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Why I Chose Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama

When I discovered affiliate marketing there were hardly any options for learning how to start your own online business.

While there are many more places to learn today, the choices can be confusing. However, there are two similar services that stand out amongst the crowd.

These services are Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama. This article isn’t exactly a head-to-head comparison of Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama but rather a deeper look at my decision-making process for choosing one over the other.

Hopefully, you will have an a-ha moment of your own and get a better sense of what you are needing in an affiliate marketing training course.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama – Both are Free to Join

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If both are free to join, what is the real difference? What you get by joining WA as a free member is much different than what you get at Affilorama.

Start Learning Step-by-Step Immediately with Wealthy Affiliate

When you join WA as a free starter member, you are actually test driving the entire service. That means you have access to the step-by-step lessons and can launch your first website immediately using their SiteRubix website creator.

Affilorama gives you access to 120 videos with articles but the lessons only give you a basic overview of what affiliate marketing is all about. Unless you upgrade to become a premium member or buy their AffiloBlueprint product, you may still be at a loss as to how to get started.

Lower Monthly Fee with More Benefits

Both WA and Affilorama require upgrading to have access to more in-depth training. There is almost a $20 price difference between both services.

Wealthy Affiliate is $49 a month versus $67 a month at Affilorama. Don’t let the cheaper price of Wealthy Affiliate fool you. You get a whole lot more bang for your buck at Wealthy Affiliate.

I Get All in One Website Creation, Hosting, and Maintenance

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get up to 50 websites (25 of your own domains and 25 free .siterubix.com websites) plus web hosting. Affilorama offers free hosting for 15 domains as a premium member.

Another huge perk is the free SSL that Wealthy Affiliate provides when you buy your own domain and host your website with SiteRubix.

All of your website needs are handled by Wealthy Affiliate. Everything from installing your WordPress site, hosting, buying a domain name, and connecting your domain to your website.

That is a great benefit for those who feel technically challenged.

I Have Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Founders and Other Successful Marketers

Carson and Kyle
Carson and Kyle

Another huge plus is having access to the Wealthy Affiliate founders, Kyle and Carson.

You can email them inside of Wealthy Affiliate and expect to receive a reply in a timely manner. Mark Ling (founder of Affilorama) does not offer that kind of access.

Kyle and Carson are active inside of Wealthy Affiliate on a regular basis. I have corresponded with Kyle on numerous occasions and each time I have received genuine and sometimes lengthy replies.

Having access to not only the founders of Wealthy Affiliate but other successful and experienced internet marketers makes the premium membership worth the price.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is Top-Notch

When I joined as a free starter member I was blown away at how positive, friendly, and supportive the community at Wealthy Affiliate is.

Members welcomed me, congratulated me, and offered up their help. The environment encourages learning and no question is a dumb question.

Most questions I have already have an answer. I search for any question I have in the search area at the top of the page and numerous related topics show up.

However, I know that if I need help, all I have to do is ask.

I Have Access to Live Video Classes Each Friday

As far as Affilorama goes, I don’t know if they offer live video classes as a premium member. According to their website, the only thing included for $67 a month is:

  • 100+ free video lessons
  • Members’ forum
  • Advanced training videos
  • Product creation training
  • Affiliate Blog Bootcamp training
  • Free hosting for 15 domains

There is no listing of ongoing training. Wealthy Affiliate is always providing new training. The live video classes each week covers topics that help you with your online business.

No Spam and No Upsells

no spam

One thing I appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate is its dedication to maintaining a spam free environment.

You will never be bombarded with members attempting to sell you a new product or promoting their own affiliate links.

There are no upsells either. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have “advanced” products or services to promote to you in order to make more money.  Everything is already included.

Affilorama, however, upsells their members on their advanced training product, AffiloBlueprint. They also promote their other services, AffiloJetpack and AffiloTools.

It’s not to say their products are not good. I’m sure they are high-quality. However, all of the tools and training needed to develop a successful online business is offered inside Wealthy Affiliate.

For example, the AffiloJetpack service charges $997 for a done-for-you niche website.  The service does everything for you which is fine if you have that kind of money to spare.

However, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, I feel it is better to learn by doing. You can always use services like AffiloBlueprint later on (although I doubt you’ll want to once you learn how to do it yourself.)

In Conclusion

The great thing about choosing Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama is that both services are free to join and test out.

It was easy for me to go premium with Wealthy Affiliate. Once I took a look around and began the training, I knew it was the missing piece to increasing my affiliate marketing knowledge.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have found the service. It has changed the way I run my online business.

I did not get that with Affilorama. However, for anyone who wants to learn the basics of how affiliate marketing works, the free video lessons there do a good job of explaining it all.

Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job of getting you started quickly and has everything included without any gimmicks or upsells.

Learn for yourself which of these services fits your needs better:

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