Should I Become an Amazon Affiliate? – Three Good Reasons Why

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The affiliate program is one of the most used affiliate programs for beginner affiliate marketers.

It is with good reason. It is easy to join, there are tons of products to promote related to any one niche, and you earn commission for ANY product someone buys through your affiliate links.

If you are wondering, “should I become an Amazon affiliate?”, I’ll explain with three good reasons why you should.

Reason #1: It’s Easy to Join and Get Started

The Amazon affiliate program is called Amazon Associates. You can sign up as an affiliate using your account.

If you do not have an Amazon account already, they will prompt you to create one. I have always had established websites when I’ve applied for the program.

I haven’t experienced being rejected from the program myself. I’m sure there are those who have not been approved due to one reason or another.

For the most part, if you have a website and abide by the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement, you’ll likely be approved.

I believe if you do not make a sale within the first 90 days, they will drop you from the program. That is something you’ll want to double check.

Reason #2: Tons of Products to Promote for Almost Any Niche

Amazon is HUGE. There are tons of products to promote. Regardless of your niche, I’m almost certain you will find multiple products to promote as an affiliate.

For example. Let’s say you create a website about all about suba diving. You can go to Amazon and do a search for scuba diving equipment.

You can choose which scuba gear you’d like to promote on your website. You can promote them by writing product reviews or placing them within your post as recommended products.

I like to use the Native Shopping Ads feature for this purpose. These ads look just like the one below:

You can create Native Shopping Ads as well as other product links using the “Product Linking” tab at the top of the page inside of your Amazon Associates account.

Now when any of your visitors click on any of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission!

Reason #3: You Can Earn Commission for Any Product Someone Buys

Let’s say you have your scuba diving gear affiliate links throughout your scuba diving website. You check your Amazon Associates account and realize you’ve made some commissions.

You also notice that some of the products that were purchased have nothing to do with scuba diving.

This is because regardless of what someone buys on the Amazon website, you will earn a commission so long as they have clicked on one of your affiliate links.

The Amazon Advertising Session

Something to keep in mind is when the Amazon cookie ends. A cookie is a text file that stores specific information in a user’s browser.

It is the way affiliate program track your commissions.

Some affiliate programs have cookie lengths of 30 days or longer. Amazon’s advertising session lasts for 24 hours after a user clicks on your link.

Your session also ends once the user buys a non-digital product or if the user clicks on someone else’s affiliate link.

How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the easiest and best ways to make money with the Amazon affiliate program is by creating a niche website and promoting the products on it.

Let’s think about our scuba diving niche website for example. If you have a love for scuba diving, you can write various articles pertaining to it.

You can then recommend various scuba gear within your post and when your web visitors click on your affiliate links (which Amazon provides you) and makes a purchase, you earn your commission.

Your niche website can also contain products reviews. Product reviews are great because people that are ready to buy a product often search for reviews before making their final decision.

What are Amazon Commission Rates?

Each of Amazon’s product categories has different commission rates. They can range anywhere from 0.00% up to 10.00% as of this writing.

You can get the most up to date Amazon commission rates by clicking here.

The Easiest Way to Create Your First Amazon Associates Niche Website

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I found Wealthy Affiliate and signed up as a free starter member. The rest is history. Now I create and manage all of my niche websites with WA.

The continuing education and positive community of affiliate marketers are invaluable. Besides, the owners (Kyle and Carson) are always around to lend you a hand if you ever feel stuck.

The training works! Your only job is to follow it step-by-step. There are many WA members who have achieved full-time incomes from one website.

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In Conclusion

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a good idea for any affiliate marketer. It never hurts to add another stream of income to your online portfolio.

It is probably one of the easiest affiliate programs to get started with for beginners.

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