Why You Shouldn’t Buy Ready Made Affiliate Websites as a New Affiliate

I remember when I first discovered affiliate marketing. I quickly immersed myself in it and read everything I could find about the topic.

Before long, I found myself trying a variety of things, buying different products, and always searching for that secret to making money online.

In the end, all of my projects were abandoned and no progress was made. So I can understand why it is tempting as a new affiliate marketer to want to buy ready made affiliate websites.

If you are considering buying one yourself as a new affiliate marketer, consider the following before jumping in.

Ready Made Affiliate Websites are Expensive


One of the big benefits of affiliate marketing is that you can get started with very little upfront costs.

In most cases, all that you need is a domain name and reliable web hosting. You can get started for around $100.

That would include buying your domain name and paying for a year of web hosting. A lot of web hosts such as SiteGround will even cover the cost of your domain as a new customer.

If you jump into wanting to buy a ready made affiliate website, you can expect to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Let’s take a look at some examples. Below is a screenshot from of the lower cost websites for sale on Empire Flippers.

affiliate website for sale

While it is great that this particular website is already earning a monthly income, the price tag is out of most new affiliate marketer’s budget.

Most websites that are earning revenue can be sold for 25 times the amount of its monthly earnings and more.

That is a lot of money to invest when you are new and do not really have a full understanding of how to generate web traffic to keep your website earning.

Here is another example from Flippa.com:

website for sale

You can find websites for sale on Flippa at lower prices. The screenshot above is a website that is currently earning $100+ per month with Adsense ads.

A more experienced internet marketer may view that website as an awesome deal and snap it up.

That is great for someone with experience because they would be able to grow that website’s earnings in a variety of ways.

However, for an inexperienced internet marketer, you may end up investing over $2k for a website only to have it tank because you do not understand what it takes to maintain it.

I remember many years ago, a popular blog that I used to follow was being sold for around $10,000.

The owner did an excellent job of creating awesome content that really helped his readers. Apparently, the person that ended up buying the website couldn’t duplicate the process.

After a while, the website dwindled in popularity and pretty much was abandoned.

New Affiliates Have So Much to Learn

new affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing isn’t difficult to learn. However, there are a lot of things to know and most things you pick up on as you are doing the work and gaining experience.

While I was studying the online business training course that I chose, I managed to learn so many new skills as I built out my website.

These skills include:

  • Niche market research
  • Keyword research
  • SEO
  • Content creation
  • Writing with intent
  • Writing for conversions

Even if I were to buy a ready-made affiliate site as a beginner, I wouldn’t know how to grow that website.

My investment would likely have been wasted as I spent the time trying to learn the skills necessary to maintain it.

I feel that creating a niche website from the ground up provides so many more advantages. For one thing, you won’t have to rely on outsourcing help for troubleshooting your website.

You’d be amazed at what you’ll pick up from maintaining a website on your own, particularly a WordPress website.

The biggest skill you can learn is how to generate free organic search traffic. After all, without web traffic, your website cannot earn an income.

These are things that are skipped over when buying an already established affiliate website. I don’t doubt that some new affiliates have found success this way.

However, for the very inexperienced, it is a lot of money to invest upfront without any understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

Is There Ever a Good Time to Buy Ready Made Affiliate Websites?

niche website owner

There is a time when buying ready made affiliate websites is a smart move. As mentioned above, when you have more experience under your belt, ready-made sites are good investments.

You can view buying established websites as buying virtual real estate. You know that in time you can make the website more valuable by increasing its monthly revenue.

At that point, you can sell it for more money or you can keep it in your own portfolio of websites that bring in income each month.

If you are a beginner affiliate marketer and really do not want to deal with building a website on your own, the only ready made affiliate website service I’d recommend is Human Proof Designs.

The reason being is that the owner started off building affiliate websites and has a ton of experience that he puts into the websites that he sells.

Each site sold also includes training and support so even new affiliate marketers can hit the ground running with them.

That is a big difference between buying a website elsewhere that doesn’t include any training or ongoing support.

In Conclusion

I think that investing in a ready made affiliate website is a good idea once you have the skills and knowledge that is needed to make them work.

Unless the website you plan on buying provides training and support, you could end up wasting a ton of money.

Remember, regardless of whether you build your website yourself or you buy an already established website, both require ongoing consistent effort.

A website that earns a good income is never a set it and forget it type of website. There is always work that has to be done.

What is your opinion about ready made affiliate websites? Leave your feedback in the comments below.


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