Make a Small Niche Website Profitable as an Affiliate – Earn $500 or More Per Month

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I have learned quite a bit about making a small niche website profitable using affiliate marketing.

No matter how much you read or watch videos about the process, there is nothing that will teach you better than your own experience.

In this post, I will share my personal online journey of making a small niche website profitable. What I share here can result in $500 per month or more so long as you put in consistent effort.

Hopefully, you will take away some key points and become motivated to build your own successful niche website.

Niche Websites are Fun and Easy to Manage

Out of all the ways to earn income online, a niche blog has to be one of the easiest and most fun methods.

You get to create a blog around a niche that you enjoy which makes it fun to share information that you know or learn about.

Managing a blog is one of the easiest online business models. In comparison to an eCommerce website, you do not have to deal with customer service, refunds, or returns.

All you have to do is write useful content that helps the people interested in your niche.

What is difficult is having the patience to go months without your blog earning any income. Sometimes you won’t make your first commission from affiliate marketing for 8 months or longer.

However, if you can keep focus and remember that you are building a long-term online business, you will reach your goals.

How to Build a Profitable Website from Scratch

small niche website

Niche Selection – Be Picky About This!

In order to get going, you will first need to decide what your niche will be. In my opinion, the best niche websites to create are the ones in which you truly enjoy the topic.

You will read varying opinions in which some niche bloggers will recommend sticking to niches that are sure money makers.

But here’s the thing…if you do not have a genuine interest in your niche, the chances of you abandoning your blog are extremely high.

I know this for a fact because I’ve done it numerous times myself. So choose a niche that you could talk about (or in our case, write about) on a regular basis.

Save yourself a lot of time by choosing a niche that you have a strong interest in.

Don’t stress over choosing a niche that is sure to make money. Any niche you choose has the potential to earn income.

If you are having trouble choosing a niche, then you can explore the profitable website ideas that fall under the top three evergreen niches:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Again, at least have some level of interest in the topic if it falls under one of these evergreen niches. If you don’t know much about it, be willing to learn and share your knowledge on your blog.

Setting Up Your Blog

I build all of my niche websites using WordPress. As far as themes go, I have been fine using free themes. I’ve used paid themes in the past and I really don’t know if it made much of a difference.

I suppose some paid themes may help to improve your website’s load time but I do not have the desire to do the research on it myself (as of yet.)

However, I am picky about web hosting providers. I have used several different web hosting providers in the past.

My biggest pet peeve is poor customer service. When I decided to find a new web hosting provider, I wanted one that not only worked well but had excellent customer service.

Thankfully, I read a lot of good reviews about SiteGround. My experience with using SiteGround has been beyond awesome.

Their customer service is the best I’ve experienced with any hosting provider. Here is one of my most recent customer service interactions using their live chat feature:

live chat

I was requesting installation of the ionCube loader for one of my websites and the customer service rep did so within seconds.

That is how all of my customer service interactions have been handled. Super fast and super friendly. If you are needing web hosting, I highly recommend SiteGround.

Don’t Promote Affiliate Products You Don’t Use or Have Experience With

affiliate products

Similar to how I choose niches, the best affiliate products you can promote are those that you use yourself (or have experience with.)

I have found it difficult to promote products and services that I have never used. When I have experience with what I am promoting, I write with confidence that what I am sharing will also help my readers.

Promoting products that I have experience with has resulted in my best earnings as an affiliate marketer.

Stick to Promoting No More Than 1 to 3 Products Max

I found it to be so much easier to promote no more than three affiliate products per niche website.

You can promote as many as you like but when you choose no more than three, it helps to maintain the focus of your blog.

I feel that it also builds trust with your readers as you are not coming across as if you are trying to make a buck off of anything and everything you could possibly promote.

Niche Blogging Tip:

One mistake that I feel new niche bloggers make is being impatient and trying to make a quick buck.

When I created my blog, I knew that it was going to take time before it would be profitable. I was willing to work hard regardless of how long it took.

That mindset is what made the difference in me not giving up because I didn’t get results quickly.

Learn How to Write with Intent and for Conversions

Earning income from your niche website doesn’t magically happen because you put affiliate links in your content.

If you want consistent conversions, you have to learn how to write with intent as well as writing in a way to increase your conversions.

Honestly, I struggled with this myself which is why I failed so many times when I tried to earn income with my websites in the past.

When I took affiliate marketing seriously, I sought out an affiliate marketing training course so that I wouldn’t continue spinning my wheels.

It made all the difference for me. Like anything that you want to become proficient in, you have to learn the skills and put them into practice.

Last But Not Least – Create Content On a Consistent Basis

creating content

It always baffles me when I explain how I earn income with my blogs to friends and acquaintances only to hear them say something along the lines of, “that’s a lot of work.”

If you are thinking the same way, lose that mentality right now. Out of all the ways to earn income online, blogging is not hard.

What is hard is being self-disciplined enough to stick with it so that you can build a profitable online business.

Content creation takes work whether your content is in the form of blogging, podcasting, or video creation.

Although you may come across successful niche bloggers, you have to keep in mind that many of them have been running their blogs for YEARS.

It doesn’t mean that it will take you many years to earn a decent income. It is important to understand that successful niche bloggers treat their blogs as a business and not a hobby.

To Recap

Making a small niche website profitable isn’t impossible. All it takes is the right mindset and consistent effort. To recap:

  • Choose a niche you truly enjoy
  • Use WordPress and good web hosting
  • Don’t promote affiliate products that you don’t use or have experience with
  • Promote no more than 1 to 3 affiliate products per website
  • Learn how to write with intent and for conversions
  • Create content on a consistent basis

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