Can Ready Made Amazon Niche Sites Help You?

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I’ve come across different articles in which the author basically says that building Amazon affiliate websites are a waste of time. However, there are plenty of people that still build websites and earn income from the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

Although the Amazon Associates’ commissions are low, the affiliate program isn’t the worse. The products convert on Amazon a lot easier than other programs. There are millions of products and tons of people shop there. That being said, I think ready made Amazon niche sites can be beneficial and profitable.

Why Ready Made Amazon Niche Sites are Worth Investing In

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Building niche sites, in general, are time-consuming and require a lot of patience and time. The process of building a niche website include factors such as:

  • Niche selection
  • Domain registration/web hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Keyword reserach
  • Initial content creation

Besides that, once you have your website up, you must then continue to create content to place on your blog. Creating and maintaining a niche blog is hard work!

I know this first-hand as I maintain a few niche blogs of my own. However, I do find it enjoyable to blog in niches that I genuinely like.

As far as ready made Amazon niche sites are concerned, they can and do offer some advantages for anyone that wants affiliate websites of their own.

Saves a Ton of Time

For one thing, a ready-made niche site saves a ton of time. As mentioned above, there are many steps that must be taken when building a website from scratch.

Even with all of my experience, it is a time-consuming process. I can imagine how overwhelming it must feel for someone completely new to affiliate marketing who wants to get their website up.

Your Niche is Already Researched and Chosen

Many people new to affiliate marketing struggle with niche selection. I often go for niches that I know and like. However, many people have found success running website in which they are not familiar with the niche.

Sometimes you want to be in a niche that you know will have sales based on market research. A ready made niche website can provide this type of niche for you.

For example, many done for you Amazon niche site services perform this necessary research so that you can pick the niche you want and get started right away.

A Ready Made or Aged Amazon Niche Website May Already Be Ranking

One huge benefit of buying a ready-made Amazon niche affiliate website is that it is likely already indexed in the search engines and may already have some of its posts ranking.

That puts you way ahead when you compare it to starting a brand new website on your own. It can take many months before any of your content begins to rank in the search engines.

What Does an Amazon Affiliate Website Look Like?

A typical niche affiliate website is in the form of a blog. This is common because a majority of niche websites rely on SEO (search engine optimization) for free web traffic.

This is why you often read or hear the phrase that “content is king”. Content is what helps website pages to rank.

The more good content you put out, the more chances of people landing on one of your web pages. Think of your blog posts as employees that are out marketing for you 24 hours a day.

Many Amazon niche sites are also product review websites. You do not have to go this route, however. You can include product reviews but your entire blog does not have to be about product reviews.

You can create helpful content and recommend products within your content that relate to the topic that you are writing about.

For example, if you were writing a post about the best way to clean pet fur from your carpet and furniture, you could recommend and link to a vacuum cleaner (with your Amazon affiliate link) that you use yourself.

How Much Can an Amazon Affiliate Site Make?

Since Amazon’s commissions are low, it is easy to think that a building a niche site using only Amazon Associates won’t make much.

I have come across affiliates that earn anywhere from $500 per month to $3,000+ per month just from the Amazon Associates program.

Don’t Promote Products Only On Amazon

You always have the option to focus your niche website only on the Amazon affiliate program. Many people do and have success.

I do recommend promoting other affiliate products and/or services on your niche website as well if it is possible.

Another option is to have more than one niche website in your online portfolio. For example, you can have multiple Amazon niche affiliate sites and multiple niche sites that earn from other revenue streams.

Your niche websites can earn income from display ads, CPA offers, your own products, and more. Many niche blog owners monetize in several ways to earn income.

Diversifying your online portfolio is the best way to go. Amazon niche sites are a great way to diversify.

My Final Tips for Managing a Niche Website

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Managing my own niche blogs has been a blast. They have provided me with consistent online income and best of all, time-freedom. Here are my tips for owning niche websites:

Take it Seriously

  • People start new blogs every single day and a majority of those blogs will be abandoned in the first 6 months. If you truly want to earn income from your blog, take it seriously and put in the work. You may not earn a dime for the first 8 to 10 months. That is normal. You will not reach success if you give up. FYI: it took me a little over a year to earn a consistent income. It is a slow process but so worth it.

Write Content to Answer Your Audience’s Questions

  • Whatever niche you are in, your target audience will have tons of questions related to that niche. All you have to do is some keyword research using Google or other free keyword tools like Answer the Public to find out what your audience is needing help with. Answering those questions in the form of helpful blog posts not only helps your content to rank but increases the chances of earning affiliate commissions.

Focus On One Blog at a Time

  • Many new affiliates make the mistake of wanting to crank out as many affiliate websites as possible to increase their earnings faster. I’ve made that mistake as well only to realize that I am one person and maintaining one blog is already plenty of work. If you can’t afford to outsource the work, your best bet is to grow one blog and then move on to building another. Juggling more than one in the early stages will only burn you out and tempt you to want to give up.

Wrapping Up

Finally, have fun! No matter what type of niche website that you choose to create, you will be the proud owner of a piece of virtual real estate.

Your website is an investment that will grow and earn over time for many years to come. Enjoy the process and take what you learn to keep growing your online portfolio.

That being said, if a ready made Amazon niche site interests you, click here to explore your options.

Learn how I went from zero to making a consistent income online with affiliate marketing.
Click here to learn how I did it.


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