What I Consider The Easiest Way to Do Affiliate Marketing

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There are multiple ways in which to make money as an affiliate marketer. As a new affiliate marketer, you are probably curious as to which method is the easiest.

Just to give you an idea, here are some of the most popular methods used in affiliate marketing. They include e-mail marketing (funnels), PPC advertising, CPA, niche websites, and more.

In this post, I will talk about some of these popular methods and which one out of all of them I feel is the easiest way to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Using E-Mail Marketing (Funnels)

email marketing

E-mail marketing is the process in which you build a mailing list by collecting people’s email addresses.

Affiliate marketers often accomplish this by creating a landing page with information offering some type of free incentive in exchange for an email address.

The free incentive can be some type of training course or whatever type of free info you want to give away.

The key is that you provide value to your mailing list. More value means you’ll likely make more sales when you do recommend an affiliate product.

The beauty of a mailing list is that you will have an instant customer base when you want to promote a product.

You should not abuse your mailing list. If you constantly sell to your list, you’ll likely get way more unsubscribes.

Building your mailing list takes time. Many marketers utilize social media or pay other marketers with large mailing lists to send an email blast on their behalf.

There is also the option of attracting new visitors to your landing page using paid advertising.

Using PPC Advertising with Affiliate Marketing

ppc advertising

PPC stands for pay-per-click. Some marketers choose to use PPC advertising to promote affiliate products.

You can place ads on Facebook, Bing Ads, or Google Adwords. Those are the big three advertising platforms but there many out there to choose from.

Paid advertising is expensive. However, a lot of marketers find that it is the easiest way to get web traffic and is also a faster way to generate profits.

CPA Marketing

cpa marketing

CPA stands for “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition”. This means that a user has to perform some type of action first before you earn an affiliate commission.

This action could be as simple as submitting an email address or buying a product.

You do not have to use paid advertising to promote CPA offers but it is often the most used method for generating traffic.

Peerfly is an affiliate network that you can apply for. They have over two thousand offers running at any given time.

Niche Websites – The Easiest Way to Do Affiliate Markeing

niche websites

Last but not least on my list is niche websites.

Unlike the other methods above, building niche websites is the easiest way to do affiliate marketing.

For one thing, it is low-cost. It doesn’t require paid advertising to generate web traffic. You can create a niche website around any topic you like.

Keep in mind that while I consider it the easiest way to do affiliate marketing, it is not often the fastest.

Niche websites rely on SEO (search engine optimization). This means using keyword research and writing content around those keywords.

These keyword targeted articles will help your website rank in the search engines. Over time, you will begin to receive free traffic as your web pages rank higher in the search engine result pages.

Your niche website makes money when you link to affiliate products from within your content. There is a way to do this properly. I recommend learning the basics inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can learn more about what a niche is, how to choose a niche, how to create a niche website, how to find affiliate products, and how to use SEO to grow your traffic.

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Why Niche Websites are an Ideal Choice for Beginners

What makes them ideal is that they are not only easy to create, they are extremely low cost. There is no worry about having to have an advertising budget.

Another reason is that once you learn the process of creating a successful niche website, you can repeat it over and over again.

It is also low-risk. If you choose a niche you no longer have an interest in, you can scrap it and start again with a different niche.

Niche websites are not the fastest way to begin making money as an affiliate but it is probably one of the safest strategies.

You can bet that if you create a website with valuable content it will last for years to come.

Have you tried any of the methods mentioned here or others to promote affiliate marketing products? What has or hasn’t worked for you?


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