Nostalgic Affiliate Marketing Products

I thought I’d write a fun post today about the affiliate marketing products that I remember from back in the day.

It is what you could call my affiliate marketing history lesson. Several of these internet marketers are still around and doing great things.

Some of the products I mention I did not buy. However, I will highlight why I found them interesting at the time.

I am starting in no particular order. I’m simply sharing what comes to mind as I reminisce. With that being said, let’s take a trip back in time!

The Rich Jerk

the rich jerk

I actually met the creator of the original ebook, Kelly Felix. I had an interview with his company back in the day.

Even though I didn’t get the job, it was my first exposure to affiliate marketing. I went home and immediately began researching what it was all about.

I was hooked and thus began my journey trying out all of the different make money online methods I could find for free.

The ebook was actually great from what I remember and was worth the money at the time. Again, my problem was getting traffic.

PPC advertising was the fastest way to get traffic and I didn’t have the knowledge or the budget.

High Performance Affiliate Marketing

high performance affiliate marketing

This ebook was released around 2006 by super affiliate Jeremy Palmer. He also ran a website called

I remember being super excited about his website and his ebook. Quit my day job? Where do I sign up? Like many newbies, the prospect of quitting your job was really enticing!

The ebook sold for $49.95 at the time and I recall wanting to buy it badly. I don’t think I did. However, I do remember seeing one of Jeremy’s affiliate sites and it was put together very well.

Of course, the difficult thing back then (and even today) was getting traffic. No matter how nice an affiliate site you have, it won’t make money without traffic.

The big traffic source back then for affiliate websites was Google Adwords (pay-per-click ads). Although PPC is still used today, there are way more paid traffic sources other than Google Adwords.

7 Dollar Secrets

7 dollar secrets

This ebook was written by Jonathan Leger. He is an internet marketer / software developer who has been creating awesome internet marketing software since 2004.

I did buy this ebook many years ago and really enjoyed the content. Basically, it was about creating small information products (ebooks) and selling them for $7 each.

He covered how to get traffic, one of which was to get other affiliates to promote your products.

I believe this ebook also included some software in which you could install on your server which tracked and paid your affiliates as well.

It was so many years ago so I am not for certain what all was included. I can tell you that I did end up creating an information product and sold it for $7.

I’m not certain of what traffic method I used (likely it was PPC) but I did manage to sell several of my items.

Not enough to quit my day job but his concept of selling inexpensive info products worked.

The Conduit Method

conduit method

This was another great affiliate marketing product that actually worked. It was written by Chris Rempel who used to run a blog called

The method was to create review websites in which you pieced together your reviews from other reviews you found online.

You wouldn’t copy and paste whole reviews but a small tidbit and include a statement such as “as stated on”.

You could also include details about the product such as price, who sells it, what is included, etc.

I applied his strategy to a health & fitness website I used to have and I actually made several sales. It was very exciting!

Of course, this strategy would not work today because it would be considered a thin affiliate site. It worked like a charm at the time!

BANS – Build a Niche Store

build a niche store

This was another money maker for me at the time. BANS sites were built using WordPress and monetized using Ebay’s affiliate program.

I remember hearing about it from an affiliate marketer that I used to follow.

He used to run a chatroom and taught anyone who wanted to learn, how he made money online. One of the ways he was doing so was by creating hundreds of these BANS sites.

He would then build backlinks to these BANS sites using automated software (all very blackhat SEO).

I followed his instructions by buying exact match domains and backlinking (automated) to my BANS sites like crazy.

It was a lot of flipping work but I did make several hundred dollars per month. It was short-lived because around that time, Google began deindexing thin affiliate websites.

Lessons Learned from Buying Some of These Affiliate Marketing Products

wrong way

As you can probably tell, marketing websites back in the day often involved PPC ads or blackhat SEO.

I dabbled in blackhat SEO more than anything and actually ended up damaging one of my more legitimate websites because of it.

As years passed, I did manage to make money online by blogging about a health product I used.

My mistake was that I didn’t continue on with affiliate marketing. I became too comfortable in my day jobs to take my websites seriously.

At the time, I didn’t know how to create a legitimate business online. My websites were more of a hobby than anything.

I would go weeks and even months at a time without posting any content.

Starting Over from Scratch

After being laid off from my previous job, I knew I had to do something different. I no longer wanted to rely on a job to make ends meet.

I started a blog and created content on a consistent basis. A year and a half after starting my blog, I was able to transition into working for myself.

Any online venture requires time, patience, and dedication. A blog is a great way to create long-term semi-passive income online. Feel free to download my free guide on how to earn a consistent income online.

Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned above? I’d love to read about your experience in the comments below!


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