What is the Best way to Start a Blog and Make Money?

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Are you eager and excited to start a blog for the purpose of creating a consistent income online? If so, I know you will find this post useful as I share my own process for doing just that.

There is a method for starting a blog in order to have it make money. I won’t go into much detail about how to actually install a blog or how to register a domain name. You can easily accomplish both through most commercial web hosting providers.

I will explain how I go about creating an affiliate website for earning a passive income online. Is it the best way? Not likely, but it is a way that has worked for me and will hopefully work for you as well.

Decide Your Niche and What You Want to Promote

Since you are for certain that you want to earn income with your blog, you can decide what niche you want to be in and what products you want to promote.

Sometimes it is easier to base your niche around a product that you use on a regular basis. Many products already have affiliate programs.

For example, I use two web hosting providers: Dreamhost and SiteGround. Both of them have an affiliate program.

If I wanted, I could create a website about building websites and recommend these web hosts to my readers.

Another example could be physical products. Let’s say you love making pizza at home. You make your own dough and experiment with new ingredients.

You could create a pizza blog detailing your experiences and link to pizza related products on Amazon.com such as pizza ovens, pizza stones, and more.

Amazon has its own affiliate program as well so you could earn commissions each time a reader clicked on your affiliate links and bought a product.

From my experience, it is much easier to promote affiliate products that you have used or are familiar with and that you know will benefit your readers.

Create Content On an Ongoing Basis

A blog isn’t a blog without content posted on a regular basis. If you want your blog to earn income, you must create helpful content regularly.

My personal goal is to post new content at least 2 to 3 times per week. Sometimes I can do more and sometimes I don’t meet my goal at all.

I always strive to write as often as possible because it makes a difference. Content brings free organic traffic to my website. Here are my tips for creating content:

Do Your Keyword Research

  • I use both free and paid methods for keyword research. In most cases, I start off using Google search and typing in keywords related to my niche to find out what others are searching for. I also use Answer the Public to learn what types of questions people are asking in my niche. Finally, I use a paid keyword tool called Jaaxy because I like to know how many searches a month my keywords get as well as the overall competition. I don’t think any paid keyword tool is super accurate but I have had good results with this one.

Write Longer Content

  • Writing short blog posts doesn’t work any longer. The search engines want to provide the best results possible. There is no way to cover a topic in only 3 to 5 paragraphs. You do not have to write a novel but write in order to help your audience. More often than not, your content will end up being long anyway. On average, my blog posts are 1,000 words or more. Longer content means you are serving your readers and the bonus is that you have even more keywords in your post that you could possibly rank for.

Does Blogging Really Work?

Below are two examples of how blogging has worked for me. All I did was what I’ve written above: keyword research and writing helpful content.

I target long-tail keyword phrases. Meaning, keywords that get searches but are not highly competitive.

In the example below, I was targeting the phrase “I don’t want to work in an office anymore”. Although it is a long phrase, it brings me regular traffic.

There are two posts on my blog that rank in both the #1 and #2 positions in Google:

keyword ranking

Here is another example:

ranking for keywords

In the example above, I was targeting the keyword phrase: “turnkey online business opportunities”. My post is currently ranking #1 and so is my YouTube video that I created on the topic.

Long-tail keyword phrases are great to write for because they deliver targeted traffic on a regular basis once your content begins to rank.

On a side note, I did not do any backlinking on these posts besides linking to my social media accounts.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Links

There are many ways to make money with a blog but my primary method is promoting affiliate products. The way I promote products is right within my content.

I often do product reviews and link to them from other posts. Or I link directly to what I am recommending as it relates to what I’m writing.

Your affiliate links are provided by the affiliate program that you’ve signed up with. You can find affiliate programs easily by simply doing a web search. Below I searched for a “stop snoring” affiliate program:

snore product affiliates

You can also join affiliate networks such as ShareASale or Clickbank. There are an abundance of affiliate programs so whatever niche you are in, there is sure to be products to promote.

What is the Best Way to Start a Blog and Make Money? – It is To Get Started

After reading this post, you may either still be super excited about starting a blog in order to make money or you are completely turned off by the amount of work involved.

Compared to other ways that you can earn income online, blogging is low-maintenance in comparison. You can work on your blog at your convenience.

The earning potential is unlimited and so are the opportunities that can come with it. The key is to get started and not to quit even when it feels like you’re not making any progress.

One thing that helped me a couple of years ago was following an affiliate website training course. I was able to stay focused and I had a plan.

A blogging course may help you as well. Here is one worth looking into.

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