Should You Promote Affiliate Products You Don’t Use?

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Whether or not you should promote affiliate products you don’t use is a question most affiliate marketers have to ask themselves eventually.

The answer, in my opinion, is yes and no. Promoting products you don’t use could be considered unethical. However, there is a way to promote tons of products without having ever used them.

In this post, I will explain the pros and cons of promoting affiliate products that you’ve never used before.

I will also point out why promoting products that you are very familiar with can be really profitable.

The Cons of Promoting Affiliate Products You Don’t Use

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When I started out in affiliate marketing, I read a lot of shady information. The thought of easy money online was enticing.

I went about promoting products I had never used by recommending them using pay-per-click advertising and creating niche websites around the product. I got nowhere fast.

Why is it so difficult promoting products you’ve never used?

For one thing, it is very difficult to convince someone else to try a product you’ve never used yourself.

Chances are you are promoting an affiliate product using a landing page or a niche website.

Either way, it is difficult to come up with good content that highlights the benefits of that product.

As an affiliate marketer, your job isn’t necessarily to sell a product, but rather recommend it.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and is directed to the products sales page, the person should already be convinced that it is a product they want to buy.

This is what’s called “pre-selling.”

The Downside of Faking Product Reviews

It is easy to fake a product review. It is also unethical. Many people have actually purchased the products that they’ve reviewed.

A fake product review means you have gathered details about a product using other people’s reviews. You then write a review based on your findings.

The problem with this is that you are not genuinely helping anyone with your review. You are simply regurgitating what others have said about the product.

What is your honest opinion about the product? Can you elaborate more on the product?

Don’t underestimate your readers. People can tell when someone is just trying to sell them something. You will be doing yourself a disservice as well.

Why You Shouldn’t Recreate Sales Pages

If your plan is to recreate a sales page of the affiliate product you are promoting, it may not be the best idea.

Many new affiliate marketers oversell a product by creating a sales page which then directs users to another sales page.

Your visitors will be confused as to why they’ve gone from one sales page to another. I’ve tried this tactic as a newbie and never made a sale.

Every sale I’ve made came about when I wrote about using the product myself. I didn’t try to convince people to buy. I simply shared my experience.

Why Writing Genuine Helpful Content Sells More Products

affiliate sales

When I finally started making consistent sales online it was because I began promoting a product I used on a regular basis.

It was a meal replacement shake and I truly enjoyed using it. It helped with my weight loss as well as providing other health benefits.

I built a niche website around this product.

It was essentially a blog which focused on health & fitness. I would write my own experience with using the shake.

When visitors landed on my website, they were targeted because they were searching for specific information about this product.

I received many sales and still have recurring sales each month because of that one website:

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How to Sell Products You’ve Never Used in an Ethical Manner

If you cannot afford to buy an affiliate product that you want to promote, don’t despair.

You can promote a ton of affiliate products you’ve never used in an ethical manner.

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of a niche website. Think about any topic that you are passionate about.

You can create a website around a topic you love (for free in fact!) and you can expect to find a ton of affiliate products that you can promote around your topic.

A great example of an affiliate program with tons of products is’s Associates Program.

Let’s say for example that you love to cook. You love creating recipes, trying recipes, etc.

You could create an awesome food blog and promote various kitchen appliances.

The reason this is ethical is because you are placing ads on your website of products related to your niche.

If a visitor clicks on those ads and makes a purchase, you make a commission!

affiliate marketing flowchart

What You Need to Get Started – Your Own Niche Website

Getting started is easy but there are a number of things you will need to learn along the way. The process of making money online is simple:

niche website flowchart

Learning how to build a niche website can be overwhelming. You could look for free information online but you’ll come away with having tons of questions.

Personally, I need guidance and I like being able to ask questions when I need help. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s online business training course.

Before I joined as a free starter member, I was spinning my wheels with trying to figure out how to create a long-term online business for myself.

The money I made online was like a hobby for me. After being laid off from my previous job, I wanted to make affiliate marketing a full-time income.

I knew the only way to accomplish this was by learning how to do it properly from people who have already done it.

I was also on a major budget and I couldn’t afford other online training programs that cost thousands of dollars.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join with free starter training. They even give you a free website so you can start your business within minutes.

If you want to build your business for the long-term, you have the option of becoming a premium member (I did after one day and I’m not looking back!)

In Conclusion

I hope I have answered your question about whether or not you should promote affiliate products you don’t use.

You can do so in an ethical manner. Regardless of whether you promote products you use or don’t use, you’ll get the best results by having the knowledge of how to do so.

I recommend reading my Wealthy Affiliate FAQ page.

The better you are equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to create a legitimate online business, the more success you will have!

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