Do You Need a Website for Affiliate Marketing?

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This is a common question that many who are new to affiliate marketing want to know. The short answer is no, you don’t need a website to earn income with affiliate marketing. BUT you would be missing a lot of opportunities to earn more by not having one.

I earn affiliate commissions with my websites as well as other channels. However, my websites are the most effective in terms of sales. I’ll explain why you should make it a point to create an affiliate website for your online business.

Ways to Promote Affiliate Products without a Website

There are numerous ways in which to promote affiliate products. For example, I create YouTube videos and treat them much in the same way I treat my websites by answering questions related to my niche.

In the video descriptions, I post recommendations to the affiliate products that I am promoting using my affiliate links. This is one method to promote without a website.

You can also promote on other social media channels such as:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Quora

One thing to keep in mind is that promoting on most social media channels isn’t super effective. First, you have to be sure that you are not spamming. That is a sure way to have your accounts closed.

Second, many people are not going to buy what you are selling simply because you link to it. It is difficult to make a cold sale—meaning, people on social media are not in the mindset to shop.

Another method of making affiliate sales without a website is through paid advertising. You can pay to have banner images placed on popular websites with your affiliate link.

You can also create a landing page pre-selling the product that you are promoting and use paid ads to promote the page.

A landing page is typically a one-page website so there is minimal maintenance involved.

Do You Need a Website for Affiliate Marketing? – Yes If You Want to Earn More

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Having your own affiliate website holds many benefits. For one, you have complete ownership of your content which is not the case when promoting on social media channels. You also have control of what you promote and how you promote it.

What is even more important with having your own affiliate website is that you can actually provide value to your readers.

Therefore, when you recommend products or services, they are genuine recommendations that can benefit your readers.

Having a website of your own also helps to establish trust. Your website visitors may be more apt to buy what you recommend if they feel your website is established and provides helpful content.

Having Your Own Website Provides Long-Term Free Organic Web Traffic

Another huge plus of creating your own niche affiliate website is that the content you create for your website can provide free organic web traffic for years to come.

Also, as mentioned earlier, you have complete ownership of your website. When you place content and links on other platforms such as social media sites, you do not have control over what happens to your content.

Other services have the authority to close your account or change their policies, all of which can affect your income if you rely solely on their services.

What Does an Affiliate Website Look Like?

Affiliate websites can vary depending on what is being promoted. Some affiliate sites focus on one particular product while others focus on various products within a niche.

There are authority sites, review sites, and blogs. Here are some examples of different types of affiliate websites:

These are only three examples but you can see how different they are in terms of how they promote affiliate products.

Outdoor Gear Lab is a huge authority website that focuses on reviewing all types of outdoor products. The writers for the website actually purchase and use every product they review.

Making Sense of Cents is a personal blog in which the author shares her experience with managing her finances. Her blog generates income through affiliate sales as well as sales of her own products.

Football Snack Helmets focuses on one specific product which is football snack helmets. While this is more of a seasonal affiliate website, it is still able to earn all year long.

Affiliate Websites are Made for the Long-Term

The real question to ask yourself is why do you want to get into affiliate marketing in the first place?

If your answer is to make a quick buck, then you will likely not last long if at all in this industry.

There is no such thing as fast money online, especially with affiliate marketing. Even if you plan to use pay-per-click advertising, you will still need a website.

Building an affiliate website is worth the investment as the payoff is worth it in the long-term. This is especially the case if you follow a step-by-step training course.

It wasn’t until I followed a course that I was able to finally make progress with my own websites. There are a lot of courses online but I’d recommend choosing one that specializes in earning with affiliate products such as this one.

How to Earn Income with an Affiliate Blog

If you want to be an affiliate marketer for the long-term and earn a consistent income online, it would be beneficial to create your own website.

It is what I did and it has led to my being able to transition from working a full-time retail job to working for myself.

What has worked for me has been to create websites in niches that I genuinely have an interest in. This makes it easy to create content on a regular basis.

Content is the bread and butter of any affiliate website. It is in your content that you promote affiliate products.

The key is to do so in a manner that helps your readers. When you help your readers, there will be a higher chance that they will buy what you are promoting.

This is where I’ve had the most success. I am not an expert by any means but I can share with you what has worked for me.

Here are some previous posts I’ve written on the topic of affiliate marketing and niche websites that may help:

Finally, consider learning how to build a money-making affiliate website from scratch. The training you get is invaluable and the process can be repeated over and over again.

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