My Online Business Progress – Have You Started a Side Hustle Yet?

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A few years ago I used to teach web development at the technical school I had attended.

I taught students the basics of building a website and when we had extra time, I taught them how they could use their new skills to make money online.

When I showed them how I did it, they perked up and wanted to know more. One student even created his first website with the intent of making money.

At the end of the course, he sent me an email thanking me for sharing what I learned about making money online with the class.

I’ve always said my biggest mistake was treating the money I made online like a hobby. Things are much different today.

It is not only my side hustle, it is my dream, it is my business and I’m 100% devoted to making it work.

I’ll explain how you can do this too. No tricks, gimmicks, or recruiting involved. However, what is required is hard work, dedication, and patience.

How I Got Started with My Online Business and Why Cubicles are Depressing

open cubicle setting

I started actively writing on this blog in May of 2016. It wasn’t until June of 2016 that I decided to create an online business.

After I was laid off from my previous job, I decided that I no longer wanted to work in a cubicle again.

Not only that, I decided that I no longer wanted to work for anyone else ever again. While I do still have a full-time job to make ends meet, it is temporary.

I was lucky in getting this job. It is extremely low-stress and fits around my life, not the other way around.

Being laid off from my job felt like a curse during the time, but it turned out to be such a huge blessing.

It was my wake-up call to make my dreams a reality. When I first discovered how to make money online, I knew deep in my soul that it was what I wanted to do full-time.

The problem was, during those years, I was in a lot of debt. I was also very comfortable in my jobs which made me lazy and stagnant.

Instead of pursuing my dream of becoming full-time online, I remained employed until I was forced out of my job.

Cubicle Life is Depressing

cubicle life

I don’t care how fun a company tries to make cubicle life seem, at the end of the day, it is all a facade.

At the end of my work day, I felt mentally drained and I didn’t want to do much else but eat and sleep.

I gained a ton of weight from eating out of boredom and sitting 8+ hours a day. There was no upward growth and I had basically stopped learning anything useful.

What I did at my web jobs wasn’t anything more special than what I do now. They were jobs in which I got a paycheck every two weeks.

If anything, I feel cubicle life was worse than what I do now. The monotony of it all was enough to drive anyone crazy.

You Can Escape Cubicle Life

You are not alone in the way you feel. Sometimes it isn’t always about the money when it comes to holding down a job.

There are other jobs out there that you can do and not feel stressed out or depressed about going to work.

Even though I was forced out of my cubicle job, it was one of the best things to happen to me! Looking back, I wish I had escaped the cubicle sooner!

You can escape the cubicle and there are jobs out there that work around your life and not you working around a job.

My #1 goal right now is my online business. I needed a job that would allow me to focus on my business without bringing home stress.

I stressed out over someone else’s company for years. I’d bring my web work home with me and worked on my off time trying to meet deadlines.

Looking back, it wasn’t worth it! I was still laid off. The job I have now is not only full-time with benefits but it lets me work later in the day (I’m a night owl so it’s perfect), I still have weekends off (even three-day weekends more often than not), and best of all, there is very little stress (I’d say zero stress).

The point is, jobs like this exist if it is your goal to leave cubicle nation and pursue your side hustle.

My Online Business Explained – Start Your Side Hustle After Reading This Post

affiliate marketing flow chart

I chose this particular online business model for many reasons. I’ve tried to start my own businesses before.

My efforts led me to dabble in network marketing (yuck), freelancing (double yuck), and selling products on eBay.

None of these methods worked for me because I was not passionate about them at all. Therefore, I wouldn’t stick to them stopped doing them completely.

Why network marketing didn’t work for me:

  • You invest more money than you make
  • Requires recruiting people to make any real money
  • It is not truly your own business

Why selling on eBay didn’t work for me:

  • Fierce competition with other sellers
  • Fees are expensive (eBay and PayPal)
  • Buying inventory is costly
  • Customer service (returns, complaints)
  • You’re at the mercy of customer feedback
  • It’s not truly your own business

Why freelance didn’t work for me:

  • Constantly chasing down your client payments
  • Clients don’t see the value of your work
  • More work than what you’re paid
  • No different from cubicle life except that you work at home

Why I Chose Affiliate Marketing


Being an affiliate marketer doesn’t require any of the yuckiness that I mentioned above.

There is zero inventory to buy, zero products to ship, zero customer service, and zero recruiting. Affiliate marketing is free to do.

What is required is having your own website (easy to get and free) and writing about a topic you enjoy (your niche).

You simply write about a topic you genuinely like and recommend products and/or services using affiliate links and earn a commission when someone buys them.

My Personal Progress with My Online Business

I officially started my online business in June of 2016 when I began my free online business training with Wealthy Affiliate.

As I mentioned before, my biggest mistake was not taking my money making efforts seriously.

The money I made online was more of a hobby for me because I was too focused on earning a paycheck.

After being laid off, I knew I had to educate myself in the right way to do things. That is when I learned about Wealthy Affiliate and now there is no turning back.

Almost a year later and I have created a legitimate online business. It is still a work in progress but I’m making excellent progress!

My web traffic (free traffic!) is growing, I’ve made sales, and I’ve learned valuable marketing skills.

This business is literally a rinse-and-repeat online business model. What you can do with one niche site, you can do with another.

Over time, you can create a portfolio of virtual real estate that earns tens of thousands of dollars each month.

Start Your Own Side Hustle Right Now

Here is how you can start right now:

1. Read my Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

2. Sign up for your free starter training.

That’s it! I’ll see you on the inside!

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