about any topic from fashion to football. The great thing is, regardless of what niche you choose, there will likely be tons of affiliate products related to your niche.

How Do You Make Money with a Niche Website?

Obviously, you will make money with affiliate marketing. Let’s say you choose a niche such as exercise tips for stay-at-home moms.

There are all types of products that you can write about and promote. You could promote exercise equipment, exercise videos, jogging strollers, and more.

A majority of these products can be found on which means you could sign up to be a part of Amazon’s affiliate program which is called Amazon Associates.

Each time a web visitor clicks on one of your Amazon affiliate links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission!

It works the same way regardless of what affiliate program you choose to join and there are tons of them out there.

Affiliate Marketing Step by Step Training

best way to learn affiliate marketing

When I discovered affiliate marketing many years ago, there weren’t a whole lot of training courses available.

I would get free affiliate marketing training by scouring the internet for any information I could find.

The problem I ran into was learning about methods to rank my website that ended up destroying my rankings years later.

I used a lot of misinformation that took one of my websites from 1,500 visitors a day to around 200 visitors a day.

Needless to say, I was devastated. This type of misinformation is still lingering around the web.

I highly recommend using a legitimate affiliate marketing course so that you can learn affiliate marketing step by step.

Why a Good Affiliate Marketing Course will Save You Time and Headaches

affiliate marketing course

The biggest problem with trying to learn affiliate marketing on your own by searching the web is a lack of focus.

I can’t tell you how many projects I’d start and stop because I learned some new method, trick, and even scam that could make money online.

What this is commonly referred to as is “shiny object syndrome.” Most new affiliate marketers fall into this trap.

They find a new program being promoted as one of the best ways to make money using the internet and buy it hoping it is the answer.

Before they know it, they have spent thousands of dollars on programs and software that never works.

A Free Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

After I was laid off from my previous job, I knew I wanted to start an online business.

However, I didn’t want to do what I had done in the past which was to find information online and jump from project to project.

I did my research and I kept coming across an online business training course called Wealthy Affiliate.

The funny thing is, I had found their website in the past but I was so adamant about learning on my own that I blew it off.

If I had taken them up on their free affiliate marketing training, things would be so much different for me today.

I AM glad that I rediscovered the course and things ARE different today despite blowing it off in the past.

How a Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Course Made All the Difference

There are so many benefits to affiliate marketing lessons that you can follow step-by-step. For one thing, I am extremely focused.

I am sticking to one method of building an online business and that is through niche website creation.

Another huge benefit is the ongoing training. The lessons I’ve learned are the foundation of my business.

The web is constantly changing and the ongoing training keeps you prepared for anything that may come along.

I’m assured in knowing what I’m building today will last for years to come.

I learned and continue to learn what I use today inside of Wealthy Affiliate. The best thing is I got started for free and they offer free training for anyone—no gimmicks and no credit card required.

Here is a video I created to show an inside look of what the online business training course offers:

In Conclusion

The best way to learn affiliate marketing is to dive in and get started. I highly suggest learning the basics and following a plan.

By doing so, you can make your first sale within weeks of creating your first niche website. Once you make your first sale, there is no stopping you.

Click here to learn what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. The tools and training are there for you to get started today at no cost.

Think about where you can be a year from now. I guarantee you will be thanking yourself for taking action and following through.

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