Egg Rolls, Pho, and A New Earth

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There were no big plans for today except for one morning appointment we had to attend in Encinitas. Afterwards, we decided to grab lunch. We were in the mood for pho and fortunately, Pho Ever was down the street. We’ve eaten at their other location many times. The great thing about this restaurant is that all rare steak is filet mignon. So good.

We always start off with the egg rolls as an appetizer. They are always delicious. It is best when you add some hot chili sauce on top of your egg roll before rolling it up in the lettuce leaf. Pho Ever is an awesome Vietnamese restaurant. You can’t go wrong with any of their locations.

egg rolls

A New Earth Is Life Changing

There wasn’t much else planned today besides doing the weekly laundry. I took some time out to continue reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I first read this book several years ago after borrowing it from the library. While I did learn some things from it then, this go ’round has truly changed my life.

I did not understand it nearly as much as I do now. Reading about how the ego works and the importance of awareness flew over my head. Otherwise, I would have practiced being conscious much sooner so that it would be second nature by now. However, there was a reason I stumbled upon this book again in order to re-read it. I actually found a copy at the local Goodwill for $1.99!

Midway through the book, I thought to myself: “It sure would be nice to find The Power of Now – the book Eckhart Tolle wrote before A New Earth. Like magic, a day or two later back in another local Goodwill, I searched the bookshelves and there it was: a copy of The Power of Now waiting for me! I was so excited. I love when stuff manifests so quickly and easily. It reminds me that all things can manifest that way if you simply let go and not worry about what you want to manifest.

Of course, that is often easier said than done. I’m reading a good book right now that outlines how to let go of worry in order to manifest easily. It is called It is Done! by Richard Dotts. I’ve read a couple of his other titles and they are all very good. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read It is Done! and some of his other titles for free.

I’ll wrap this post up now. I do have to say, when you have the time, check out A New Earth if you haven’t already.  It has become one of my all-time favorite books. Have you read it? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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