Human Proof Designs Aged Sites VS Starting a Niche Site From Scratch

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I recommend building niche affiliate websites regardless of whether you want to create a full-time income online or not. They make great streams of income and make a great addition to any online business portfolio. However, creating them takes a lot of time. For the most part, it requires a lot of content creation and patience. This is why Human Proof Designs aged sites are websites worth considering.

After being laid off from a previous job, I was determined to pursue my dream of earning a full-time income online. I chose to build niche affiliate blogs to do just that. In the interim, I took on a full-time job in retail while I worked on my niche site part-time. 15 months after starting that job, I was able to quit and work full-time for myself.

This is something that anyone can accomplish with consistent effort. I will explain the process of starting a niche blog from scratch and then explain why an aged site can speed up the process and have you earning faster.

Things To Understand About Niche Affiliate Websites

I consider these the big lessons I had to learn while building my own niche websites. It’s important to understand these factors before starting.

I cannot tell you how many niche websites I’ve started and abandoned because I didn’t realize these things up front. Contrary to what you may think, earning income with a niche site is more than simply throwing affiliate links on your blog.

Niche Websites Require Patience

  • Patience is key. Niche sites rank because of content. The process of ranking with content is also called SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is slow but when it kicks in, it is awesome. I learned that a new site takes a lot of time to develop and to rank in the search engines. Before you start any niche site, you must understand this fact.

Quality Content Should Be Posted Often

  • A niche affiliate blog (or any blog) needs to have regular content posted to it often. Content is what helps your blog posts to rank. It also signals to the search engines that your website is updated on a regular basis which gives them a reason to crawl your website. Also, your readers will appreciate the regularly updated content. So post often!

Write for Your Audience

  • Keep in mind that real people are going to read your content. Don’t waste time figuring out if you’ve picked the right keywords and putting enough keywords in your text. It is more important to write naturally. Your keywords will be written into your post naturally. Write for your target audience and always put them first. If your content doesn’t serve your audience, they will simply click away.

The Process Involved in Starting Your Niche Site from Scratch

Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

I’ve written many blog posts in the past about choosing a niche.

What I recommend is choosing a niche in which you have a genuine interest. Otherwise, it will be difficult to create content on a regular basis.

However, you can also choose a niche that has great earning potential and outsource the writing of the content to a quality writer.

Either way, it helps to choose a niche that you like so that you can stick with it.

Step 2: Choosing a Domain Name

Once you have your niche picked out, it is a matter of choosing and registering a domain name that relates to your niche.

I register all of my domains with NameCheap. I’ve used them for years and they offer monthly coupons codes.

Step 3: Getting Your Website Up

Getting your own website up and running is not difficult at all. In the past, you would need to have some web skills or you would need to hire a web person to install your website.

This is not the case anymore. Thanks to one-click WordPress installation, anyone can get their website up themselves in a matter of minutes.

Most major web hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation. It is as easy as it sounds. You click a button and WordPress is installed on your domain.

If you are having trouble deciding on a web hosting provider, I use and recommend SiteGround for their top-notch customer service and no-hassle web hosting.

I made the switch to SiteGround hosting a few months back and I’ve had no issues. Whenever I do run into an issue (which is rare), I open up a support chat. Here is a screenshot of my most recent chat:

customer support chat

They have the best customer support I’ve come across for web hosting and I’ve used my fair share of hosting providers in the past.

Step 4: Write Helpful Content

Content is the bread and butter of your niche website. As mentioned earlier, quality content helps your posts to rank well in the search engines.

You should post often and create content that is useful to your audience. I try to write at least 2 to 3 new posts per week.

I also shoot for 1,000 plus words per article. Those are the standards that I set for myself and they have worked well.

How Human Proof Designs Aged Sites Can Help You

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Now that you are more aware of some of what it takes to create a niche affiliate blog from scratch, you are probably also realizing that it requires a lot of work.

I haven’t even mentioned other factors such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Writing for conversions

I’ve only really outlined the basics of how to get your own niche site up. At this point, a lot of people would feel overwhelmed.

That feeling is why many people start niche blogs and then give up after 3 or 4 months. The truth of the matter is that most people are impatient.

When they work on a blog and haven’t earned any income, they are ready to quit and say that affiliate niche websites don’t work.

This is where an aged niche site can help. Aged niche websites are for people that don’t want to play the long waiting game.

They want to have a head start and would prefer to invest in a website that is already on its way to earning income.

What is Human Proof Designs?

Human Proof Designs is a service that focuses on helping affiliate marketers. Whether you are completely new or already experienced.

They offer services such as:

  • Ready made niche sites
  • Custom made niche sites
  • Aged niche sites

Regardless of which option that you choose, you are provided with HPD’s comprehensive training so that you can continue to grow your website.

You are also provided with ongoing support so that if you’re ever stuck, you have a team ready to answer your questions and provide you with help.

What is the Difference Between a Ready-Made Niche Site and an Aged Site?

A ready-made niche affiliate site is one in which the niche, market, and keyword research are done for you.

HPD also creates your initial content, does your on-page SEO, and installs premium plugins. Once you receive your ready-made website, you insert your affiliate links and continue growing your site by following their training.

An aged site is one in which the HPD developers have built from scratch but is already 6+ months old.

That means it is already indexed in search engines like Google and is already beginning to rank in the search results.

Regardless of which one that you choose, you are already getting a huge head start in comparison to doing it all yourself.

An aged site gives you an extra boost as you can immediately begin to earn income and with continued development, your income will be cumulative month after month.

In Conclusion

The problem for those new to affiliate marketing is that they struggle with finding profitable niches and they do not know how to write content that converts.

Buying a ready-made niche affiliate website is for those that have the budget to invest in one and recognize the value of doing so.

Click here to visit Human Proof Designs and find out if a done-for-you affiliate site is the solution you’re looking for.

Learn how I went from zero to making a consistent income online with affiliate marketing.
Click here to learn how I did it.


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