What to Do When You’re Laid Off

I’ve held a job since I was 15 years old. My first job was at Mickey D’s (McDonald’s) as a cashier. My next job was at a fast food carnival themed restaurant. That place didn’t last very long.

After high school, I joined the military as a Food Service Specialist – a.k.a a cook. I was stationed in Korea for one year and worked harder than I ever had before.

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How to Sell On Ebay Successfully

Learning how to sell on eBay successfully requires a lot of trial and error. When we started, there was a big learning curve.

Selling on eBay is fun, somewhat easy, but there are some factors to be aware of before jumping in.

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3 Home Based Web Business Ideas To Start Today

I think everyone should have a side hustle. Looking back, I wish I had developed a better side hustle while I was at my last place of employment. I think the 3 home based web business ideas I outline below can help if you are seeking a new side hustle.

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