How to Make Money Online without Blogging for Affiliate Marketers

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I have been blogging off and on for years. It wasn’t until a job layoff that I decided to take niche blogging seriously. So I understand why you may be wondering how to make money online without blogging.

The easiest way to make money online without blogging is by using sales funnels. A sales funnel is a type of website that leads your visitors through a buying process. You can set up your own sales funnel quickly and easily using sales funnel builder software.

I will go into detail about how sales funnels work and how I build my own sales funnels for my online business.

Why Many Affiliate Marketers Avoid Blogging

how to make money online without blogging

It isn’t difficult to understand why so many affiliate marketers are searching for ways to make money online without blogging.

Blogging is a much slower way to earn income online. Starting out, it can take months before you earn your first affiliate commission.

For many affiliates, it is much easier to pay for traffic versus writing for it. When you maintain a blog, you are essentially relying on SEO (search engine optimization) to rank in the search engines.

When your blog posts begin ranking, you then receive free targeted web traffic. However, many affiliate marketers do not have the patience to build and grow a blog.

Don’t Dismiss Blogging!

As an affiliate marketer, it wouldn’t be wise to dismiss blogging altogether. Blogs not only generate free traffic, they have created full-time incomes for many people.

If it weren’t for creating my own blogs, I wouldn’t have been able to quit my previous job and work for myself.

I think creating a blog should be a part of any internet marketer’s online portfolio.

How to Sell Affiliate Products Using a Sales Funnel

The easiest way and the most long-term way to sell affiliate products without blogging is by utilizing sales funnels.

A sales funnel is still a type of website but it doesn’t require you to maintain a blog. You are probably already familiar with how they work because you’ve likely signed up to one funnel or another in the past.

Most sales funnel operate as depicted in the image below:

basic sales funnel

The first page of the funnel is referred to as a “squeeze” page or “opt-in” page. The job of this page is to entice your visitor to submit their contact information such as an email address.

The way to do this is by offering something for free in exchange for their information. Your free offer is what is called a lead magnet.

Typical lead magnets include a free online course, a free ebook, a free video, etc. You can create whatever you want as an incentive.

Once the visitor submits their details, they are then redirected to your thank you page where you can provide your free offer or even do some selling.

Whether or not your visitor buys anything, they are now on your email list and that is actually where the true value is.

Another example of a sales funnel is a basic buying funnel as shown below:

buying funnel

In this example, free traffic is sent to the funnel via another website (like a blog) and social media channels.

The visitors land on the squeeze (opt-in) page and once they submit their information, they are then immediately directed to a buying page.

On the buying page, you have content and buy buttons selling your product or service. A percentage of subscribers will buy at this point and some will not.

Either way, they remain on your email list and you can then continue communicating with them sending helpful content as well as promotional messages.

The Importance of an Email List

There is a common phrase that affiliate marketers know very well and that is, “the money is in the list!”.

I have read that one email subscriber is equivalent to $1 dollar. That means if you have 1,000 subscribers on your list, you can essentially earn $1,000 per month.

When you build an email list, you are building an instant customer base in which you can promote.

Of course, you never want to spam your list. You should always go above and beyond to provide value first.

When you respect your email list, you are building trust and goodwill. Then, when you do have a product or service that you want to recommend, your conversions will be higher.

How Does an Autoresponder Work?

You cannot build an email list without using an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an email service that enables you to create email messages in advance.

You can then schedule those messages to send out at specific times. A sales funnel and autoresponder work hand-in-hand.

The autoresponder service that I currently use is ConvertKit. However, I’ve used others in the past such as Aweber and GetResponse.

How to Build Your Own Sales Funnels Quickly

building sales funnels

I’m so grateful that there are so many software services out there that make it easy for anyone to create an online business.

Funnel creation is no different. There are various services out there that you can choose but I use and recommend ClickFunnels™.

ClickFunnels™ is a sales funnel builder software that anyone can use. It is drag-and-drop and no technical experience is required.

I demonstrate how to use it in the video below:

The way I build my funnels is by starting with a squeeze page and a thank you page. If I am giving away an online course, I will create the necessary pages as needed.

However, many times, a simple opt-in and thank you page are all that I need. I like to keep my funnels simple.

The great thing about using ClickFunnels™ is that you can build your funnels as simple or as complex as you want.

If part of your funnel doesn’t make sense later on, you can remove the part that you want without having to remove the whole thing and start over.

You can think of it as building blocks. You put the pieces together and you can take them apart just as easily.

One thing I do recommend is reading Russell Brunson’s (the creator of ClickFunnels™) book, DotCom Secrets. He goes into great detail about using sales funnels.

Reading that book is the reason why I have even started to use sales funnels in my own business.

Now that I have begun using them, there is no way that I will not use them going forward. I have already received results and I know in time, my funnels will prove themselves time and time again.

You can get a free copy of the book (plus shipping) by clicking here.

Driving Traffic to Your Sales Funnels

Once you have your sales funnels up, the only thing left to do is to drive traffic to them. You can do this using free or paid methods.

Creating a YouTube channel is an awesome free traffic source. Don’t worry if you are uncomfortable about being in front of a camera because you don’t have to be.

You can create screencast videos. That is primarily what I do and I use Screencast-O-Matic which is free.

Instagram and Facebook are also really good free traffic sources. Depending on what your funnel is selling, you provide free content related to your niche and link everything back to your funnel.

If you prefer using paid traffic, Facebook is a good option. Keep in mind that paid traffic has its own learning curve so learn as much as you can before using it.

Wrapping Up

I hope that this post has been helpful in showing you an alternative way to sell affiliate products without using a blog.

Blogging is still an awesome way to earn income online as well as a great way to drive free traffic to your sales funnels.


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