The Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

There are ALL types of affiliate marketing courses available online. Years ago, this was not the case.

Fortunately, today you have your choice. You can pick and choose amongst many valuable courses.

In this post, I will highlight some of the most popular affiliate marketing courses for beginners.

I’ll share resources in which you can find courses, and finish off with what I consider the best affiliate marketing course for beginners.

Why Bother Taking an Affiliate Marketing Course?

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Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or have dabbled in it for several months or years, taking an actual course can have many benefits.

The biggest benefit being that you can finally stop spinning your wheels and quit making the same mistakes over and over again.

I was in that exact situation myself up until I made the decision to stop doing things the same way I had been.

It was time for me to find a legitimate online business training course, particularly one that focused on affiliate marketing.

For years I had been dabbling off and on in affiliate marketing. I managed to make consistent sales and still do today thanks to recurring income.

However, I was never able to grow my affiliate marketing efforts into a full-time income because I didn’t have the right information or guidance.

The Benefits of Taking an Affiliate Marketing Course

For the longest time, I was determined to learn things on my own and do things my way. There is nothing wrong with finding your information for free.

However, if you are getting nowhere with it or even worse, following bad advice, you may want to consider increasing your knowledge with structured training.

Here are the benefits I have received from taking an affiliate marketing course:

  • Learning from one place instead of bits and pieces around the web
  • Staying up to date in the affiliate marketing industry
  • Meeting other internet marketers of all experience levels
  • Following a structured course
  • Experiencing results from my training

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular affiliate marketing courses on the web.

Clickbank University

As an affiliate marketer, you are sure to have heard about Clickbank and if you haven’t, you likely will learn more about it.

Clickbank is a service that allows people to sell their digital products. Clickbank acts as the payment processor as well as processing payments for affiliate commissions.

The Clickbank University course trains users primarily on how to create digital products of their own to market and sell on Clickbank.

Rather than being an affiliate, you will be reaching out to other affiliates to promote your product. I think product creation is always good to learn.

Many affiliate marketers have transitioned into product creators. If that is more of your calling rather than being an affiliate yourself, this is probably a great online training course for you.

However, if you prefer to learn how to be an affiliate first or have no interest in product creation, there are more targeted courses to choose from.

Price: $47 monthly

JV Zoo Academy

The JV Zoo Academy course is slightly different than Clickbank University in the sense that it teaches both how to create products as well as selling as an affiliate.

If you haven’t heard of JV Zoo, it is also a platform in which you can sell your digital products or promote other people’s products as an affiliate. They handle all of the transactions and payments.

This may be a good course for anyone who wants to learn both aspects of affiliate marketing: product creation and being an affiliate of a product.

Price: $47 monthly

Niche Pursuits Insider

I recently did a brief overview of Niche Pursuits Insider.

This course teaches students how to create online businesses by building niche websites as well as how to sell products using Amazon FBA.

I think this is a great course for affiliate marketers of all levels. Even if you have some experience, it wouldn’t hurt to add niche websites to your online business portfolio.

Price: $47 monthly

Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate online business training course is great for beginners as well as experienced affiliate marketers alike.

I became a free starter of Wealthy Affiliate a year ago (as of this writing) and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service.

Unlike most affiliate marketing courses, Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one service which includes web hosting, domain registration, ongoing training, and more.

It truly is worth its monthly fee. I don’t think most affiliate marketing courses offer anywhere near what WA does.

What is even better is that you can test out everything for free. No credit card required.

==> Click here to read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Price: $49 monthly

Udemy Courses

If you are not interested in paying monthly membership fees, Udemy is a great option for learning what you specifically want to know about affiliate marketing.

There are tons of courses available by doing a search for affiliate marketing. They are typically low-cost averaging around the $10 range.

There is also a rating system so you can read other people’s reviews before investing in a course.

The website is similar to Udemy in that it offers various online courses.

The one big difference I’ve noticed is that there aren’t nearly as many affiliate marketing courses on Lynda as there are on Udemy.

My #1 Recommendation for the Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

I can say from personal experience that Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot for its students. The training is easy to follow.

You will be creating your very own niche website as you go along. No experience with websites, web hosting, or domain buying is necessary.

The service includes all of that inside. Technical support is crazy fast. You can contact support regarding your website day or night.

Each time I have contacted support, I have received a reply within minutes! I have never experienced technical support as fast and reliable as this.

I really do feel that beginner affiliate marketers will benefit greatly from an online business training course such as Wealthy Affiliate.

==> Click here to learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate teaches about starting an online business.

I hope that this post has provided some great options for you in terms of choosing an affiliate marketing course that fit your needs.

Closing Advice

work for it

Regardless of which course you choose, my best advice is to put your knowledge to work. Earning income from affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight.

The worst thing you can do is invest in an online training course and then do nothing with the information you’ve learned.

I have even seen this happen inside of Wealthy Affiliate. As awesome as the training is and even with all of the tools they provide, many people have still wasted so much time by not following through.

Even the other day, I read someone’s post mentioning how it was their fault because the person was no good at ever finishing anything.

An entire year was wasted! I promised myself that I wouldn’t give up no matter how frustrating it can sometimes be.

Now, I look back and I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished. Put your training to work! You will be amazed at what you can do in 6 months to a year.


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